Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Zaid Ibrahim, a very small man, suffers from an acute case of a personality by-pass!

Zaid Ibrahim

Come April 3th, Friday, at 11.00 am, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak will formally be made the country's sixth prime minister. He will succeed Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
The announcement will be made at a grand swearing in ceremony at the Istana Negara and to be witnessed by many important people, foreign dignitaries. But, unfortunately a charlatan and a former law minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim will not be there as he is not qualified to be invited to such sacred ceremonyZaidb.
Just to remind him again that money alone cannot guarantee you join the club. For poor Zahid Ibrahim a poor boy from Kelantan is clearly a person who suffers from an acute case of a personality by-pass.
In his speech at the Royal Rotary here...... he explicitly said that the King should not appoint Najib as the next PM...wishful thinking Zaid and who the hell are you to say all these kurang ajar statements?
Zaid, like Raja Petra Kamaruddin, appears to be normal at a first glance but get to know him close and better you can see a man crying and craving for recognition. Zaid sometimes you have to be born with something and you haven't got it!
I was told he studied at Institute Technology Mara (ITM) complete with government scholarship, and where he took up law. A self made man again rom a poor family but then there are many successful Malays who came from a poor family but unlike Zaid they were all well brought up.
The audacity of this man to tell the King not to appoint Najib as the next PM shows he has neither the tact not the class to be called a proper gentleman. BUT THEN who the fu#c is this man Zaid Ibrahim who think he has the persona of a wise man whose words are to be considered as pearls of wisdom?!
From what I gathered he loves his horse-racing in Hong Kong and Macau, gambling and his drinking. How sad a son of a poor family who tries to emulate the naturally rich and famous but as I said before Zaid money alone cannot guarantee you join the club.
Again who is this faker who asked the King not to appoint Najib to be the next PM, and I am sure he must have had more than one before he made that speech at the Rotary Club function.
But having said that one thing is for sure, he is just as good as being the YB BABI stooge, by the way he callously expressed himself, so unlike a Malay person. But then looking at his face he resembles a Bangladeshi or a Pakistani person, not Melayu, not by a longshot!
Anyway, well done Zaid your speech at the Rotary Club top it all with your others. And I am sorry for your unhappy childhood in Kelantan that have made yourself a bitter man you are today.


Anonymous said...


Whay you said is just what being reported. If you have a specific proof about Najib expose him, but please stop iusing inuendo and reverse psychology to confuse the masses!

Fed-up and pro-Najib!

Anonymous said...


Dah jobo dan goyau. Melayoo bangsat. Take back all the GLC-related account from his firm. That was how he became fat. He can go and fu*ck himself.


Anonymous said...

oi moron,

why so pro-najib ah?
he buggered you like saifool is it?
what has najib ever done for this country?
why be so pro-najib when he can't even shake off the damocles' sword above his head?

Are You Gonna My Way Go said...

Yupp he was my super senior at the Law school in now uitm. But he never once put it in his resume. Because of this, we the other grads from the same law school always thought of him as ‘kacang lupakan kulit’ .

Let me recollect the episode during Tun Salleh Abbas sacking, the Bar Council at that time was against the sacking. So there came Mr Zaid Ibrahim with his Persatuan Peguam Muslim and self appointed himself as president in support of Dr Mahathir. Taking advantage of the situation at that time. He got lots of contract from the government after that. While the rest of us supported Mahathir too, but we never took advantage to bodek.

So to clean himself of the sin, he suggested to Pak Lah compensation to all the judges that were sacked. He is that kind of guy..

Anonymous said...

you are such a sorry idiot.

Zaid is the only respected person left.

And talk about not looking Malay.


Zambry the illegal MB look like a Malay to you????........Take his picture and go India, any bdy can tell u that fella Indian lah, Malay my foot!!!

Anonymous said...

What can we expect?

Over rated, over fed, then lulled into UMNO power play. Then they realised this guy is no better than a goat. That is why he is now bleating for a master.

It will be such a scene if he gets sodomised by BABI. Heh, Heh.


Anonymous said...

Someone said MB ofPerak Zambry looks like Indian!? Well the difference between Zambry and Zaid is Zambry is a Malay and a real Malay at heart, while Zaid detest the fact that he is even a Malay! I was also told that he did not even put ITM as place where he started his college education because he is ashamed of gthe fact that ITM is euated with Malay, so what can we say!

One year junior than Zaid!

Hamid Atan said...

