Monday, March 30, 2009

R-A-H-M-A-N prophesy will continue to R-A-Z-A-K to H-U-S-S-E-I-N to M-A-H-A-T-H-I-R.....and so on, trust me!




*news update*

You guys are all missing the point here, I am not superstitious I am trying to say after Najib (the last from the Rahman's name ) the succession will continue with other Malays leaders starting with those initial after successive PMs after Tunku. What I am trying to say is, this country will always have a Malay PM unless otherwise informed!

MSN Malysia, a respected internet portal, has came out with a shitty of a humdinger of a headline which appears to have fallen into the same smut category as Malaysia Today, National Enquirer and others when spreading rumours and lies and when depicting Malaysian politics or Malay Dominance (not to be confused with Ketuanan Melayu ya!)in Malaysian politics. But my prediction is Najib will not be the last Malay leaders of this land once called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu!!

Below is what MSN has compiled:

With Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak cementing his place in Malaysian history some say the R-A-H-M-A-N prophesy has been fulfilled.

  1. How do you feel about the myth?
    1. It gives me the creeps!
    2. It is proof that this was all destined to be
    3. Rubbish! It's all coincidence
    4. It was partly self-fulfilling, influencing the way UMNO picked candidates
    5. Wait...what happens after 'N'?
The prophesy will continue with names of other Malay leaders!


ik said...

after RAHMAN if we start again with RAZAK...Rosmah? Razaleigh? or maybe we go direct to MAHATHIR...then we have Muhyiddin? At least no 'Z' in Mahathir.

lupo said...

T/A - Tungku Abdul Rahman
A - Abdul Razak
H - Hussein Onn
M - Mahathir
A - Abdullah or should have been Anwar...he he
N- Najib should be AAHMAN/RRHMAN/TAHMAN not RAHMAN...apa punya prophecy la ni??

Anonymous said...

RA - Razaleigh
ZA - Zahid
K - Khairi

Anonymous said...

Hi Pasquale,

Can you write about the role of Raja2 Melayu and UMNO in achieving independence.
Hisham Pondan said " it was UMNO and Raja2 Melayu who seek independence and nobody else" and I believe that is so.
However it was reported by the Star that MCA and MIC was involved too.
Can you pls clarify, in what capacity were they involved? If any!
Why would the Chinese and Indians want independence when their lives was better under the British.
I am aware that the Chinese CPM was fighting the British to establish a communist state to be ruled by the Chinese communists.
Oh Ya, a few misguided Malays were also members of the Chinese CPM only figureheads to win Malay support.
Do the MCA represents the Chinese CPM, recently MCA leaders were honoring and claiming that Chinese CPM fought for independence.
Why do Tunku have to agree to provide citizenships for the Chinese and Indians if they fought for independence.
Would appreciate you clarifications.
I do not have problems with the right of other races however I do become annoyed when they question the Malay rights.

Anonymous said...


But i hope after Mahathir, it' s not F-L-I-P-F-L-O-P......hehehehehehe

Anonymous said...

and no K in M-A-H-A-T-H-I-R!.

W said...

Sesat kalau prophesy ni...

Menduakan allah, jangkit perangai yahudi.

Baik lupakan, cuma boleh bawak modal menambahkan perseteruan dan fitnah menfitnah.

Menjangka benda yg belum pasti. Usaha tarak. Sendiri mau ingat lor.

Anonymous said...

The prophesy will continue with names of other Malay leaders.

After RAHMAN, it'll be ANWAR. To start with Anwar first and then Nizar and then Wan Azizah (First woman PM of Malaysia).........

No more UMNO leaders will ever fit into ANWAR. Period.

Tarik said...

A few theories were menioned:

(1) After R.A.H.M.A.N, Malaysia will continue with another R.A.H.M.A.N...;

In this case, Rais Yatim (born 1942,horse,now 67)may be the next PM. Ku Li is older ( born 1937,Ox,72).

(2) If R.A.Z.A.K were to come after R.A.H.M.A.N, then we still have Rais Yatim as our next PM....

Of course if it is felt that Rais is getting older 9 years later (2018) when Najib retires, then we may go to this young man from Muar:

Dato' Razali bin Ibrahim.

Muar is a tip-top "fengshui" area, mind you!

