Saturday, April 18, 2009

Malaysiakini lied again!

Steven Gan of Malaysiakini, and I know him as being a fair and an intelligent guy, I was wrong!

This is how Malaysia "premier "news portal Malaysiakini is not moving forward as it has lied again to the public when it published a report in the same manner as when it reported a "Najib Manifesto" which turned out to be a false. The report on that co-called Najib Manifesto was designed to make Najib (mind you before he became the PM) to appear insensitive, arrogant and a man that should be rejected then by the people. Well, Malaysiakini apologised and the reporter has since resigned. And today this pro-BABI, anti-Umno, anti-Malay, and a foreign-funded news portal yet reported another piece of sick invention, below is what Malaysiakini wrote, in which there was not one iota of truth in the report, and below I took the liberty of re-printing that damning report by Malaysiakini! Words of warning though, those Malaysians with a lower than average IQ need not read and comment on this posting by Barkingmagpie content, because lower than average morons have no capability to discern what is the truth and wrong:

"Four private television stations have been ordered not to name political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda when reporting the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case. Malaysiakini has learnt that the top management of Media Prima Berhad - the owner of the four TV stations - had issued a directive on the matter.

The media giant, which is believed to be linked to ruling party Umno, controls the country’s four free-to-air private TV stations - TV3, ntv7, 8TV and tv9.The directive was part of an email sent on behalf of the group director of news and current affairs, television networks, Kamarulzaman Zainal.Kamarulzaman was press secretary to Abdullah Ahamd Badawi when the former premier was deputy PM. He was appointed to helm Media Prima soon after Abdullah took power in 2003.

The email listed four ‘don’ts’ involving news reports relating to the high-profile murder case of Mongolia national Altantuya, who was mistress of Razak Baginda (left).The TV stations were ordered not to mention Razak Baginda's name and ignore all news background related to him. Editors were instead told to focus their reports on the two accused in the murder trial, who were sentenced to death last week.

Razak Baginda, a close confidant of newly-minted Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, was charged with abetting the murder but was later freed.The controversial court decision had sparked off a fresh round of speculations that the powers-that-be had a hand in the acquittal.Don’t show footage of Razak Baginda.

Not only that the political analyst's name should not be mentioned, visuals showing him in previous trials and after his release are also banned, according to the email.The other two restrictions were related to the new premier.

The TV stations were barred from reporting that Najib and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, were linked to the grisly murder case.Also, statements from those accusing Najib and Rosmah of being involved in the case were also prohibited.It is not clear whether Media Prima has been instructed by government officials to ‘cleanse’ the three key personalities from the Altantuya case.

The email, which has been widely circulated in the company, was sent last week to editors of all different language sections within the Media Prima group.An assistant from Kamarulzaman's office told Malaysiakini that his boss was currently overseas and would not be available to comment on the directive. There is also no response to an email sent to Kamarulzaman.

The Media Prima ban came hot in the heels of a blackout by state-owned RTM on reporting the on-going political crisis in Terengganu.Malaysiakini has reported on Wednesday that RTM blacked out news on the apparent boycott of the Terengganu state assembly sitting by 10 state representatives earlier this week. This was however denied by the government.

Hefty 'commission' for Razak Baginda's companyLast week, two police special action force personnel - chief inspector Azilah Hadri and corporal Sirul Azhar Umar - were sentenced to death by the Shah Alam High Court for murdering Altantuya.The two, who were part of a security detail to protect VIPs including Najib, have since appealed to the higher court.Since the case hit the headlines, Najib has been forced to repeatedly deny having any links with Altantuya and the murder case.

When Najib was defence minister, a company controlled by Razak Baginda was awarded a 'commission' of RM534.8 million for the purchase of two Scorpene submarines from France. The government has denied that the contract given Perimekar was a hefty commission but for the company "to prepare support and coordination services" for a period of six years.

The opposition has been exploiting both issues to attack Najib's integrity, especially during the three key by-elections earlier this month.This had prompted the police to issue a gag order on all political ceramah from raising the controversial murder case."

It is important for readers or Malaysians to know that the PM office never issued such directive. It was made known to Barkingmagpie that the Prime Minister has never issued such a statement to Media Prima as reported by Malaysiakini.

I was told the PM Department has never issued any directive not to use the name of the newly elected prime minister, his wife, and that of Razak Baginda in the ongoing decision on the two accused in the murder case involving a foreign national.

Najib has said before that Malaysiakini's intention to publish the "false manifesto" in its portal was meant to denigrate his position as a politician and to drag him to mud when he was implicated in a murder case.

I was also told that Malaysiakini must, at all cost, examine the authenticity of the email it received recently and of course to make another apology! It is just fair! Don't you think?!


10 Joules said...

Can you please highlight the part in the report which you claim indicates that the directive was issued by the PM office?

I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks.

allenhash said...

No where in the Malaysikini report that it is mentioned that the directive comes from the PM's office. Why are you so jumpy?

Pasquale said...

10 Joules and allenhash, need not to but that is how we are supposed to read it from that report. it's called a thousand ways to skin a cat technique, very subtle and yes Malaysiakini must verify the email it received!


Anonymous said...

i think that the writer of this article in this site is a PRO-Government dude.