ANON @ 10.42pm on 18/03: Specific Proof can only be obtained by excruciating pain which is practiced by all Police & Intelligence Agencies throughout the world. Has Naj & Ros been subjected to this process ala Anthony Kugan. Why are the Police only doing this to small time crooks and not to bigwigs? What kind of specific proof if you sit down over a bottle of Dom Perignon or a premium Starbucks latte and ask polite questions instead of aggressively interrogating them the way it should always be. Otherwise you cannot say that there is no specific proof to tie them to it. Ask CIA, MOSSAD, STASI, DFSE, GRU, SVR, FSB and you will know that NO Pain equals NO Evidence.

Anonymous said...

forget this zaid guy.

he is a cesspool.


Anonymous said...

good one pasquale :)

ursula said...


what has najib done for this country?
this is the trouble with you pro-PKR, proANWAR pro-RPK just want to see what your masters want to see.

No need for Najib to list down what he has done lah.

i am not pro-najib. but i am so sick of people just spreading ubsubstantiated stuff about najib.

why u always ask why Najib doesnt want to sue RPK or whoever? u think people who are guilty dont want to sue? najib already clarified and denied in parliament about the allegations lah.

anyway, this said fella is a real SOB. very clever now want to go against everything Umno. He sure benefited from Umno jobs, meh.

not that he has to be thankful. but his speech asking the King to not appoint Najib as PM really really sucks. not at all fair. just because he doesnt like najib...come on-lah.

Anonymous said...

A small man suffered from severe inferiority complex, according to medical studies, patient of this nature occasionally has to make explosive statements to tell the world 'hey guys, i m around' to boost his immune system. A survival instinct, what a pity....

Anonymous said...

I beg DYMM Agong not to endorse Najib. He's truly a Manathir's puppet and will lead Malays further into doom. By not appointing him, some blogs will close shop and a BABI word will not easily seen here and there anymore..

Anonymous said...

All said and done, why should Najib sue? Every mother and grandmother would have something against Najib. Who is RPK, Tian Chua and all the anon in here - remember, even a fool has a story to tell. What's the diff. Eat your heart, Najib is going to be my PM and your PM as well. Don't like it? I am sure you know where to park your fat arse. Just fuck off.

Khoo Teng Lee

Anti-Bongok, Anti-Corrupt said...

Now why would anyone be soooooo idiotic to make reference to uitm? It is just another shithole vehicle to produce toiletpaper certs so that people could go out and malpractise. That's where the bulk of unpaid student loans come from. Still talk about wanting to be proud to be associated with uitm?

Zaid is a man with balls. The rest still want to go on ranting and raving about their hero being barred from contesting? They should go home to their 2nd, 3rd or 4th mistresses illegal lair , and slap themselves with a holy book for kissing the balls of the known corrupts.

Anonymous said...


i laugh at the irony of your statement, "you just want to see what your masters want to see."

i never said i was pro-PKR nor pro-Anwar.

i'm merely stating the fact that UMNO has unanimously elected a man, with excess baggage to boot despite all the denials and dispelling of allegations, to be the next premier of Malaysia!

Let me enlighten you on a democracy: if a politician, from an MP to a Senator, has even the slightest scandal or taint held against his name, he should do the most honourable thing which would be to step down. you see this all the time in politics, unfortunately not here. sex scandals which mar any politician, be they guilty or not, only serve to reduce public support for the person in question.

the intense allegations which link najib to altantuya did not come out of nothing, i assure you. his reputation and credibility can be tarnished by even the finest thread linking him to it.

you say you're not pro-najib, then why support him as premier? surely there are better fish in UMNO? or are you telling me that UMNO is so far down the toilet that there's no saving it?

now is not the time to be so narrow-minded. look beyond and choose leaders wisely. put the grudges and nationalistic (read supremacist) ideologies behind you. (i'm speaking to you too, barking magpie. your inability to focus on anything other than race and difference will be your downfall. well brought up malay indeed!)

FenceSitter said...

just know that you guys in here are the new minority. better up your game if you want to up the support.
too many own-goals by this governments have flushed support down the drain.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anti-B, Anti-C whatever,

You are full of hot air, no different from the ones found in Zaid's big balls.

Well, well,well, you are not a well informed person, are you? We have countless postgraduates from Oxbridge, the Ivy League, Berkeley, Chicago, Stanford etc. etc. who earned their first ticket from UiTM. Do you hear ?

Now, keep your Unitar cert to yourself ok, shithead.

Not from UiTM

Anonymous said... owner,

You're just another UMNO goon who's indebted too much to UMNO and find no choice but adore UMNO...

Zaid is a man with great principle and integrity. He doesn't bow to pressure and he disagree with all the UMNO's racist policies. He could be still a minister if he is a "gila jawatan" UMNO man. He may just say yes sir and he will get whatever he wanted.

