Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What if someone else with a lot to lose did it!? What if that someone is like YB BABI!

*news update*

RPK is spinning a yarn, a very bad one! For our information the head of ATCK, the military special branch, is Kol Tuan Roslan and his deputy is Lt Kol Rashid and not Lt Kol Azmi Zainal Abidin as alleged by RPK, so he is lying, and so why cant this government deal swiftly with this liar is beyond my understanding, he has definitely lied even in his SD! Delete

What if some one with some influence and has a lot to lose if Najib Tun Razak were to become the next Prime Minister, did it?!
Unfortunately the web of YB BABI's deceits, local and international politics can also been felt in every aspect of Malaysian system, such as in the police force and the armed forces, and even within the special branch.
If I am desperate enough for what ever reason, like YB BABI, to get ahead and to seize power of the country to become the next prime minister I will do anything in my power to achieve this.
Let's us try to think out of the box for once! What if a person like YB BABI knew Razak Baginda, a once a close associate of Najib Razak, the man who would be king so to speak, was having an affair with a Mongolian girl and in a game of chess it would be a good move to kill her and blame Najib. It is that easy!
What if that were to happen and the rest is just to feed the imagination of the people with lies!
If I am Najib or his wife, I would be very stupid to ask a foreigner to be killed by the police's special task force members. or to actually witness the killing of another human being in the dead of a night somewhere in the jungle!?
You know I do not know what has happened to my Malays especially but it appears that they are so gullible enough to believe and yet they are not able to think logically!
Or perhaps Malays are doomed as a race that cannot think rationally, otherwise we will not be in a deep shit situation as a group in this world today
You know what, after this I have no desire to write anything more to convince anyone that Najib, the respectable Prime Minister of Malaysia, and his wife Rosmah, has anything to do with a murder, any murder!

But, if you still want to believe they are involved just go ask YB BABI and RPK and they will tell you to make you happy!


Ray said...

Believe it or not the issue is actually simple, Najib could just sue Anwar and RPK, even all the international press. Bring them to court and just clear his name. Lee Kuan Yew, Kuli, Haji Hadi, all won their cases and got paid handsomely too, not that Najib really need money though.. again just to clear his name, regain his dignity for God sake man...simple!!

Cucu Tok Selampit said...

Indeed true Pasquale. The science fiction story telling must be stop. I also heard that YB BABI killed the Altantunya, and according to his supporters, the burden of proof is on YB BABI, not on me. Right? Gheesh ...

Anonymous said...

Hebat kau Rusdi!!!


Anonymous said...

Those who attack Rusdi are also morons

Bapa moron

Anonymous said...


Perhaps you could correct the error in the rank for ATCK Head - its a full Colonel.

YB BABI gang will surely manipulate this error and hentam u back! Plus, dont want you to make an SD on this one! hehehehe

Wei Liang Goh said...

I am getting very sick of this Anwar & RPK. If they have the evidence, why not reveal them?

Instead of just producing stories after stories or SDs, show us something concrete.

I am tired of all these already. It is time DS Najib stands up and show them that freedom of speech has been abused in Malaysia.

Wei Liang Goh said...

By the way, don't you think it is suspicious?

RPK seems to be shifting the blame towards the camp of one of the most vocal UMNO leader, Tengku Razaleigh.

Everything finger is pointed at Ku Li's camp for credibility, source etc.

I wonder what RPK is doing next. There might be another spin story to disunite UMNO

warigh kito said...

RPK "Rosak Punya Kaum" already tarnished our country name with all his false statement.Instead of sending him to ISA, why don't we sent him to Pulau Jerjak?RPK is a terrorist in writing and he should not become Malaysian citizen.YB BABI also another Israel supporter, should sent him to Palestine and freed the Palestinian.Give both of them a rifle to join the war so both of them can mati syahid....he..he..he

warigh kito said...

Mat Sabu dah kono tangkap.Bilo nak tangkap RPK dgn YB BABI?Duo2 tu lagi penghasut bosar patut sumbek dalam ISA ko,OSA ko apo2 ajolah asalkan aman negaro ni.Selagi 2 orang ni bebas alamat rosaklah bangso,ugamo dan negaro.Satu Malaysia kito tolak mereka....

Anonymous said...

Perhaps RPK was eyewitness??

He seems to know everything, doesn't he? He knows better than the trial judges and lawyers.

Hmmm, one hell of a Mr. Know All 'I' Specialist.


Anonymous said...

Hannibal RPK and Anwar, the back-door enthusiast, will surely be nominated as best actors in the upcoming Acedemy Award. Their roles in the movie 'Malaysian Dumbest Slumdogs' are just amazing.

Anonymous said...

After what happen in ipoh we now know the true babi.

hostage88 said...

The Public is not as stupid as you think.

Najib thinks by keeping quiet, he is innocent.

To the rakyat, withour sueing, Najib is guilty!!!

Enuf said, I would not be surprise if Najib's term last 18 months at most and after that DPM will take over.

Read my lips, Najib will himself be ousted by UMNO Members!!!

Anonymous said...

On the same note Pasquale, what if they WERE involved?

You ask us to believe that they did not do it, just as others ask us to believe they did it. So?

Just as your position is not substantiated, neither is RPK's. So if you tell me not to believe RPK because it is unsubstantiated, why must I believe your unsubstantiated claims either?

Anonymous said...


Are you a terrorist group?

Najib has BETTER things to do than to entertain jokers who have been conning gullible people like your good self - remember 916?

The public? what public?

You some kind of psychic - speaking on behalf of the rakyat.

Read my WORDS (sorry mate, blogs don't allow us to read your lips).

Mr know-all, eh? You need to equip yourself with "managing disappointment skills".

Anonymous said...

Yahoo!!! hujung minggu ni aku balik Bahau. Ada sembelih ayam kampung. Sambil bawak kereta aku akan nyanyi..Beeerkatlah Yang Di Pertuan Besar..Di Negeri Sembiiiiilan.