Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sim Kwang Yang on RPK?! Is he joking!

Sim Kwang Yang

In his regular column in Malaysiakini this week titled "RPK Where art thou!", Sim Kwang Yang appears to be hero worshiping Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK). He equated RPK with Dalai Lama and Sun Yat Sen, two famous exilees!

He also said while RPK was "deprived of his passport" and is "supposed to be bankrupt" but yet he has managed to arrive on the great Australian shore and that has the ingredients of making a great movie.

He further labelled those bloggers who branded RPK as a liar are all "pro-BN bloggers"?!
Sim, why is it that when some one who is against people like RPK, who has been dishing out lies and fiction, will automatically be labelled as pro-government?!

I am not pro-RPK simply because he has been writing many articles that I considered as unfounded and baseless, written without a shred of evidence?! We are against him because he has gone too far with his fiction, he has gone awry that is all!

He even has the audacity to concoct a Statutory Declaration which he printed in his website where he claimed that someone told him that he was at the scene where a politician's wife was supervising the death of a Mongolian woman?! Very serious accusations indeed for which, if he cannot prove it, he should be incarcerated. But instead he disappeared and now is a fugitive from the law!

Come on Sim you know we always have had that great respect for you and for your smartness and intelligence, but to equate RPK with great people like the Dalai Lama and Sun Yat Sen, with RPK?!! That is a bit much here, so what is your real agenda here dear Sim!

Just because this blogger especially, who once had great respect for RPK, is now against him for what he has generated, and for what purpose he is writing what he writes, is pro-BN?!

Come on Sim, you have always dreamed of the day when you would see a Malay regime under Umno and BN be totally obliterated, and you know that is not going to happen. And for people like you, you see unprincipled Malays like Yang Berhormat Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (YB BABI) and RPK, that can used as instruments toward achieving that goal!

Well, you have your right to believe and dream what you want to dream and believe, I will respect that. But I will say this, there are still many of us who will always be constantly vigilant against any attempts by any hostile non-Malay groups to force the Malays into giving up their rights to rule this country as a majority.

We will not to fall for your chicanery such as elevating unprincipled people like RPK and YB BABI into that warped hero status created by the DAP, or any other political parties that are bent on seeing Umno written off just like that.

For now for this country, I still believe UMNO and the BN component parties as the only viable options to rule this country, and the only option to prevent this country from falling into a category of a failed society!

But then Sim you know this it true! It is just that you seem to cannot come to terms with this fact and to readily accept the reality.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dickhead, why so humble in your writing with this man? Go with your usual way of f@#$king people like what you normally like to do. Idiot!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rusdi the fat man with white hair, you are not pro-UMNO but you try to be pro-Najib. I already check with Najib, you are not in his good book.

Pasquale said...

Anonymous at 8.48pm I am not Rusdi and if any comment with the name is being associated with this blog will be deleted! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Pasqual, you have the right not to published any comment mentioning other people name, you are entitled to your opinion. I saw in Malaysia Today how yang mulia Raja Petra attacking you but he also use this person's name. I think Pasqual what you write must have anger Raja Petra! Thank You.

Another royalty!

pakngah santan said...

why some people always associate those who are against them as pro-BN, pencacai umno etc.

i thought they practice the so-called almighty freedom of speech, democracy, human rights or any other names which sound pleasant to them.

how can i support rpk when i know that he is a compulsive liar and a coward? face whatever coming to you like a man lah.

if he believes whatever he said are true, show the proofs. why chicken out if you have solid proofs.

Anonymous said...

Only option?

Pls lah, UMNO is not the be all and end all of this country.

Luke Siaw said...

I wear RPK T-Shirt to sleep. Because I hero worship him. Like wise, I use newspaper cuttings of UMNO Logo and Barisan Logo including some ministers, past and present such as Botak Hamid to wife my dog's ass and clean up their poo.

Hope you do not have a problem with that.

Anonymous said...

they need a malay icon to destroy BN - anwar, rpk, zaid ibrahim ...

but it seemed to be failing so they now champion chin peng as a hero

bad move as there are people who witnessed his atrocities still alive to detail his crimes against humanity

they are also "forcing" themselves to work with PAS although i think they are really suffering inside - real mental challenge

as long as the majority MALAYS are well-read, informed and UNITED, they will not succeed

and kudos to bloggers (esp pro-UMNO ones) for enlightening the rakyat

great job bloggers!!

Raja Putar Kelamkabut said...

Funny, Luke Siaw. We have things in reverse. Newspapers containing the faces of Ngeh-Nga, Karpal & Gobind Singh, Lim Kit Siang & offspring, I use to wipe MY ass.

For RPK and YB BABI, I use their pics in ways you wouldnt want to know.

Can I have your pic too, Luke Siaw? I am sure my Bontot Kuali would like to have a go with it.

"Racism is when you point a finger and suddenly realize that 4 fingers are pointing back at you" - The GOOD RPK.