Saturday, May 16, 2009

Well done Anifah Aman for catching the bull(shit)by the horns!

Anifah is great as a Foreign Minister....YB BABI you can gripe as much as you want!

It appears the only person in Malaysia, or the world, who is capable of telling the truth is Yang Berhormat Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (YB BABI). His words are the gospel truth! Well we know, or many of us know that he is a pathological liar, that he has lied so much that he is now not able to tell the real truth from the real wrong!
His other ability is to chide people, and to condescend, and express his sense of superiority towards others. Psychiatrists that I have spoken to said YB BABI is suffering from serious and classic case of a split personality. A classic Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde syndrome. He might have done it and forget or he might have said it but also forget!
When Foreign Minister Datuk Anifah Aman reveals, in front of foreign journalists in Washington, that he was offered a DPM post by YB BABI if he defects to the opposition.
YB BABI said he did not say it and that Anifah is also stupid to say, or to lie, in front of a foreign press? And YB BABI is now going to sue Anifah for telling the truth?!
Anifah, from the report that I received, was so refined that even Hilary Clinton was impressed by his demenour as a foreign minister of Malaysia, Someone was overheard saying "at least he has not got Anwar's Arabic English accent!"
And no, as asserted by YB BABI, Anifah was not overwhelmed by his audience and he held on dignified as Malaysia's representative that Najib would have been proud had he been there!
YB BABI how dare you asserts that you are the only polished human being that is capable and qualified to talk to foreign dignitaries?
Well you go ahead sues whom ever you want, but at the end of the day you will just be that classic case of a "man who cries wolf", at the end of the day that is all that you will and can do!



SpotTheBloggers said...

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Salam Hormat.

Anonymous said...


sakmongkol panggil kau babi..komen sikit?


Anonymous said...

pecah dah tembelang yb babi!

Anonymous said...

No comments. Your summary suffiently describes a saint in disguise.

This two timing, double headed hypocrite who can do no wrong is now trying to make money by suing.

Wonder what the other 30 politicians were offered to jump ship by the representative that followed them to Taiwan?

Of course they will say " Show me the prove".

And yet, the stupid PR supporters cannot see that they have been taken for a ride.

What else is there to say?


Anonymous said...

Wake up laa brother..
you had one too many!


Pasquale said...

John...... am not Rusdi, why are you so obsessed with this Rusdi!

Pasquale said...

John, I did read his posting, and obviously it must have struck a nerve with his such lenghty much ado about nothing convoluted English!? Cheers!I am not bothered though!

Anonymous said...

And now a pig that barks kah kah kah lol.

Anonymous said...

What convoluted english? I didn`t find it so.
This was funny and nice:

"Since he is an authority on 'memBABIkan' orang lain, he must be a flying pig himself- a special one but a pig nonetheless. Dato Najib has an unclean animal in his office."


Nevada said...

what a reckless foreign minister..was it necessary for him to mention the name of Altantuya during the PC?

ha ha, what a folly!

Harvin Dhillon said...

LOL read this idiots transcript of what he said at the meeting with US dignitaries... Clearly this mangkuk fler didnt went to any school. No surprise though cause to be a minister in Malaysia you need to get a degree from Universiti Kebangsaan Mangkuk first lol

mahupenjelasan said...

Betul ke sakmongkol kata kau ni kaki b***t,kaki arak dan ekor????Tolong perjelaskan!!!!

nasiru said...

saya setuju apa yang dikatakan anifah tu. kita di malaya ni terutama yg sokong umno dan bn tak berbelah bagi yg anwar mmng durjana.

tetapi msalah akan timbul, bolehkan anifah buktikan di mahkamah yng anwar buat tawaran dpm tu.

kalau anifah ada bukti bertulis atau rakaman suara (walaupun sukar diterima mahkamah, dia memang hebat.

tapi kalau dia takdak bukti, confirm anifah stupid.

apabila dia luahkan perasaannya di washington dan disiar media, saya sudah tidak sedap perut. anwar pasti saman (dia raja saman).

serkarng telahan saya benar.

Anonymous said...

Pasquale, you are doing more damage to Najib and if you could shut your stinky mouth that would do Najib favour.

The way you spin is making Najib worst than BABI, actually I am a strong supporter of UMNO and after reading what you wrote it make me why I am still in UMNO.

nimz said...

I have to say, if YB Anwar really did offer money to Foreign Minister to jump ship, that is really despicable, no better than BN in Perak.

That said, Malaysians of today do not really take things at face value. We will definitely like to see some proof of this allegation. YB Anwar has done what it has to be said none of the VIP's who have come under RPK's firing line has done, which is to sue, claim defamation and set out to prove that he is lying. For that we have to thank YB Anwar for allowing us to see it all out in the open, in a court of law, whether Anifah speaks the truth or lied in front of the USA press.

