Monday, April 20, 2009

Yes! YB BABI, RPK and Susan Loone must provide proof to help the two sentenced to death!

What if she was killed at the behest of someone else meant to implicate others, have we thought of that! Well whatever it is those who have the "real" proof please reveal them to save the two policemen!

Or else allow the mighty hammer of the Malaysian judicial system to pulverise them once and for all, as an act of deterrent for future liars to learn from! I am glad few bloggers have started the ball rolling by campaigning to ask YB BABI and RPK and Susan Loone to furnish the police with their much-talked about concrete proof to implicate the Prime Minister and his wife in this country most bizzare murder case.

Rockybru also wrote YB BABI, RPK and Susan Loone (three of the most vociferous and wicked human being ever recorded in my Minangkabau annal that they must show their proverbial proof to save the lives of the two policemen if they believe they are victims and not the real "perpetrators" in the bizzare murder of a Mongolian woman on Malaysian here

And bizarre it is, when it has already been bandied about what if the murder was conducted by those having to lose so much if Najib became the PM. What if someone who is desperate enough to be the next prime minister could have done it! Here is an excerpt on what a blogger the Voice wrote: "Nevertheless, there is a bizarre theory making it's round suspecting Altantunya killed and blowed up to smitherin by another party with the intention to implicate Najib. Their convenient suspects are Khairy and the Tingkat 4, and Anwar Ibrahim. The plan was executed by some foreign operatives. In french, bizarre means crazy. Without evidence or proof, it is merely speculative.Both Azrilah and Sirul filed for appeal and more will unfold.Thus far, these the few revelations from the court proceeding shows that much that was being rumoured had no evidence. Is Karpal Singh losing his roar or the only thing relevant to roar about is Razak's absence from the witness stand?Pinning it to Rosmah?One twist to this murder is PI Balasundram's revised Statutory Declaration (SD) and Raja Petra's SD that attempted to implicate Rosmah. Two police officers name were mentioned but both denied with their own Statutory SD.RPK's SD and his willingness to face the consequences made his words believable to certain segment of the public. But the strange part is his SD is a mentioned in third party i.e. declaration based not on his own information and filled with the term "reliably informed".After being held for questioning by police, Bala declared the next day that his revised SD is incorrect and disappeared. Words from sceptics of Najib is that Bala was taken away to some oceanic island nation and monetarily rewarded by Najib and Rosmah.God knows, but the act of hiding away seemed more consistent with the manner Elizabeth Wong and V Arumugan disappeared temporarily. The exception would be the failed attempt to "kidnap" the two defected PKR Perak State Assemblymen.No one should dismiss the possibility that it is a PKR attempt to dismiss Bala's original SD. Bala has committed perjury and is liable in court. All his statutory declaration is now inadmissible in court.Another equally bizarre twist to the Rosmah off-shoot of the Altantunya murder is another SD supposedly by Bala claiming Rosmah was into Hindu practices. Then there was the Malaysia Today report of charms found in Pak Lah's office but none found in Najib's office. [Am I too familiar with such style of fabrication? read more here!


Anonymous said...

Den ponek dongar godobah godobah yang kurang sioman tu - YB BABI lah, RPK lah. Sumo tu tak tontu arah.

Kau pun sorang. Kau lupo tarok gambar baru Yam Tuan kito samo Tunku Ampuan Besar. Jangan lupo yo.


Parpu Kari said...


Pasquale said...

Juasseh warih, den mintak maaf, kek Kanada ni nengok anak cucu den Minangkabu mato biru, mato eh tu tak dapek den nolong doh! Agak den orang Minang asal memang osah mato biru, ni balek balik genepool mato biru kito yo! Ah itu lah deh!
Meanwhile I have to go back to face all the supporters of YB BABI who have lower than average IQ, sigh! Ini pun tak dapek den nolong doh! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Why YB BABI, RPK, SL have to defend those two flers...

Thought they are najib boys, no?

Mohd Hanif Haji Mohd Salleh said...

Ontah-ontah ado oghang dongki bilo tengok Najib nak jadi PM.Jadi nak nayokan Najib dibunuh eh pempuan Mongolia tu.Manolah tahu politik ni macam2 buleh jadi.Kesian kek Najib tak pasal2 kono fitnah tak tontu pasal.Sekarang dio dah macam arwah ayah dio dapek jadi PM baru padan muko yg membangkang tu.RPK pulak mulolah mainkan peranan kalau kes tuduh-menuduh oghang ni memang diolah yg paling suko.Ingat tak doso ko nuduh2 tak tonto pasal.

warigh kito said...

Si Anwar tu penipu bosa.Lopeh tu berkawan dgn Yahudi.Elok bonarlah siapo agung2kan dio.Tak lamo lai ramai Yahudi dibawak masuk kek si Nuar ni kalau dio jadi PM.Dio ni talam duo muko, dopan lain. belakang lain.Itu sobab dopan belakang pun dio sapu.