For all you know, you may be the next c4 victim...

Anonymous said...

Poor passquail, you can't see a good speech when you see one. Or is the truth too bitter to be swallowed? If not for people like zaid everything would be safely under the carpet

Anonymous said...

Membebel saja lar Zaid ni.. Pandai nak main belakang juga nuuuu.

First thing he should do is "CHARGE NAJIB IN COURT".. is he not a lawyer, KEPOH semacam luncai ni..

You got the proof of all this, apa takut, KELUARKAN SAJA ler. Afterall you have the millions to pour out to get this "TRIAL" over with.

Nih macam BOYS EGGS, cakap kata tak cakap, lucky it was for all to see and judge..

Kalau pundek dan lancau kata makan taik, Zaid pun makan taik ker! SHOW PROOF LA... dont just talk with your cock dangling from your mouth meh.. Bosan lah dengan ragam sex kamu ni..


Anonymous said...

UitM tubuh masa Tun Razak kan...

Oh tu pasal dia sembunyi!

Kat UiTM dulu. Zaid dan aku, makan burger, lempak kat anjing TKok pun, anjing dia boleh mati terkulai2.

Wah, sekarang dah pandai makan steak, lu tau dak Zaid, pasai burger tu otak kau dapat zat untuk berfikir..

From rags to riches back to rags nanti baru padan muka..


Anonymous said...

i think zaid was drunk at that moment...penagih arak can listen to his speech but do test his alcohol level after that....sure 10times higher than example of useless n ungrateful bastard

a. halim ahmad said...

monk key khoo teng lee,
waa.. since you know zaid has balls, you must had tasted his. stupid china man

Anonymous said...

Come on friends attack the message and leave the messenger alone. We are now 51 years old and language should be a bit more refined. Ramalx

Anonymous said...

A Poem On Zahid Ibrahim (not intended to rhyme)

A poem on Zahid Ibrahim
A man with balls says "Anti Bongok- Anti Corrupt"
But dont be a bloody idiot
All man are born with balls- so even a dog
Just another another lawyer
Just another tool by anti establishment
Keep it that way
End of day- this will always remain
Tanah Perseketuan Melayu

nta Perseketuan Tanah Melayu

Anonymous said...

Where else and who else will listen to this drunkard rags to riches of an ex UMNO - NEP recipient if not on a DAP platform??

Where were all the so-called PR felllows when Zaid made tons of money under the patronage of UMNO?

You think Najib cared if anyone accuses him of anything? whether you like it or not he's
going to be PM. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Dear a. halim said,

Both of us know that there is a limit to being stupid. How unfortunate that you have now broken that record.

Kind regards,

Teng Khoo Lee (get the drift?)

Anonymous said...

The arguments is not well-formed. Basically the premises are

1) Zaid has bad childhood.

2) He does not belong to blue-blooded ruling caste

The conclusion is that

1) He should not advise the King.

2) He should be denied his rights to speak in public.

The other day, Dr M was reprimanding one of his blog commenters for not being able to berhujah logically and therefore bringing shame to the commenter's race.

Omong said...

they fear Najib because he is capable

they know anwar was CONVICTED in a court of law for corruption, abuse of power and sodomy

that even with nine LAWYERS defending him

BUT they conveniently ignore this fact and chose instead to go on and on about Najib being a murderer and a hindu - so far no proof and no charges YET (unlike anwar)

since 916 did not GRANDLY materialise, they need another MALAYSIAN MALAY to be their leader

that's where zaid comes in

if he also fails, then maybe kj

RPK also has this so called Malay element

so they still need a Malay face

and then chin peng suddenly became a historical hero

and Malaysia becoming a republic

and that the Raja Raja should have no say and so on and so on

even bar council is now a political activist

THEY can only succeed if the Malays are totally ignorant

and choose to be swayed by promises of easy money, fame and fortune

otherwise they can just continue to entertain

Anonymous said...

a. halim ahmad

You're the type of person called by Mahathir as Melayu Bodoh whose only contribution is to bring shame to your own race.

Teoh Nia Mah

Anonymous said...

Betul ke dia resign sedulu as Law Minister sebab dia confident sesangat Anwar boleh bentuk govt. n bukan atas dasar prinsip? Besar kemungkinan Anwar janji nak lantik dia pangkat yang lebih tinggi lagi kalau berjaya masa tu.

