Saturday, May 23, 2009

RPK is now a fugitive and, thus far, still a liar!

Hannibal Petra!

This has to be said!
I for once do not believe Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) ran away, rather than face the court, because he is afraid his Royal family will punish him for being a treacherous to his royal brethren! I for once do not believe he skips his court hearings because he is afraid, as he puts it, the police will arrest him and throw him in the dungeon.
He took off because he is in a fix for he cannot come out with any shred of evidence on any of the serious allegations he made against Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor!
However, I would also like to believe this man RPK could be suffering from a psychiatric disorder called "Munchausen Syndrome", a malady which is named after a 16th century German Baron Karl Friedrich von M√ľnchausen.
According to a definition, M√ľnchausen Syndrome "is a psychiatric disorder wherein those affected feign disease, illness, or psychological trauma in order to draw attention or sympathy to themselves. It is in a class of disorders known as factitious disorders (not to be mistaken for the word fictitious okay!) which involve "illnesses" whose symptoms are either self-induced or falsified by the patient. It is also sometimes known as hospital addiction syndrome or hospital hopper syndrome."
For the record, RPK has hurled a lot of serious unfounded accusations against the Prime Minister and his wife for being involved in a death of a foreign national. That, to me is a very serious accusation. Thus far he has accused the PM of being involved, and the PM's wife of supervising the killing of a foreign national.
RPK also said he has a witness, a Lieutenant Colonel in the military intelligence, who said this witness saw the whole thing, which led him to write a piece in his website accusing the PM's wife of supervising the killing. Serious stuff!
Well so far this has happened! This Lt Col has since said it was total hogwash and a fabrication regarding the assertion on RPK's part that a witness saw the whole thing where a foreign national was blown up and that the wife of the PM was there, and the witness told RPK!
We, Malaysians, were led to believe RPK has concrete proof of the fact! Well, instead of showing the proof so that the PM and his wife can be charged, then if found guilty, hanged or jailed for being involved in a murder, RPK scooted off and ran away!
Then he has the audacity to tell the whole world, in his website Malaysia Today, that he could not attend his court hearings where he has to answer to some very serious accusations he has made about the Prime Minister of this country and his wife, because the police will arrest him and his Royal brethern will kidnap and torture him if he were to appear in court in PJ, which is in the state of Selangor?! What an insult to our intelligence eh!
The sad part is what he wrote for his reason of why he ran away to be a fugitive instead of facing the music and is that many people still believe in his lies!
Well, I do not how it works but if he is in London, England, I am sure he can be extradited,and if he is in Segambut hiding at YB BABI's house I am sure he has to come out sooner or later.
When that happens, I think the Malaysian government will be firm enough to take stern action and do the necessary in finding him guilty of lying, and then booked him with the maximum years allowed by the law for his crime against the natural order of logic! This man RPK, he is one totally illogical sad dudes I have ever come across!
Enough already!


warigh kito said...

In 2008 General Election, Raja Petra gave a speech at Pantai Dalam talking about hudud law (Pas version).This is the best time for him to implement the law to his son who admit breaking people house and stole people property.Let us see Raja Petra cut his son hand.

Goh Wei Liang said...

It is high time the Royal Malaysian Police get into action.

If he is in Malaysia, Special Branch should do a sweep nationwide.

If he is overseas, Malaysia should place him on Interpol Wanted List because we are partners to many countries on Extradition.

This guy has been talking alot with no evidence.

Anonymous said...

if the government/police was serious, they would have got him long time ago...

Anonymous said...

Goh Wei Liang, you are a moron and jocker.

Imagine when the PR came to power after the 13GE and they send the Royal Malaysian Police and raid the HQ of UMNO, how about that?

Anonymous said...

anon 10.49am

if Pakatan is in power and Anwar is the PM,he will do worst than what BN have ever done to any person!

Even without power,he is already a Dictator!

Cucu Tok Selampit said...

This one I agree with you and Wei Liang. For Anon 10:49AM, keep on dreaming Bro!

Anonymous said...

Pls ask Najib to tell PDRM to get Bala "Pembodek" bird.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, at last I found a perfect description of this Raja Paling Keling (RPK), "This man RPK, he is one totally illogical sad dude I have ever come across!", and yet YB BABI gunakan ceritanya memperbodohkan rakyat, untuk membenamkan YAB PM.

Apa punya YB BABI dah.

