Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Betrayed by her adopted brother!

Hi below is what has been posted by a news portal Malaysian Instinct (MI)! If what Malaysia Today published in its news portal is "correct" here is, the rebuttal, fair is fair! I didn't even know Rosmah Mansor has a brother, an adopted one that is! I hope MI does not mind publishing the posting! to read the original MI posting please go here!


"We were tipped off this morning on a purported exclusive video that was shown in Malaysia Today, one that is anti Prime Minister and all associated with him.It was no easy task, first to track down the people in the video, and to attempt to reach the subject accused in the same.As it involved the Prime Minister’s wife, Datin Seri Rosmah, we naturally got in touch with her aide. Being told of the extent of the video, Datin Seri Rosmah had initially tried to avoid our direct question, and the most notable one was “Datin, can you confirm that that there is one, Rosmanuddin Mansor who is a subject in the video accusing you of murder?”

And here is the answer.

‘Yes, Rosmanuddin is my brother. I have not seen the video, and am disappointed that these baseless accusations have been hurled to me.’Can you describe your ties with the subjects in the video, namely Mohd Arshat – Your cousin, Induk Leha – An aunt, Datin Che Mah – Adopted Family and Neighbour and Ikmal Hisham – Datin Che Mah’s son?‘I do not have any cousin named Mohd Arshat, or an aunt Induk Leha, Datin Che Mah or even Ikmal Hisham. They could be my mother’s neighbours, but if indeed they were, I wouldn’t know them as I never grew up in my mother’s kampong in Seri Menanti. From a very young age, I was taken to Rembau by my father’

We traced Rosmanuddin’s address to your house address in Langgak Duta. Can you elaborate on this?

‘As he is my adopted brother (adopted by my parents since he was 12 days old, as he was a baby handed to my parents in the estate clad in a batik cloth), I took it on myself to help him as much as I could. I loved him. My husband even loves his children as his own, so much so that we extended our home to him and his family due to his inability to offer the same to his family. In fact I even gave him an apartment behind the mall. I cannot explain these accusations, and I am deeply hurt that this has come from someone whom I consider very close to me’Has Rosmanuddin profited from your name or Datuk Seri Najib’s position and why did he claim that he had to leave the country fearing your backlash?‘I have never got myself involved in whatever accusations these people continue to hurl at me. And finding out that Rosmanuddin had in fact used our names, I continued to try to help him, but by manipulating our reputation, he has crossed the line.In his endeavours, he has also crossed many people and these people now know that my name as well as Datuk Seri’s has been made used off. I cannot help him now and have told him so.’

In the video, you have been accused of abandoning your children from your previous marriage, what do you have to say to this?

‘(Heavy sigh) Rosmanuddin is responsible for spreading these lies, and this has caused a wedge between my daughter and I. I do not wish to elaborate on this as it involves the very people I love and respect. All I can say is that it is untrue (about my abandoning my children). A mother never leaves her own. I am sorry, but I think I have tried very much to help you do your job (in answering these questions) and I hope you respect that these are very personal matters, and very disturbing developments to me. Thank you.’Naturally, the questions and answer came to an end amidst the heavy air of betrayal.

The continued demonizing of both the Prime Minister and his wife seem to emerge one after another.

Our efforts also got us in touch with an aide of the Prime Minister. Preferring to be unnamed, she elaborated on the use of Datuk Seri’s personal house address as Rosmanuddin’s own, as well as numerous occasions when Rosmanuddin was the reason for certain unwanted visitors.

What good journalist do is to continue to search for the truth. And we aim to do that.

- Janie G / PJ Moorthy – Malaysia-Instinct"


Warga Gedung Lalang ...../50 said...

Good explanation from barking magpie.Orang-orang yg ada dalam video tersebut telah memalukan seluruh warigh2 Gedung Lalang.Kenapa Ikmal Hisham,Datin Che Mah,Induk Leha nak buruk2kan Datin Rosmah pulak?Ini sebab dengki dengan dia sampai sanggup buat video dan jadi tali barut Raja Petra penderhaka tu.Datin Rosmah tak kenal pun sapa2 dlm video tu kecuali adik angkat dia.Tapi adik angkat dia dah jadi barua burukkan Datin Rosmah sebab ada permintaannya tak dipenuhi.Rumah saya belakang Sekolah KGV dan tak pernah dengar cerita sebegini buruk tentang Datin Rosmah.Ini hanyalah cubaan orang2 yg dengki tak sudah2 dengan Datin Rosmah.Datin Che Mah ni pun banyak juga kisah dia kalau nak kita bentangkan.Tapi kita bukan jenis nanusia yg suka mengaibkan orang apatah lagi dalam masalah peribadi.Apa Ikmal Hisham dapat buat video ni???Banggalah kamu dapat burukkan kisah orang sedangkan kisah keluarga kamu sendiri diperkatakan orang di Gedung Lalang.

Anonymous said...

For your info Ikmal Hisham is a bankrupt

another warga gedong lalang

siti aurora said...

anak angkat jenis macam ni elok campak dalam bara api jee.. biar dia training utk masuk neraka.

Anonymous said...


Sad matter of affairs....

Both sides deserve sympathy for their suffering....

Nevertheless, also Sad for Malaysia... As NEVER in the History of Malaysia has the Public been exposed to perpetual attacks on the Wife of a Malaysian Prime Minsiter!!

We should now truly appreciate the dignified and unassuming nature of the wives of our PREVIOUS Prime Minsiters and their Families....

Joe Black

Anonymous said...

Joe Black,

If I ask you whether you know Rosmah Mansor personally chances are you have not met her.
While previous PMs may have their proverbial "good wives" Rosmah personify that modern emancipated woman, well educated who does not have any qualm expressing thought that can be heartening for a PM's wife. Malaysian, especially the Malay males like their wives to be subservient well Rosmah has shown that she can be all, but definitely not totally subservient, the woman got chutzpah just accept it ya all!

Enlighten Woman of Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

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