Saturday, May 16, 2009

Should have not been released in the first place!

This is what this Hindraf guy Uthayakumar said about his struggle where his believes Malaysian Indians being ethnically cleansed in Malaysia!! He should be further be detained for spreading such falsehood! In his interview with a Singapore New Paper he said he favours violence to achieve what ever that he wants to achieve.
Hey, I will be the first Melayu that will be the first to defy the government if such accusation of Indian being ethnically cleansed being committed! (I will also not condone any Malay or Chinese fanatical political parties that subscribe to violent act!)
Brother Utahayakumar I do not know what possessed you to say such stupid thing but my friend I cannot support you and your violent streak in your statement you made last year in Singapore!
If you are being thrown back in the slammer you will and cannot get my sympathy!
This is written without any malice intended!
(It was reported that the government is considering reviewing Uthayakumar's release from detention)


La Cha Mau said...

Pasquale, the people would love to know where were you when the former IGP bashed up DSAI? (since you do not subscribe to violence).

And BTW, please do not believe everything you read in Singapore newspapers. It's full of shit similar to what you find in Malaysian newspapers. The only thing believable is NTV7 which reported at 8pm on May 13, 2009 that THOUSANDS were butchered on May 13, 1969 when 40 years ago the Malaysian government reported that only 186 people died.Again, since you do not subscribe to violence, may we ask where were you on May 13, 1969 and what did you do to prevent the slaughter and mayhem.

Dal said...

Experimenting flip-flop?

They didn't learn did they?

Or are they capable of learning?

Anonymous said...

This man must be talking cockooooo!

My area row of shops, 15years ago we used to close at 11pm, at our own leisure..

Later, after a gang parang attacks, we decided to close by 10pm. All drunk, they will rush in waving their parangs in groups of six and chopping anything along their way without a blink. 10of our business premises were victimized.

Today, by 9pm each of us will already be pulling our shutters. The sight of a carload of Indians cruising around our area sends buzz waves, each will SMS one another to alert us of their car registration numbers!!

Should they appear just about closing time, we had to assist each other to come out of our premises, just in case...

Wow.. they are terrifying us and they claim the other ways. Ask the Chinese shopkeepers.. TERRIFIED is the word..

Ceh!! ETHIC cleansing? They are thugs!!


Anonymous said...

And some thought only hishamuddin is crazy about raising kris & screaming for blood...

vinnan said...

What do you expect after 'torturing' him with lousy 'service" in Hotel Kamunting. Certainly he is not going to pay for the lousy 'service'.

Listen you UMNO clowns, the cold war is over. You have nothing to offer the imperialist powers except for your anti-terrorist stand. Even here challenges abound from PAS, and many Muslim NGOs. The imperialist are not going to cover your 'Ketuanan' ass this time around when you use the ISA, police and the civil service in general to kick the opposition around. In simple terms, the imperialist do not need UMNO anymore. They are going to abandon you the same way they abandoned Suharto in Indonesia unless UMNO find a way to be their dog again.

All of the above and more is becoming common knowledge among the rakyat. Drop your 'ketuanan' shiy if you wish to survive beyond the 13th GE. I am not a Matthias Chang, I just do not wish to see this country destroyed by UMNO when they try by hook or by crook to hang on to power after they get wiped out in the next GE.

warighkito said...

Any Malaysian who break the country law will used foreign media to voice their view.Same thing happen to YB BABI when he was sacked from his post.If I were the government, I will pull out this people citizenship because they always talk bad thing about our government to the foreign media.In Malay we called this people as "Petualang Negara" or "Pengkhianat Bangsa".

Anonymous said...

A typical pariah-dog indian who always make troublesome every part in the world!

Pasquale said...

Lan Chau Mau!

YB BABI tries to sell Malaysia to the highest bidder during the currency crisis, and for what happened to him he probably deserved it! His crime is bigger than sodomy1 He tries to sell this countyry!During the bleak currency crisis, his remedy was for Malaysia to borrow from the World Bank and the IMF at the same time seizing power for himself. Had we borrowed from the World bank and the IMF we would still be enslaved! TDM would not have expose his private soiree with young boys had he(YB BABI) not try to "force' himself to seize power! Had he subscribed to TDM's remedy to overcome Malaysia's currency crisis without foreign intervention he would have possibly be the PM now, who knows.
On resolving the currency crisis Najib Tun Razak was in tune with TDM's remedy, FYI! And I am glad YB BABI failed in his bid! In hindsight people must always try to remember that YB BABI was and still is insincere and needless to say he is stupid in his economic foresight!

Lan Chau Ma thst is what I mean! Read my blog carefully you moron!

La Cha Mau said...

What shit are you responding with? I am reading your post carefully. It's about Utayakumar and violence. So what shit are you harping about with regards to DSAI's economic foresight? Currency crisis konon!!! Who's talking about this topic? I think YOU should be the one learning how to read what you have posted.

Anonymous said...

kalau diikut bahasa dan pemikiran memang sah kamu ni mabuk 24jam..

kalau masih mengaku beragama Islam baik kamu bertaubat sebelum terlambat..

kesian betul.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pasquale,

Why do you have to be so foul mouth, why do you resort to name calling to your own Race at that ?
What sort of a human Being are you anyway ??

az said...

Pasquale Have you seen a Psychiatrist? You sure need some therapy

Pro-Malaysia said...

Why you using singapore paper?

U pro-singapore or what?

Malaysian newspaper not good enough for you?

Anonymous said...

"Why you using singapore paper?
U pro-singapore or what?
Malaysian newspaper not good enough for you?
May 21, 2009 1:53 AM"

Pro-Malaysia you are precisely one of those stupid and gullible pro Fuckatan Riot (PR) that people are talking about! You are not capable of not making sound judgment!
I would assume Uthayakumar would like to have his dangerous and false statement in Malaysian media and he knew it would not see print, for obvious reason, he is telling a lie! So he went to Singapore or was probably interviewed here by the New Paper that would print anything disparaging about Malaysia!

More Proer-Malaysia!