Friday, April 03, 2009

YB BABI was waiting under a tree in front of Istana Negara hoping Najib will not turn up to take over as the next PM......!

Najib reads the pledge to be the country's sixth PM, in front of the King!

But, Najib Tun Razak was sworn in as the country's sixth prime minister in a simple ceremony at Istana Negara at slightly past 10am on 3rd April, 2009, today. He signed a document which officially stated that he is, in the name of Allah, King and country, is the official PM of Malaysia, to this I say well done Najib you deserve it and as usual truth has always been with you.

Meanwhile, at the same time, as the ceremony took place inside the palace, a reliable sources told me YB BABI and his gang of delusional cohort which includes Azmin, Tian Chua, Harris Ibrahim, RPK, Gobalakrishnan, Thersa Cock still did not believe Najib has already arrived and inside, and they also desperately hoped that the King will tell Najib "tak dapek den nolong doh" to Najib. (Sorry I cannot help you Najib)!

But the thing is this country's succession plan does not depend on the whims and fancies of one delusional cross dresser, a homosexul, a bisexual or a buggerer, who had gone at great length spreading vicious lies and rumours hoping that the well entrenched system of the country to succumb to his bidding???!!!

YB BABI needs a psychiatric help for sure or to be found guilty surely of something so he can be put away for good, Najib there is no other way for you but to do that, or you will never ever find peace!!


vinnan said...

You are wrong ass;;;. The opposition WANTS Najib to take over. They are through with kicking Abdullah. Najib is entering office as the PM with the most amount of shit to his name in Malaysian history. The opposition can't wait to kick him around. Sometimes you UMNO ass''' are so f'''c stupid.

Anonymous said...

Now, even the King will be demonised by Anwar's rebel minded followers.

It is almost certain that Anwar wants to organise silly bicycle tours around the country to send stupid memorandums to Parliament as one of his favourite past time hobby.

His other hobby is to bring his thugs to town and march the streets, promising their foolish followers a trip to heaven for their bravery. It is like the suicide bombers following their stupid leader's instruction.

In the meantime, DAP is laughing at how stupid the PKR thugs take to the streets.

What else does Anwar know apart from being an expert in street brawls?

He is just anti-everybody and has no respect for the government of the day.

Perhaps his cry wolf stories has caught up huh?


Anonymous said...

vinnan, don't be so upset. No good for your mental health.

Anonymous said...

Vinnan, stop watching Tamil movies..


DNL said...

apa yg di takutkan anwar ... Tun Mahathir melalui najib akan menentukan anwar mampuih tak jadi pm ATAS KESALAHAN ANWAR SENDIRI dan segala agenda anwar yg di dalangi saifuddin kamarudin jaafar dan salehhuddin akan dikuburkan....

puak pas yg jadi frontier anwar dgn singapore secret agents ni memang dah pecah pun....

pas barua kepada anwar yang mana anwar barua kepada cia dan jews ...
termasuklah budak hitam .....

kepada sedara semua tengok lah percaturan baru anwar. memang akan adalah teori skandal pemimpin umno yang baru semasa kempen di tiga kawasan ini dengan pertolongan singapore yang menolong dan membantu pembangkang untuk kepentingan mereka sendiri.

kepada pemimpin kita umno dan ds najib marilah kita pergi lebih jauh lagi kembalikan singapura ke malaysia... mari kita gempur singapura pulak ..... marilah kita berpolitik secara global.

mustahil kah kita jika kita beruasaha menawan singapura melalui undi pembangkang mereka ... hindu di singapura yang suatu masa dahulu berbangga kini telah sedar diri yang mana mereka adalah alat permainan PAP (DAP dimalaysia) mereka sudah sedar dan ramai lagi cina singapura yang insaf jugak..... tak macam keling vinnan diatas nie....



Anonymous said...

vinnan, stop pretending la...u r happy coz 2 of hindraf guy is out of ISA...stop dreaming that opposition is the one who push for Najib to be PM...go back to india and become an actor so that u will be able to become a politician one day...if u can become a glamor actor...maybe u can replaced Johny Lever...

Anonymous said...

Dai Vinnan,

I have said it before that there is a limit to being stupid. You just broke the previous record. You are a disgrace to the Indian community.

Adaikalam Marimuthu

Idzan Ismail said...

Najib is THE PM.
We are happy.
Is BABI srill under the tree?
He can stay there till the cows come home for all we cate.
There's a big tree in Jalan Gelenggang Damansara Heigts.
At its base the roots resembled an elephant.
The elephant deity is painted glossy black and bedecked with flowers.
Everyday you see Indians in Beemers and Mercs offer offerings.
Maybe BABI should check it out.

Omong said...

hehe poor vinnan

sokong DNL

sing dollar will depreciate

Anonymous said...

Saudara saudara yang saya hormati.
Tok sah marah vinnan .
Dia ada kat merata blog.Aku selalu jumpe dia punya hampas.
Biar kan dia dan dua tiga orang lagi serupa punye menjadi ukuran dan tahap pencapaian.
Sekian.Salam hormat.
arjuna waspada.

Anonymous said...

Please stop this YB BABI business. It is really offensive. Ramalx

Pasquale said...

Ramalx, please do not tell me what to write how I feel, go visit other blogsites if you are so fucking offended!

Anonymous said...

Only a Babi can smell another Babi...

Anonymous said...

Could the earlier events be part of the ‘campaign’ that is being mentioned in the article below, extracted from ?