That said, while Anifah's speech impresses me, I am completely befundled why he talked about this when he was asked only about the sodomy trial; and am even more confused why he brought the Altantuya matter up

Anonymous said...

To fully understand why the Foreigm Minister took up the issue please read the article on Malaysia in the New Yoker by Ian Buruma. Din Merican has carried the article in full in his blog. Thank you Din.Ramalx

Nasi Lemak said...

So many angry posts around the blogs about Anifah and his "big mouth," but no one wants to link it to Anwar's already-launched American-seduction PR campaign. Just read that pandering New Yorker article. The impression I get is Malaysia is a backward neo-theocracy, with UMNO warlords running it to the ground Islamic-fundamentalism style - and Anwar is the sincere, self-doubting "messenger of god" to save the nation. What a load of cock. Sounds just like Ahmed Chelabi when he was bullshitting the Americans into invading Iraq - paint the nation as an American enemy, and they will take notice. BN is suffering from corruption and apathy, yes; Malaysia has alot of socially outdated and ineffective policies, especially race-wise, yes; people are fed up - yes! But framing us as Baath-esque, blind-to-the-world, anti-semetic religious rice-monkeys? Come on. Anwar is a true-blue traitor for going around shitting on Malaysia with such fervor, but it seems so many people want him to do exactly that. Says alot about his supporters and what they sincerely think.

People will believe exactly what they want, to get whatever it they want; that is life. Anwar is just providing himself as a receptacle for our people's projection - using their grouses as his personal platform to be Big Boss of Malaysia. Maybe the people need some kind of figure like that, to embody and fight for their frustrations. But, for the love of God, please know what kind of receptacle you are using. You may not notice it is a toilet bowl.

Nothing Anifah said is new - anyone with a passing interest in Malaysia would have heard the Altantuya accusations (even my American friends have read it in passing somewhere on international news sites, and they don't particularly give a damn about this part of the world). With the New Yorker article, the American intellectual community may now finally have Najib and Malaysia as a dirty blip on the radar. What Anifah did, in the light of this, is in my opinion, appropriate. Good thing Secretary Clinton didn't seem to take too much interest in Anwar personally (while maintaining that America brought up rule of law and due process during discussions). I think she can smell a rat here, especially considering Anwar's escapades with neo-con war-peddlers like Paul Wolfowitz. For my money, she knows how Chelabi played Wolfowitz (perhaps also the other way round), and won't take the risk on another asshole with a personal agenda. And despite his best efforts, Anwar will never be the Aung San Suu Kyi of Malaysia. How can you be, when for the first 2/3 of your career, you were the strongest man in the Junta?

By the way, I fully expect this comment, and others of similar leanings, to be mostly ignored or ridiculed. Right now, the popular thing to do is rubbish the government. All the cool kids are doing it. So will most of their fanboys.

Masked Zorrow said...

Here's something to speculate when YB BABI was in UMNO.

His cash cow was Langhorst, the company that was awarded a billions to develop Putrajaya.

He siphoned the company dry with his wizardry manipulations and now uses his ill gotten gains to whack the hand that fed him.

Still want to trust a thieving poofter?

Anonymous said...

aiyah! why waste money bringing whole entourage to washington to pick a fight with that pr fler...

foreign minster job got to paint nice picture to attract suitors to invest here... brader learn la to cari business not cari pasal.

if die-die also want to whack that pr fler, wait for penanti la... doing it there? wrong time, wrong place la! could cost us immensely too...

Mr.KETAM said...

Salam.. nak minta pendapat tuan tenteng keratan akhbar dibawah,adakah TH dah tersasar daripada landasan nya kerana mengejar keuntungan??

Desak TH turunkan tambang haji
KUALA LUMPUR 17 Mei – Tabung Haji (TH) digesa menimbangkan semula keputusan menaikkan kadar tambang 11 peratus untuk musim haji tahun ini.

Kebanyakan pihak termasuk orang ramai menyifatkan kenaikan itu agak membebankan dalam suasana ekonomi yang tidak menentu ketika ini.

Timbalan Yang Dipertua Persatuan Ulama Malaysia, Datuk Md. Saleh Md. Ahmad berkata, berikutan suasana ekonomi sekarang agak membebankan rakyat, TH perlu mempertimbangkan kenaikan tersebut.

‘‘Kenaikan ini agak membebankan bagi mereka yang berpendapatan rendah, sekarang ini semua kos telah meningkat,’’ katanya ketika dihubungi di sini.

TH dalam kenyataannya kelmarin mengumumkan, kadar bayaran tambang tahun ini akan dinaikkan sebanyak 11 peratus berikutan peningkatan kos yang tidak dapat dielakkan.