Anti Liars

Anonymous said...

es all we want from RPK is the proof that he claims he has no more bullshits

Mohamed Ismail said...

RPK answered you and I'm sure you cant answer him back with no lies... Now you're terkendong with what you did.. Haha..

p/s: Check your grammar before posting ohh old man...

Anonymous said...

Haiyo RPK ... RPK.. did so much damage to Malaysia and its gullible people. Who believe him even though his lies are sometimes just out of this world!. Now is a fugitive. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Sad cad la this so called royalty.

Anonymous said...

There is an old pantun.. Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri; bapa kaki bohong, anak kaki curi!

Pasquale said...

"RPK answered you and I'm sure you cant answer him back with no lies... Now you're terkendong with what you did.. Haha..
p/s: Check your grammar before posting ohh old man...
May 24, 2009 2:16 PM"

Posted by "Mohamed Ismail", if at all that is your real name.

Hey Mo sorry you had to endure with your self righteous and sanctimonious character to read my blog albeit the "bad grammar" ,
the point is I am stating what many would want to know from RPK! Dish out the proof on all of his allegations or face the music! I am surprise people like you are taken in by impostor like him just because you hate the "perceived Malay regime" in fact upon checking your IP I concluded not only your not a Malay but a Moron!

FreedomFighter said...

Evening Magpie,

Just here en passant to send you the link to RPK's posting to his rebuttal to your current post.

That being said, I do not want to convey myself as an Anwarista or an opposition sympathiser. Like most like-minded people, i stand for truth and justice. There is no point in defending an institution without these core values. Wherever your loyalties lie, it is your choice strictly. As an advocate of free speech, it would be hypocritical of me to condemn you on your views. Though we may not agree on certain stands in the political arena, I'd like to commend you on your former post regarding a HINDRAF leaders views on awarding bumiputra status to all those born after Merdeka. The opinion you've expressed are those which i share and I do hope that this would encourage your readers to welcome these new ideas with an open mind.

Thanking you,

BigDogDotCom said...

Raja Petra will never ever put the money where his mouth (finger & keyboard tile) is. He is just pure fake!

I dared him in my blog, to furnish the name of the so-called SB officer who supposedly was my neighbour and leaked out the SD acusing Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor and two serving Cols. the army of supervising the killing and destruction of the remains of the foreign national.

There is no way Raja Petra can because he made the whole story up. There's no SB who is my neighbour and no SB who leaked me the SD.

Raja Petra is a COMPULSIVE LIAR! One lie after another, no he has to run like a yellow-belly fugitive.

Of course, like expected, he will make excuses of his life being in danger, the court is never fair and all evidence have been framed upon him plus his witnesses all being bought or 'dissapeared'.

Funny, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim says the SAME BLOODY THING, in the SAME BLOODY TONE, everytime he is dragged to court for a crime case!

What is even funnier, so many gullible people actually buy into these things!

I am beginning to think, since Raja Petra lied so many times over, everything about his life, is just a ONE BIG LIE!

Aren't they what you call MORONS or what????

Pasquale said...

Freedom Fighter, thank you for your most sober comment!
All that I want to know is if it is true what RPK said about Najib being involved and that he has all the proof to show it, that is all! Show it, he said he has pictures of Najib and the deceased girl where is it?
A foreign national has been murdered and I want to know too who is really responsible for it, don't you?! May be it was not Najib who ordered the murder may be someone who wants it to look like the murder lead to Naji! So this RPK thinks Malaysians are stupid or what!

reshmann said...

Just see what kind of langguage the people use here.Yb Babi lah,moron lah,reflective of the umno nothing else.Pasquale,what ever you are saying is anecdotal tada substance.RPK has already written before that he has already given documented evidence,but the authority never worked on it.It is a well known fact that in Malaysia,the culprits esp the ruling elites are always let off the hook,the, laws apply only to the ordinary citizens.Whistleblowers are the one subjected to torture and imprisonment.

Where is Bala?Why did he dissapear?Why the police is not looking for him?If he was wrong,then the police ought to charge him,for signing false SD,NO?Bala had signed 2 SDs,only one can be true,so why didnt the police investigate.How did the immigration records of the Mongolian lady who was murdered,go missing?Why didnt the police,investigate this serious matter?Why did Razak Baginda run off to England?When did he decide to further his studies?It all stinks like a carcass.

