Monday, May 11, 2009

Internet Freedom, Irresponsible Bloggers, and Agent Provocateur!

The Israeli government has uncovered a series of lies spread via the Israelis internet via blogging that have almost split the Israeli people where one group is against the Israeli government "excessive" atrocities committed against its neighbour, namely the Palestinian.In this computer and internet savvy era people, some smart and many not too smart, are easily taken by lies being spread, as in Malaysia.In view of our often perceived controlled media, many of the enemies of Malaysia and those who envy Malaysia's multi-racial existence, are now actively promoting trying to destroy just that, below is an article which appeared in Haaretz Dailty, an influential Israeli newspaper:

Tel Aviv, Tues: Information disseminated via the internet through blogsites have been found to be the cause of many image problem faced by the Israeli government. Those spreading lies to the entire world on what was really going on in Gaza, for example, were in fact Israeli citizens from the left wing of Israeli political spectrum, said Israeli Minster of Information and Diaspora, Yuli-Yoel Edelstein.He said while bombs may have been dropped into Gaza to stave off further wanton attacks by Hamas, there was a need for Israeli to defend itself against these attacks. "But we did not dropped cluster of phosphorous bombs as alleged by bloggers via the internet. Unfortunately many will tend to believe this," he told Haaretz Daily.Edelstein said many of the lies being spread came from within Israeli, it was found out, and many left wings Israeli bloggers signed off as Palestinians. He said the Israeli Internal Security is now monitoring its once free press to prevent these counter-productive activity by its own citizens whom the government perceived as trying to destroy Israeli sensitive existence via their vile internet propaganda."

Well, what can I say since I have always believe who ever is our enemy, or enemies, have torn Malaysia to shred via their vile lies and I do not know what it will take to stop all these "carnage". Unlike the Israelis, their governments have been known to take swift actions to protect Israeli security, but are we?


Anonymous said...

Good reading. Nevertheless, I cannot fathom why on earth any country would want to threaten our multi-racial fabric? In this world of 188 sovereign states, we are just a tiny speck with minimal consequence to the world order (with the exception that one of the busiest Sea Lanes of Communications happen to be here). From yore, we were supposedly threatened by George Soros and friends, the Illuminati, Freemasons, Knight Templars and surviving Knights of the Round Table. The real threat lies within, those Malaysians who have hijacked the Federal Constitution and still attempting to turn it into the Klu Klax Klan's Guide to Good Neighbouring. Our only defence are good governence, inclusivity and respect for all. One might not know but 1Malaysia could be the antidote for all ailments.

Anonymous said...

can I ask whether your readership has taken a big nose dive over the last few months or it is still the same?

Just curious

Pasquale said...

Just curious!

I am not in this for a popularity contest, I figure I write what I want in my blogsite and if anyone wants to visit that's fine.. Seriously I cannot tell whether my "readership" has taken a plunge, don't matter one way or another! Cheers! Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

A simple equation:

Pasquele = Rusdi Mustapha

People who know Rusdi, can they believe this is the foul mouthed, narrow minded bigot known as Pasquele?


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Dal said...


Could you please spare a minute and take a peep at

It seems they are having a little party something about One School For All.

Anonymous said...

Sir Pasquale, tumpang lalu lagi,

Lakhanat yang membuat komen di atas ini tak tahu ada jiwa murni yang perlu dipelihara.
Tanahair ini asalnya suci murni. Tapi si gonggok dan unggas hijau ini sudah mencemar kedamaiannya dengan salakan anjing.
Teruskan lagi niat jahat engkau. Tak sedar diri merempat. Ke laut nanti tempat engkau berkhemah.