Of cors la bigshots will tell TV stations not to publish this and that because it will send a bad signal to all viewer about ppl holding government position.

This site is on my blacklist now. I always boycott bullshit sites.

Anonymous said...

Aha..Now its suddenly read between the lines for you eh?

Anonymous said...


Any idea on how they should verify that email?

Eric said...

"Malaysiakini lied again!"
"pro-BABI, anti-Umno, anti-Malay, and a foreign-funded news portal"

Duly noted. Any proof of your assertions anywhere? Perhaps the directive is from Rais and not the PM?
"[Rais] told Bernama today that he would be meeting the management of private TV and radio stations soon to bring about changes as they had failed to deliver the government's aspirations resulting in the BN’s poor performance at the general election last year."

Anonymous said...

Get some friends to support u lah...

wat happened to Rocky, BigDog, Kamal & the rest ??

how can just let u kena whack like that & no one comment in support?

Anonymous said...

"Words of warning though, those Malaysians with a lower than average IQ need not read and comment on this posting by Barkingmagpie content, because lower than average morons have no capability to discern what is the truth and wrong"

alamak... scared of comments dun write lah!!

Anonymous said...

Take it from someone who has a high IQ - you're an idiot.

vinnan said...

'And today this pro-BABI, anti-Umno, anti-Malay, and a foreign-funded news portal.'

Who the f}{){ do you think you are stirring up racial shit. This is why UMNO is seen as no more than dirt. Not even shit, mind you just dirt. At least shit can be used as organic fertilizer. Will you like it if I were to call you a barking dog or a squealing pig.

Don't be such racial bastards and perhaps one day UMNO may be seen as having reformed. If not the electoral base supporting UMNO will just keep shrinking over time until the day when UMNO becomes no more4 than a club for Malay ultras.

Anonymous said...

barkingmagpie has a noisy and annoying

Anonymous said...

idiotic blog written by an idiotic pro-gov malay dude who lacks basic reading skills.
Some attention seeking male whore that is

Anonymous said...


smarten yourself to the fact that you are on the WRONG SIDE of history.

Anonymous said...


Get a life ok? Trust me. Just get a life. Go into computer programs, get a sex change, get a cat but whatever you do, stay away from making stupid post like this.


Cruzeiro said...

Where's the "Lie"??

The author of this article has successfully emulated the famed "Rage Boy" in blurting out untruths, and in keeping with their known "intellectual prowess", has plenty of offensive expletives to makr his point!

Blackout said...

Calm down, Pasquale.

If it's false, then Malaysiakini sure kena one.

If it's true, well ...

me said...

It's Malaysiakini's "I was told" assertions against your "I was told" assertion.

You say morons cannot discern "truth" and "wrong", but you forget a third state: "don't know"


Anonymous said...

The problem of orang macam Rais is when they're in top hierachy, their tougues start to turn long and twisting like ular dua kepala.

Anonymous said...

Stop the Presses!

Mahaguru has uncovered something of primeval importance here, and am sending this to all patriotic blog sites. This latest posting either constitutes a crime of the highest degree as far as parliamentary sessions go, or just an insight as to who actually pulls the strings in the Dewan Undangan Negri Perak. Perhaps the Sultan knows about this for a long time, and he has acted according to knowledges that he had.

I am ashamed to read this. Ashamed at the people (especially malay PKRs and PAS supporters) who have put these people up there in the first place. Ashamed at how balless we have all become, how balless Sivakumar has become.

I would like to ask the legal experts in here: can there be some sort of police report made onto the YBs involved due to their influencing the actions and decisions of the speaker AT ALMOST EVERY MINUTE OF THE PROCEEDINGS?? I mean, he even instructed the speaker from the comforts of his own cellphone when to shut off the microphone, when not to give the BN representatives to talk, what to say next, when not to say it, etc etc etc. I mean, reading all these…. makes one so … embrassed at even being a Malaysian. If I feel embarassed, just imagine how much more Sivakumar should!

And there you have it gentlemen: one who dares so much to defy the Sultan, cannot dare to even decide to do or say anything right without the remote-controlled consent or approval of Ngeh or Nga or whatever. And this is all happening just because YOU, PKR malays and PAS members, allow it to happen.

Read, and be embarassed.

Marking Bagpie

Omong said...

Hey BM

Yeah, they resort to all sorts of methods to get what they want becoz they believe that the ENDS justify the MEANS ...

Our only option is NOT to believe sources that have been "guilty" of false manifestos

they want to manage perception - a part of brainwashing and induce a 'herd-mentality' kind of reaction

remember the baring atas jalan dan melempar batu kind of action

i think the sponsors have lost their investment money

Anonymous said...


This would be my last visit. How did I end up to this site anyway ;-(

BrightEyes said...

Magpie, where is it stated in the Mkini report that the directive came from Prime Min. Najib's office?

Maybe you're confusing MP with PM. :D ka ka kah!

The Phoenix Foundation said...

Next time please check before you bark.
The so called NGO's screwed up.
They do not speak , They are illiterate, they are a bunch of moroons,
& just like you
a lot of Codswallop!
Pity tho'
The Magpies that sing in my garden every morning & evening are sonorous, unlike you!