This is teh tarik session talk onlylah!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.01pm - who sai Mahatir's name got no K? There is a K in Kutty


Anonymous said...

A year back Anwar Ibrahim sympathisers predicting the RAHMAN prophecy was to be the "RAHMAA" propehcy ( last letter "a" to be Anwar Ibrahim)
Today,we await the inauguration of Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia
" Kuasa Allah swt melindungi hambanya yang tidak berdosa dan dianayai pihak kafir. Bersama Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak diiringi doa doa ulama nusantara gugusan kepulaun melayu"

Pencinta Perseketuan Tanah Melayu

Anonymous said...

i shudder to think what malaysia would become with you superstitious kampung types.

Anonymous said...

Look at the actual one as below:-

A Tunku Abdul Rahman (A or R ??!!)
A Abdul Razak (A or R ??!!)
H Hussein Oon
M Mahathir
A Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
A Abdul Najib (A or R ??!!)

RAHMAN prophesy is all bullshit. It should be AAHMAA or RRHMAN

Anonymous said...

Then after Rahman - OOOOO - so Najib will be the last? Opposition leader will take over after that. That is good news. Something refreshing - we have hope people - all the while suffering!

It is just a co-incidence people & wrong for us to believe in this tahyul!

Pasquale said...

Hei nonymous at 6:57pm, I said after Rahman there will be Razak and Hussein can you please read or don't you understand simple English, bangang!

ayor lemuju said...

After RAHMAN is PUTRA, therefore after Najib will be Pasquale

Anonymous said...

ahaha. you're crazy pasquale. instead of basing the merit of politicians on their calibre, you choose to pick your future leaders on the first letter of their names. who's the R after najib? rosmah?? you are a superstitious kampung type, bangang.

Anonymous said...

mahathir malay leader ka? haha.

Anonymous said...

Please I beg you stop using the term'YB BABI' Many I know do not go to your bolg because of this. Thumb Logic

Pasquale said...

"Please I beg you stop using the term'YB BABI' Many I know do not go to your bolg because of this. Thumb Logic April 02, 2009 8:48 PM"

Hei moron if you don't like my blogsite you can go somewhere else, and I do not care if people do not visit my site just because I am justified calling someone YB BABI. I tell you what I will call traitors, charlatan, anti-monarchy, and kaki jubur, anti-Melayu anybody anything I like and this is my blogsite bodoh, for all intent and purposes YB BABI has crossed over to the dark side some one should put him out of his misery and a nation will be saved!

Anonymous said...

Tahniah Perdana Menteri Malaysia ke-6;
Najib Razak

(03 April '09)

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Malaysia in your posting

jay-e said...

Memang dah lama saya mengimpikan melihat sebuah negara gergasi yang digelar ‘Nusantara Raya’, iaitu kombinasi negara-negara nusantara yang menggunakan bahasa Melayu, budaya Melayu dan agama rasmi Islam, iaitu negeri-negeri selatan Siam (Patani, Narathiwat, Yala), Malaysia dan Indonesia. Benda ni sebenarnya bukan benda yang baru lagi. Sejak abad ke 19 pun dah wujud idea ni. Pada tahun 1890-an Joe Rizal, seorang rakyat Filipina pernah mengimpikan penyatuan ini. 1932, Muhammad Yamin, seorang pemuda Indonesia pun juga mempunyai impian dalam “Indonesia Raya”, begitu juga dengan Ibrahim Yaakob, seorang anak semenanjung tanah Melayu. Ramai lagi tokoh yang menyetujui perkara ini.

Lebih baik Perdana Menteri kita henti lepas RAHMAN. Malaysia masuk Indonesia. Satu bahasa, satu budaya, satu agama, empayar Nusantara Raya!

NH said...

Razaleigh Hamzah
Anwar Ibrahim
Zaid Ibrahim
Azmin Ali
Khairy Jamaluddin


Niccotynne said...

Korang tengok title blog ni dah cukup untuk menguatkan bahwa prophesy ni adalah menyesatkan..
Korang tak nampak ke pekataan 'TRUST ME!'..

Takyah la main benda ramalan gini.. Pastu plak korang mati-matian duk follow author, tak ke bangang namanya.. Sekalipun dia tukar tajuk ni, dah confirm menyesatkan!