A deadly ‘distract and go for the kill’ campaign by Najib

It could be late by now, but we should all be made aware of a potentially deadly campaign by Najib brewing behind the scene, much of the campaign has already been executed with success.

It is a campaign planned with such precision and minute details that I compare it to what Mahathir has done during the fall-out crisis with Anwar in 1998. Furthermore, the campaign has one distinctive characteristic: it is robust to cope with the expected, as it has turned out that along the way many unexpected events have happened but the campaign cope with them well.

It all started with the coup d’├ętat in Perak in Feb. Najib gang swung into action to grab the power of the state. After the infamous ’second visit to the palace’, where many quarters have speculated as the return trip for either deal making or arm-twisting by Najib, the fate of the PR state government duely elected by the rakyat was sealed, when the Sultan decided to take side of Najib.

Then came the fateful events that vacated the Parlimen seat of Bukit Gantang and the state seat of Bukit Selambau. The by-elections are clearly tough battles for Najib and could be fatal to the imminent power transition to Najib slated for April. Much earlier on, UMNO general assembly was already scheduled for Mar 24-28. The factional fights for positions were expected to be divisive and chaotic for the party. The two potential deadly blows from the ‘Two Bukits’ cannot come before or around then.

That is where the campaign made the Election Commission did the job: fixing the nomination day for the by-elections to be one day exactly after the UMNO general assembly, and the polling day on Apr 7.

Most of us did not take Apr 7 with much meaning, except it is a weekday. But it is so significant with what the subservient EC has done:

A weekday of course will reduce turn-out, usually affecting outstation voters who are commonly known to be anti BN.

The weekend immediately before Apr 7 is the Cheng Ming weekend for Chinese. Also known as Tomb Sweeping Day or Qingming Festival, most Chinese would travel back to their hometown to pay their respect to their elders who have passed on. Apr 7 being a Tueday, Chinese voters of the Two Bukits, commonly recognised to be anti BN too, are unlikely to extend their stay all the way. Hence reducing opposition votes further.
Most important of all, the campaigning period, from Mar 29 to Apr 6, covers a very important event: the power transition from Abdullah to Najib. The opposition and most of concerned Malaysians would be so occupied by the campaign that any resistence to the transition is kept at very low level. This is the largest distraction to us all for Najib to go for his first kill.
Along the process, the unexpected also happened in Sarawak, that led to the by-election of Batang Ai. The subsevient EC again did what the campaign needed: include Batang Ai with the same by-election schedule. Two potential deadly blows are no difference from three potential deadly blows, but Batang Ai, far from the tsunamic Peninsula Malaysia and with a different voter composition, could offer a potential consolation to the BN to reduce the impact of the Two Bukits. How convenient the EC to oblige.

At Bukit Selambau, the record number of independent candidates puzzled all of us. By now, we have the answer. And need I say anything else but it’s part of the campaign?

Then on the judiciary side, where many high-profile cases related to Perak are in progress, the campaign has again planned and executes its steps carefully. First on Mar 23, the Federal Court returned the case of Nizar vs. Zambry to KL High Court, much to people’s surprise. Two new judges were parachuted into the KL High Court. The original High Court judge, Justice Lau Bee Lan, who is well respected in the legal fraternity, is not assigned for the case that she has been so familiar with. Instead, a new judge, Justice Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim, on his first day at KL High Court after being transferred from Kuching High Court, is given the case. He shiftly decided that the first action is to decide if leave should be granted for the case to proceed. So today at 3pm, the decision will be made. It will be no surprise that the decision will be a rejection of leave, therefore summarily deal a blow to the case brought by Nizar.

The significance is the timing. While any decision at the KL High Court can be appealed, so all is not lost for Nizar as far as the case is concerned, but it immediately adds to the perceived ‘legitimacy’ of Zambry as an installed (vs. an elected) menteri besar, which BN has been fighting very hard in facing the rakyat. The timing will be fatal to Nizar, who is the PAS candidate of Bukit Gantang by-election. “The court has decided no case for Nizar” will ring loud all over the sky of Bukit Gantang, seriously hurting Nizar’s image.

Then there is another new judge, Justice Balia Yusof Wahi, being parachuted on the case of Perak Speaker with the three ‘frog’ state assembly representatives. He is a High Court civil division judge who had been brought specifically from Kuala Lumpur to hear the case in Ipoh. According to Edmund Bon, the lawyer of Sivakumar, “(we) were not informed of the change until the very last minute… no reason was given for the change.”.

So by now, Najib is already sworn in peacefully at Istana Negara as the sixth prime minister of Malaysia, despite his tainted character and baggae of unresolved scandals. Tomorrow, the critical by-election weekend, he will surely go to the various places giving his speeched as the newly minted prime minister. Carrying with him are all those advantages described above that his campaign has already engineered and bagged. His final kill will be the collapse of opposition campaign for the by-elections and the surprises beyond imagination on the night of Apr 7.

Already, the campaign has made smaller punches here and there, including seizing all printed copies of opposition publications. As the title of my previous post, Malaysia has entered dark ages from 10am today. Hold on tight, all! The ride will be very bumpy, but we will reach the destination, surely.


Anonymous said...

Dear Pasquale,

Please moderate your comments. Ramalx

Anonymous said...

Perghh pandai bijak dan cerdik Another Malaysian 11.58am.
Gua Tabik.
Segambut Tingkat 4 ker ?
PHD ? Cambrige tinggi inglis.
changkat lobak.
arjuna waspada.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, KJ must have picked the wrong father in law.

FIL: KJ my son, u're on your own now

New Boss : No vacant minister for u. Go play myteam footbal