Kalau betul dia tak letak ITM sebagai alma mater dia, mungkin dia malu ek? Maklum la, kawan-kawan togok dia graduate dari UK la, Australia la. Dia nih memang ada inferiority complex dan cuba sembunyikannya by acting high and mighty. Pada hal, dia pun ada kes-kes melanggar etika n undang-undang kan? Tak lah bersih orangnya.

Zaid, Zaid. Boleh jugak digunakan oleh Anwar n Bar Council, ek?

Cik Tom

Anonymous said...

Omong, were you drunk when you wrote that? Couldn't understand a word you were trying to say.

Vote in Najib la. Vote in a man with an approval rating of a mere 40%. Like i said, you pple are the minority now. let's watch if najib can save himself and his image and let's see whether he can hold out till the next GE. Boy, i can't wait to see BN go down in flames then. So much for moronic racist parties.

Anonymous said...

i think its extremely unprofessional to attack a subject's personal character. look at yourself in the mirror, bro. i think zaid has done pretty well for himself...i dunno bout you. lets not talk about what kind of skeletons you have in your closet, at least zahid ain't no hypocrite.

lets not get personal, fu#cker(opps, did that hurt)


Anonymous said...

To moron,

You describe yourself very well.

That is why people like you adores sibuntal (nothing personal ok, it is a fact; after eating out from UMNO's hands all these years).

I rest my case.

Up Yours

Anonymous said...

To moron also,

I just dont understand the thinking of morons like you. After so much facts have been laid out clearly you still just couldnt get things clearly understood by your moronic brain.

I rest my case too.

Pak Wan

Anonymous said...

I am afraid that this blog has stuck its head in the concrete of Putrajaya and is unable to see the light. Latest Bank Negar Report is a must read for you. May the Lord bless you. Ramlax

Anonymous said...

barking magpie barua najib numero uno. apa beza blog ni dgn rpk? sama aje..


Afiq Deen said...

This coming from a person with an asabiyah mentality? I'm not surprised.

Your blog entry reaks of your personal belief of heridetary wealth and success.

Zaid Ibrahim is entitled to his opinion and whether or not we agree with it is another matter.

Insulting his background, his way of life and using his bad habits to somehow discredit his judgement is a working of a delusional layman. Which is no more different than a typical discourse between farmers in a kedai kopi.

Im a muslim and i believe in the equality of all men, including the sultan. He is not divine and all-powerful but an emblem of this country's sovereignity. He, the sultan, like other men may heed opinions and instructions of others.

Anonymous said...

Khairy and Ali had always uttered racist remarks and their idiotic shows had caused the non-Malay votes delivered free to opposition parties in last election. Sometimes I just wonder whether they're the real spies planted in by Anwar.

Zaid has finally made himself conscious and awaken for the good sake of Malay and Malaysia.

Long cheeeeeeers

ROY's said...

I think what Zaid is trying to do is very mind boggling so that the only thinking malaysians can respect that.

It takes some intelligence to unleash his statements.

Unfortunately this blogger barking magpie is too shallow. He can't think to Zaid's level.

So the rule is, if you don' know, don't talk.

Anonymous said...

8.44 AM
...So the rule is, if you don't know, don't talk.

How appropriate. Don't you think it applies to both you and fatso Zaid. Dig?

Don't like stupid people

Anonymous said...


During the last election, most Chinese neighbours in my village who were once strong supporters of MCA had switched all their votes to PAS. Never in their life they had voted PAS before for the fear of hudud law but why they voted them then? This question will never be answered by morons like KJ, Ali, Nazi Botok, Kerishamuddin, Toyol, and not to not mention you, Old Bird Pasquale, even you all know the answer better. Yes, those voters were so much frightened off by those chauvinistic cannibals for fresh until they delivered their votes free to PAS. May all those cannibals who're still alive in sub-conscience win in their coming UMNO election so that they can continue to play their devil role to fence off the critical non-malay voters to BN. Cheers+++

Canny Boo

Anonymous said...

12.26 PM
You spelt your name wrong. It should be Canny Bodoh and what the fuc*ks are you babbling about anyway?

PAS who voted MIC

Anonymous said...

PAS who voted MIC

My name isn't spelt wrong. It's exactly what I meant to idiot like you, FUCK YOUR MOTHER!!!!

Canny Boo

Anonymous said...


With a name like that you really can go places. Take it easy... it is not nice to drag in mothers, not unless you do it to yours as you have suggested. Anyway Boo, Boo, Boo! to you, stupid.

And stop laughing Pasquale!

Long live MIC

Anonymous said...

The State may have a case against Zaidi. Can he tell DYMM what to do? DYMM is duty bound to perform his duties within the framewok of the constitution.Ramalx