Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hannibal Petra should be put away!

A preamble to Raja Petra Kamarudin's posting in his column in Malaysia Today:
"I wish to explain why I am not going to be present in court today, 23rd April 2009. Firstly, it involves my recent dispute with the Selangor Palace. This dispute was due to my open letter to the Perak Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin, which I wrote on 2nd March 2009 in response to the ongoing Perak Constitutional Crisis. My family said I had acted in a treasonous manner and they wanted me to issue a public apology to the Sultan of Perak."
Well hogwash, I think he knows its game over for him in so far as lying to the world is concerned. An act of cowardice if you ask me! So suddenly he has no faith in the rule of law that he has been depending on and supporting himself against the lies that he has been churning all this while.
He knows he has to answer to all of these unsubstantiated super-allegations he had made against many people, institutions and for which he has not one iota of proof to support all of these super-allegations?!!
I think it is fair that a warrant of arrest to be issued against him for not complying to the law by not attending the court to hear his case.
The part about the Selangor royal family angry with him and that he is part of the family, well I hate to say this but he was never part of it and has never been accepted as member of the Selangor Royal family, and the Sultan wasn even quoted as saying he is "tidak betul otak", or not right up there! Pet just tell me where can you run and for how far, eh!
As for Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, you must also run and hide somewhere for come your trial when the burden of proof is so much against you that the law of the country will have no choice but to find you guilty and you will be jailed, for sure! So take your passport now and flee!


Anonymous said...

yup..very true. RPK does look like a sicked person who imagine himself as superhero.....ranked second as malaysian greatest liars after YBABI.
only monkeys would believe both of them.

Cucu Tok Selampit said...

I like the last para from Pasquale and thanks God, I'm not a monkey.

Anonymous said...

Najib has become the Prime Minister so their agenda has failed

This means his "sponsors" are no longer interested in his ability to brainwash the gullible masses

No money = no protection, so RUN

Vaanavil said...

OMG,I can't stand RPK

Simply rubbish and a serious compulsive liar..

May I also add,a heavy drinker(kaki mabok)

Once and for all,plslah put this moron away..Sumbatkanlah dalam jail 20-30 tahun ke.

Fed up and meluat bro

Anonymous said...

Allah tuhan kepada sekalian alam, menjadikan manusia islam dan kafir. Walaupun Allah hanya mengiktiraf agama Islam sebagai agama yg benar, tetapi Allah membiarkan orang kafir hidup juga dimuka bumi. Jadi moralnya walaupun benci macamana pun dgn musuh politik, tak boleh la sumbat terus ke penjara kena melalui process undang-undang yg betul.

matyish said...

I agreed with this articles.RPK is too much and sometimes he condemned his own religion.Shame Malaysia to have this type of people around.Our new PM must take action and don't let RPK simply make a false statement.Now he got no where to hide.

Anonymous said...

The trouble is, people still prefer to believe in quack doctors, the medicine man at the pasar malam and, magic stone and black money miracles.

When ever Anwar or RPK creates a story, people would swallow every word that spurts through their teeth. Then, they add more fuel and try to convince other fools to buy the story.

While there are many fools out there swallowing every bit hook, line and sinker, there are also many who won't.

But, those who refuse to believe their fairy tales would be considered sinners by these spinners.

When will the deceived rakyat open their eyes?

There will be more of these nonsense coming out, because Brother Anwar will be facing another embarassing trial soon. Of course, he could hide under the cloak of 'privacy' laws and get away with it. But, is that the right thing to do?


Anonymous said...

At least he has the balls to tell the truth unlike the likes of you who are on the gravy train.


Pasquale said...

´´At least he has the balls to tell the truth unlike the likes of you who are on the gravy train.KEEP BARKING
April 30, 2009 5:45 AM´´

Anonymous you must be one of those stupid Melayus who don´t seem to be unclear with many concept here.
RPK writes without proof and he writes to stupid people like you who will believe anything because your brain is mush! The reason why I bother to publish your stupid comment is to show how stupid people like are and that they are still around pretending to be smart, you are just a moron!
No my friend I am not on any gravy train I am just a Malay nationalist who love his country! Do not bother commenting for i will not publish it after this!

warigh kito said...

Look at RPK blog, he seems like to relate Islam in his article.He just pick up 1 or 2 verses which he translate by his stupid brain.RPK himself never follow the rules from the Quran but tried to be like religios person.Remember when the police arrest him, he still in the house on Friday noon which he supposed to be in the mosque at that time.I really don't understand there are still few stupid guys like him so much.When he released from ISA, people chanting "Daulat Tuanku" to him.Pooraah.....I never see any of royal family behaved like him.Lets change his name RPK stand for "ROSAK PUNYA KAUM".

Anonymous said...

Both RPK & Anwar can both " fool some people sometime but not all the people all the time "

No Malay can be fooled by them anymore

RPK for one, I think has gone "Bonker".

men at work