Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cop 'selling murder manual' on ebay: And lawmakers in this country must be aware of their surroundings and people they are acquainted with!

Sergeant Karl Thurgood

"Cop 'selling murder manual' on ebay

A POLICE sergeant is being investigated over claims he has been selling a murder manual on ebay. 'Hitman: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors' gives instructions on how to commit the "perfect" murder, clean weapons of identifying features, avoid leaving clues, seek out the victim and make money doing it. "

The above is an excerpt from the Manchester Evening News about a policeman being investigated over allegedly selling a murder manual. He outlined how to murder without being detected. His colleagues described the charges against Sergeant Karl Thurgood as a work of fiction! Or is it?

Apart from the futile Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba to overthrow Fidel Castro, the CIA tries to employ many attempts to assassinate Castro. One was employing some one to present him with a box of cigar laced with odourless, and toxic chemical that upon contact with the skin will permeate into the nervous system and will then induce heart attacks. Thus if CIA were to succeed the headlines of all the newspapers in the world would have been "Castro dies of heart attack!" The cigar plan was never executed.

In his book "The CIA: Reality vs. Myth" author Dr Ray S. Cline, a veteran CIA man, also described the euphemism "Executive Action" by which was plainly described a capability for assassination of foreign leaders as a last resort. Of course there was no way to verify if murdered or assassinated leaders of the world in the past have anything to do with powerful spy agency or agencies, but still it makes one wonder!

My point is in this country politicians must be careful with people offering them cigars or to accept drinks from "so-called" supporters! I remember a long time ago reading about there were 1001 ways to kill without being detected, or at least it was stated in the "CIA manual on committing extreme prejudice to states' enemies!"
ON another totally unrelated subject to the above topic, I just find it weird that many lawmakers in Malaysia have lately succumbed to heart attacks thus triggering many by-elections. I thought one death (Kuala Terengganu) was bad luck, two (Bukit Gantang) a coincidence and three (Batang Ai) and four (Manik Urai)? May be I am paranoid, but sometimes I just wondered what if desperate people that have been known to do weird things to achieve their ambition, will do more weird thing s to achieve further their ambition?! Food for thoughts!

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And we also wonder who is this sick weirdo as most of them are from the opposition...