Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Now that Ezam Mohd Noor has thrown down the gauntlet will YB BABI dares to accept the challenge for a debate? I don't think so!

Why if you may ask? Well, I do believe Ezam Mohd Noor, former PKR youth chief, knows too much about the shit and lies that this traitor and a Sultan-hater, now fondly known as YB BABI, is holding in his stomach.
If this power-hungry YB BABI is clean he would and should accept the challenge posed by Ezam for we the rakyat would like to hear what both sides have to say.
But then YB BABI is only capable of manipulation with half truth, and manipulating the foreign press with his lies about Malaysia and its leaders, the Malays and the system that has brought him up to be what he was..and today..he is an INGRATE!
In countries like Zimbabwe, YB BABI would have been thrown in the dungeon for inciting social strife and for the pain that he has generated for the people of this country. And thank God he is living in a country where freedom of expression, civility and the rules of law is still observed and practiced, but to a point! He has crossed that point!
For his sake, and his family, I would now urge him to repent all of his past sins and to start afresh for there is still room in the system where he can help and contribute to the country for it to forge ahead. You do not have to be a prime minister to do that!
Show us, Malaysians, a sign that you will repent and change and hen I will start referring to you as a good and honourable human being.
For now I have every right to call you whatever I think is fit for you to be referred to as!


kjmenangsowhat said...

Yo pASSquail...

WTF u talking about?

Takde modal ke? Jgn perangai lebih rendah dari kobau.

Oooops sorry. I am stating the obvious aint I? Which type of kobau if I may know? Share la with the world at least if this post get posted la....

At least THAT YB is fighting in the open. And u pASSquail???

Cheers pASSquail...

Anonymous said...

moron. ezam is a corrupted SOB with no morals whatsoever. why should anwar waste his time with this ingrate. he already made a meal out of shabery 'saliva' cheek. what more do you want? you want power-hungry? look no further than putrajaya tmr.
btw. please don't compare my country with zimbabwe. you can take you and your pro-apartheid loving friends with you with TDM a/l kutty as your leader.

Mr. X said...

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abRO said...

I think YB BABI would not stoop so low to accept the challenge from that frog, The Croaking Ezam.

By challenging YB Babi, Ezam is definitely out to prove to the incoming PM that he's a loyal dog.

abRO said...

I think YB BABI would not stoop so low to accept the challenge from that frog, The Croaking Ezam.

By challenging YB Babi, Ezam is definitely out to prove to the incoming PM that he's a loyal dog.

amoker said...

What did ezam throw? rubbish adalah

Anonymous said...


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She described it as an April Fool’s joke that had to be revealed earlier than she expected.

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straycat's strut said...

Wow, the first six comments are really hostile eh pasquale...

Well, the reactions from anwaristas are becoming so predictable. As predictable as anwar himself. When asked with a yes or no question, he would give you a lecture on conspiracy and all. Amazingly, he managed to mesmerized the same old crowd (i.e. the first six commenters above) and he got away from having to tell the truth. I don't think the anwaristas know what is the truth about the man. But who cares. They go and demonstrate for his behalf anyway.

I am not particularly fond of Ezam but to say he has no moral authority to question Anwar is not a good enough excuse to save the latter. Answer the question, that simple.

Mat Leather is the only person who has the moral authority to question others? Please lah... why so taksub?

Anonymous said...

Jaga-jaga. Ezam may be the spy planted in UMNO by Anwar.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Ezam got a lot of shit to dish out but why only around campaign time.

Can he just shut up!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who does not agree with Anwar will be demonised.

Even Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang must Kow Tow to him or else they too will be demonised by Anwar.

That Elvis/Englebert look alike who recently abandoned PKR will be the next victim of Anwar's sting. In fact, thugs have already been harrassing him and Anwar will deny that he instructed them.


UMNO Forever said...

Ezam is the best. He should be giving ceramah 365 days a year in all kawasan

This is my humble proposal