Monday, March 16, 2009

Rosmah slapped her husband Najib, the next prime minister of Malaysia!

Alien spaceship that landed at that forest on that fateful night!


There is this hot SMSes going around saying Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor slapped her husband Najib Razak, the future PM of Malaysia, in front of journalists in KL recently!
Not only the future lady, Rosmah, slapped her husband in front of a bunch of journalists in Kuala Lumpur recently. She also has the audacity to also supervised, together with to other persons, the blowing up of a foreign woman in a forest out of town. She did that to cover he husband involvement with the blown up woman.
Yes, Najib had one hell of a sexy and sordid affair with this Mongolian woman and bore her a child. So to protect the secret he ordered the woman to be killed, otherwise he cannot be the next PM.
Feeling remorse Najib converted to Hinduism secretly, I suggested Buddhism to him as the ritual is a lot easier. Being a Hindu Najib now has to break coconut during Thaipusam ritual and climb the stairs, sigh!
BTW what was not reported by Malaysia Today was the fact that a spaceship had also landed on the murder site when the murder took place and when Rosmah was supervising it. When asked why did he not report the alien landing in his report, Raja Petra Kamaruddin said: "Hey! Nobody would believe me if I said a space ship had landed. IN fact one of the aliens was actually asking Rosmah for the nearest MacDonald?!...come on... if I report that I will be a laughingstock of the whole country, and I will no get the respect of YB BABI anymore!"

Sigh! This is a very sick country and Malaysians are just plain gullible. Heard about a story of how expensive a Malay brain is...and why?Well, because it is hardly used!

Cheers I am leaving for Canada!


bzz said...

Hahahaha... your story is so cute!

sfso@pulaijb said...

Good one bro,good one

Keep it coming...

U make my daylah..I wonder this fucxxxg RPK ni apa agenda dia sebenarnya??

He's writing I tell you....

Merramass said...

And the Martiens said, 'hey, why do you have a slumber as yr PM? btw, where is the loo? ......and do you know that Britney Spears slept with Pak Lah ...? ...'

What the heck, the country is in an upheaval state .....people believe things because they want to believe, they don't care whether it is true or not true ....the fact is the Oppositions are scared of Najib ....Najib is a formidable opponent than Pak Lah ...

Salam Pasquale.

Anonymous said...


Jangan balik.


Anonymous said...


Bon Voyage Bro


Anonymous said...


Hahaha, I think you can be a good comic story for kids besides being a journalist. BTW have a nice trip and I hope it'd be too long to hear your barking again. Take care and BON Voyage!!!

Tan Ah Kow

Hamirdin b Ithnin said...

Why is His Highness that you potray displays a lot of crosses on his chest?

Anonymous said...

Dear Pasquale,
We know you will have a lovely time in Canada. Have a safe journey and say hello to the mooses out there -I hear they have more brains than our fellow Malays. I think it's because of the horns and the hair!

Pasquale said...

Hamir din b Ithnin, you stated you profession as a professor and yet you are acting like a moron, and may be you are, a moron with a turban.
Tuanku was wearng a medal ina shape of a cross but not a crucifix, surely your smarter students can tell the difference. So for being a moron please do not visit me anymore. I have not time for Melayu pemikiran sempit!

Omong said...

If Chin Peng was a hero, hey anything goes..

Bon voyage, don't forget to post more interesting stories...

straycat's strut said...

I hope your leaving for canada is as true as that ufo which landed at the murder site.

And don't be surprised if this particular posting will appear in one of PR-friendly blog as a "proof beyond any reasonable doubt" that the ufo had indeed landed and slapped DSN. Or was it Rosmah? Ah, who cares...

For a while, I thought the Malays would not fight back but I saw some light when blogs like yours start to bark. I saw you were angry and upset over how your race became so gullible and even moronic when they cheered and joined those who tried to wipe them out. I saw your frustration when your fellow malays just angguk-angguk when they were called names, made fun of, spat at, looked down upon, cheated and ahhh... turned against the sultan. Its really sad when the malays were fighting on behalf of others against their very own.

Keep the fire burning, man.

Cucu Tok Selampit said...

I thought I read The Antics Of Husin Lemoyang blog. It is great to know that you are a great comedian too. Bravo Sir! Sometime no need for us to be angry right because RPK and Co. are really stupid clowns. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pasquale, how do you justify playing on Anwar's name like that - YB BABI ??

Just like if people started calling you Mr PIG - Pasquale Intelligent Guy.

Sounds good huh???

Have a good holiday in Canada and post some pics when you return.

Jo said...

I welcome Mohd Najib Abdul Razak as the next PM of Malaysia, at least he'd be better than Pak Lah...hope so. But my concern is whether his wife will be the one governing this country. Please convince me and many Malaysians who think Mohd Najib is not strong enough to fend off his wifey's interference.
C'mon Pasquele have a heart to heart interview with datin seri.
And congratulations for being a datok.

Anonymous said...

WOW .... the aliens eats mcD .. I tot they r asking for KFC . ....

wow wow

hey P ... what about the aliens babies from the flying cabbie ??I think Najib also involved in it somehow .


Hamid Atan said...

Pasquale, in this times of selective investigation & persecution, I am just wondering aloud who is sponsoring your trip to Canada. You definitely do not expect us to believe that you paid for it with your hard-earned money, do you? Well, perhaps you did but who gave you a free trip to the KLIA. Maybe you also expect us to believe that you called a cab and also paid for it. You, Pasquale is equally guilty but apparently you do not know it...yet!

Wei Liang Goh said...

This is what Malaysians have turned into.

Initially MT establishes their credibility by providing black and white evidence of certain criminal cases.

Then, evidences are no longer needed because their foundations of credibility have been established and solid.

From there, they can move on with storytelling and still, people will believe all of the stories.

We no longer see evidences or cold hard facts.

This is exactly what I have been saying, even to TheStar.

gilagillu said...

the more i read the blogs and stuff, the more i'm inclined to believe that Anwar and his lackeys will stop at nothing to implicate Najib in the Altantuya murder.

sure...there are unanswered questions. but is najib supposed to answer those questions?
najib has denied any involvement. yet people insist that he is involved. because anwar and rpk insist that he is.

so...the more i see things around me, the more i think that najib will make a good PM.

as for the stories about Rosmah....people hate her becos they have heard such horrid stories about her. including the one you have mentioned.
fact is, they don't know her.

i heard that she insisted on a room in the finance ministry. i sniffed around and asked. it was totally untrue.

that said....i really think it's hard for her to get people's vote. but, she has 5 years to "redeem" herself. that is, if she gives a damn.


Anonymous said...

yipee Get lost Pasquale loud mouth