I am not implying that a certain person is the murderer as I strongly believe in the dictum 'innocent till proven guilty',what I am asking is who murdered or rather who ordered the murder?What is the motive for the 2 police guys to murder her,when they do not even know Altantuya before?Will you be able to fix this conundrum I throw at you,Pasquale?Dont simply use harsh langguage on people,learn how to agree to disagree,we are matured and civilized people,not people of flintstone era.

Ex- PKR said...

Police confirmed that Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin is in Brisbane.

A police source says RPK has contacts in Australia who had arranged accommodation for him and his wife Marina Lee Abdullah.

Patriot said...

It is called circumstantial evidences.

Ex- PKR said...

What about the accusation that Pak Lah knew about it and Khairy has a copy of the intelligence report ?
If so as RPK alleged , Wouldn't Khairy be a Minister today ? instead of watching by the sidelines .
It only goes to show RPK is a big Bullshitter with a lot of hot gas .
And what about that a certain Sultan has also been informed ?
I think he has been puked off by that Sultan for spinning lies , maybe that's one of the reason he has to get out of Selangor and be persona non grata in Selangor .
Serves him right . No sympathy from me ....

Raja Petra Tak Reti Jaga Anak said...

Keep up the good work bro!!

RPK is nothing than a big fat liar yang tak tau jaga anak..


Coward as hell la you fat-baldy-lousy-father

Anonymous said...

ex pkr why the bitchness you didn't get contracts or what.

Anonymous said...

hello people,

Acknowledging that now, most blogger (personality), political situation (group and camps), friendship stand point, enemy stand point are now cracked open for public viewing.
Of course all these are exposed due to personal blogging interaction between many parties and persons.

. Are they going to be a continuation of these interaction in future? Perhaps these situation will most likely stay as it is as long as people are well and kicking. Perhaps, the phase of these interactions will be on a different level.

Anonymous said...

RPK - we Malay wud brand him "Habuk to tarak"

Parpu Kari said...

Good one Pasquale!

I wanted to write something for RPK as this fella told in one of his posting that i am a bad blogger for UMNO, because of me, people will not support UMNO anymore, I know taht was created by another blogger named Wenger J khairy but surprisingly it was posted in RPK's article!

And that Raja Putar Kuat this days is a very strong supporter of bloggers who have link with KJ!

I wonder why la, can somebody enlighten me on me on this matter please!

Anonymous said...

Everybody, please google Malaysia+illuminati or anwar+illuminati.

Ex-PKR said...

Parpu Kari

I wonder why la, can somebody enlighten me on me on this matter please!

Alamak ni pun tak nampek !
Want to make use of Khairy to hentam Najib becos Najib tak lantik jadi Menteri ! Simple as that .

Tapi kalau Khairy ada itu report as RPK alleged , why he didn't use it ? Sebab dia tak ada .
Itu Raja Putar Kuat ia lah Raja Pembohong Kelentong .

Ex-PKR said...

Anonymous May 24, 2009 10:25 PM

ex pkr why the bitchness you didn't get contracts or what.

hahahaha , more like he did not let me have his backside .hahaha I suka hentam kentut .

Anonymous said...

AI,TC,JO,RPK,TK,EW(wow),LKT,LGE, KS,GS are all like PIGS they eat everything including their shits..
Especially RPK..

Anonymous said...

If RPK has left the country, then questions must be raised about how people without passports can travel overseas.

As far as any layman is concerned, a bankrupt does not have a passport or banking facilities.

Australia has always blamed Malaysia for 'people smuggling' and yes this is the proof they need.

Was RPK smuggled into Australia?

And what has Karpal, LKS, Nik Aziz
got to say about their hero leaving the country through the back door?

Oh, that's perfectly okay, because it is part of true democracy, PKR style.


Goh Wei Liang said...

Bro since the police said that RPK is in Brisbane, perhaps we will expect an extradition of him very soon.

I hope the Australian AG and the Australian Federal Police cooperates when the time comes.

But I expect RPK to file a suit in an Australian court to strike off his extradition if that was to happen.

Anonymous said...

You BN bloggers are the pits. Waste of time reading your blogs. Will not bother in the future.

Justice will eventually prevail and the evil BN regime will one day be over.

Anonymous said...

Harini PDRM kata tak de rekod RPK keluar dari Malaysia -

Begitu lolosnya sempadan kita !!!!

Nani Cheras

Anonymous said...

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