Saturday, April 04, 2009

ISA is a mechanism meant to keep this country safe..from people like him!

The Dark Side!

This is what desperate Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim said of ISA: "It was meant to stop militant communism and should have been repealed once it was resolved. There is no rationale to start studying now. It should simply be repealed immediately."

He also said:"The release of Hindraf leaders is just one of the demands of the Indian community. For as long as they are still treated as second-class citizens, BN should not think that all the problems are over."

Well on both counts this idiot is wrong, firstly ISA was created to keep the country safe from being destroyed by an enemy, so happened at that time it was communist terrorist (CT) activity. We can argue now that the CT threat has been overcome so ISA must be repealed? But I don't think so! It must not be repealed when we have irresponsible politicians like Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim who cannot curb his tongue! ISA is needed when we have people who can destroy or disrupt a society by making disparaging racial remarks that can lead to racial tension!!

And ISA is still needed to ensure people like him be put in check?! ISA, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, is still needed, it is needed to prevent people like you from making remarks like "Indian community as second-class citizens" (which is not true by the way) is like fanning a serious multi-racial lies that can lead to racial clashes between races.

This is why we still need ISA so if push comes to shove we may have to throw people like you into the dungeon and this time we shall throw the key away for good. ISA, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, is still needed when you are capable of stoking hatred against the Malay rulers without compunction, and your international rabble-rousing fiesta has caused a lot of problem with investors coming into Malaysia .

BTW! Great Britain and the great USA, so is the rest of the so-called civilised European countries also have their version of the ISA as a mechanism of control. The USA even sent their people here to study how we implement our ISA. What the talking you Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim! Fuck off I am fed up of your long running one-man show! Enough already!


Anonymous said...

"ISA, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, is still needed when you are capable of stoking hatred against the Malay rulers without compunction, and your international rabble-rousing fiesta has caused a lot of problem with investors coming into Malaysia ."

Do you seriously believe that Anwar is so influential that foreign investors don't come to Malaysia because of him? You mean foreign investors listen and trust Anwar more than they trust the Government of Malaysia?

Sri Hartamas

Anonymous said...


Bila-lah negara kita ni nak maju kalau ikut cara hang berhujah?? Why don't we get rid of all other statutory acts instead, such as race relations, sedition (and what have you), and stand by this draconian catch-all act, perhaps we can save the taxpayers some administrative costs!! Your logic is only match by your transparent HATE for another MUSLIM BROTHER (and NOT BABI). Two steps nearer to Hell...keep on trucking, mate!!

Pandai-pandai jawab akhirat nanti.

Hiriyati said...

How very true. ISA is important in ensuring the safety of our community from people who incite social unrest among us.

Pro-ISA said...


Anonymous said...

Anwar wants the ISA abolished for as long as he is not PM.

But if he gets his dream job, he will revise the ISA to make it even more frightening..... to jail all his current and future opponents.

He needs it more for himself.


pendekar bukit said...

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Omong said...


this will ensure that hero jalanan, street demos and riots are discouraged

who are just out to score political points

that will create chaos and disrupt ordinary wage earners from "cari makan"

VOY said...

well i dont really care and know about ISA, but there is one situation where my fren's uncle just got into ISA just because he read a political book(im not sure where he read and how govern realized that)... but just because of reading only a book about politics... well i dont say that i agreed with ISA or not, but it must be an xplaination and logic for this kind of situation so that ISA wont look stupid...

Inn said...

I'm new to your blog.
I think you're very brave. You speak your mind and you allow others to speak theirs. Cant help but admire the confidence and the conviction. wish there're more leaders like you.
god bless.

PR clown said...

yay yay We won 2 hills and you all end up with one batang!

paloi bin mulau said...

ISA was meant for communism and terrorism when it was used by british. i think we all know why they use ISA at that time.

but now ISA was use mainly for amno and their leader safety not the nation. we can see how the detainee was use for amno political gain.

it is weird so many was detained as is no law to bring them to court. if government think there is no such law why not make one. why have to use ISA?