Ini bermakna bakal jemaah akan dikenakan bayaran sebanyak RM9,980 seorang berbanding RM8,973 ketika ini.

Sementara itu, Setiausaha Agung Persatuan Pengguna (FOMCA), Muhammad Sha’ani Abdullah berkata, kenaikan perlu berpatutan sekiranya ia tidak dapat dielakkan.

‘‘TH perlu menimbang semula kadar ini dan kalau boleh beri subsidi kepada mereka yang berpendapatan rendah,’’ katanya.

Sementara itu, tinjauan Utusan Malaysia di sekitar Lembah Klang mendapati kenaikan itu mendapat reaksi negatif daripada orang ramai.

Seorang pembantu tadbir Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB), Norani Salleh, 52, menyifatkan kenaikan tersebut terlalu tinggi.

‘‘Sepatutnya jika jika tidak boleh dielakkan, naikkan sedikit demi sedikit,’’ katanya.

Seorang kakitangan awam, Mek Rogayah Hamzah, 53, juga tidak bersetuju bayaran tambang itu dinaikkan berikutan kegawatan ekonomi sekarang.

‘‘Tabung Haji sepatutnya memahami kesusahan rakyat yang terpaksa menanggung beban kos sara hidup yang semakin tinggi,’’ katanya.

Pemilik kedai pakaian, Kamal Bahari Abd. Rashid, 41, pula berkata, kadar tambang tersebut tidak sepatutnya dinaikkan berikutan keadaan ekonomi yang masih tidak stabil.

‘‘Perkhidmatan menunaikan haji sepatutnya tidak dijadikan sebagai perniagaan. TH sepatutnya membantu mereka yang ingin menunaikan haji,’’ katanya.

Pemilik sebuah restoran, Zarina Abdul Hamid, 37, juga berpendapat, kadar baru itu tidak munasabah.

Anwar Anwar said...

Anwar boleh percaya, gajah pun boleh terbang

Anwar boleh percaya, Kit Siang pun boleh jadi Agong

Anwar boleh percaya, tahi pun boleh makan

Anwar, bertaubat lah (seperti diseru oleh Karpal Singh baru -baru ini)

Mr.KETAM said...


Raja Petra’s son pleads guilty to theft

SHAH ALAM: Raja Azman Raja Petra, the 32-year-old son of Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin, pleaded guilty at the Magistrates Court here to four counts of stealing motorbikes, house break-ins and possessing stolen goods.

chaptokam said...

Like Father like Son ? Or is it the other way round ?

Raja Petra's son pleads guilty to four counts of theft
May 19, 09 5:04pm
# The son of controversial blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin pleads guilty at the Shah Alam Magistrate's Court on four counts of theft as well as being in possession of stolen goods.MORE

Stole motorcycle, mobile phone and watch
Bail not posted

Grave Digger said...

It is funny how certain people leave their comments here telling everyone


I wonder what the hell does this stinky chingkies FUCKATAN RIOT supporters trying to do or even to say....

Hahahahah.. naive little chingkies...

Anonymous said...

BN's choice - lose Perak or the peninsula?

We wishfully hope Najib will stand firm on his decision not to call for snap election in Perak. Here we come, Federal Administration in next GE!

An War

nstman said...

Anifah is the worst pathological liar I have ever come across. Pse dont compare him with Anwar, the PM-n-waiting. Understand?

Anti - Talk Cock said...

"His words are the gospel truth! "Well we know, or many of us know that he is a pathological liar, that he has lied so much that he is now not able to tell the real truth from the real wrong!
His other ability is to chide people, and to condescend, and express his sense of superiority towards others. Psychiatrists that I have spoken to said YB BABI is suffering from serious and classic case of a split personality."

You see/speak psychiatrists and you talk to them about Anwar? Your friend or what? And do you actually know what a split personality is or not

The above is not a description of a split personality. The psychiatrist (if she/he exist) is quite lousy. There may be another description but not split personality so did you create this point or what?

"Anifah, from the report that I received, was so refined that even Hilary Clinton was impressed by his demenour as a foreign minister of Malaysia, Someone was overheard saying "at least he has not got Anwar's Arabic English accent!""

What Report? Who, what, where? Don't simply create things lah.....
What special report is this? Why people reporting to you? Who are you?

"YB BABI how dare you asserts that you are the only polished human being that is capable and qualified to talk to foreign dignitaries?"

Where he assert? Please don't simply stay lah, quote him verbatim and show where he assert? Can do this or not?

Otherwise your article talk cock only lah

Patriot said...

Well done Anifah for revealing the mind of BN minister - DPM is a LUCRATIVE post. How long has the patronage system been used to enrich ministers and cronies and bleed the nation.