Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hey guys there is a new kid in town....Malaysian Mirror!!

A breath of much needed fresh air!

I was going through the blogsite and lo and behold I found a new site called Malaysian Mirror and you know what it is so refreshing and so upbeat.
A story on our First Lady Rosmah Mansor, in this new site, is being given a new perspective or a new angle. Finally Rosmah is portrayed as a progressive person rather than a man eater, murderer and many more negative adjectives about the wife of our Prime Minister. Read more here if you want.....
The other day in a cafe I was with Rocky (a friend, could be anybody) I overheard a group of somewhat middle age women talking about "Rosmah tu terok kesian Najib" , well I had to ask them whether they were referring to Rosmah Mansor and one very rich looking woman, obviously a parvenu, said "Yes!".
Then I asked whether anyone of them knows Rosmah personally or having a personal contact with her for them to come out with such a comment, and they all said, almost unanimously "No we have not!".
So I asked why are they attacking her as though they know her well, they said "actually we don't know, we are sorry if she is your friend". So I told them I do not know Rosmah personally and I can never said bad things about people that I do not know!
Rocky was kicking me hard under the table, because knowing me, he said, he was afraid I was going to tell them "old female goats" to go to hell. No Rocky I am not that bad, just piss off with people and their inability to think rationally.


Anonymous said...

i'm not sure how long i have to wait till someone comments about Datin Rosmah's hair. sometimes it's ok, but most of the time, i think it makes her look like a pharoah.

Pasquale said...

This is our biggest problem that is we want our leader to be perfect, and if Rosmah wears tudung I am sure some one wil comment and if her hair is like the "pharoah" we are not comfortable! How about if I don't comment on you hair you leave others alone?! May be with a hair like that she is a nice person? But of course who ever you are you already have a pre-conceived notion about her right?! Hey that is a problem you yourself have to resolve on your own.

Sra said...

Dear Barking Magpie,

Based on your writing, you seem to have known quite well Datin Seri Rosmah and have been defending against any personal attack on her. You have the right to do that and it is morally right for you to state "...never said bad things about people that I do not know!"

However, the public's perception of Datin Seri Rosmah has been poor even before Dato Seri Najib bacome a PM. Just to relate a story to you that even a high rank officer of a GLC company who used to have dealings with Datin Seri Rosmah talked bad things about her. I just heard about it and keet it to myself as you said no evidence presented to me at that time.

I think her public perception has been improving. If I were to compare on her effort as 'the 1st lady' between her and the late Endon. I would prefer Datin Seri Rosmah's mission in dealings with children as compared to Batik. I believe that the public perception on her will change and it is a matter of time. The most important thing how Datin Seri Rosmah handles the situation.

Thank you, Wassalam
Srazali Aripin

Anonymous said...

hooray, datin has you as a supporter. thats always a start

Anonymous said...


for all you know, these "old female goats" husbands' are among the rent seekers that got big contracts via their (the husbands') close link with the people in the inner circle of the PM.

even those that are close to the inner circle of DSRM and the PM are now starting to show their mettle. if this culture continues, i felt sorry for umno. the PM i hope, does not make the same mistake as the previous PakLah in letting his cronies and kins running the show.

some people will never change.

Dont Drink and Drive said...

The Malaysian way of mengumpat always astonish me. But (maybe just coincidental) we always hear them speaking loudly in public. I wish I had the balls to converse with them such as you did pasquale but some times I just hate ignorant people (even the yuppies). The problem here is that they fail to see that the one that matters is DNTR not his wife, although first ladies plays an important role the critical role is always the PM's role. Take the ultimate hindustani hero of Malaysian political drama AI, I was sad when they interviewed his wife and she cried with her daugther beside her. I am human and could understand. But seems that any opposition supporter makes it a sport to condemn every single thing done by non opposition members. When they find out the true colour of opposition baru la nak menangis tak berlagu. Read some where Hindraf (that illegal group) will protest in front of DAP office due to high chapparal issue in Penang, (what?!! I thought the Lim family can fix everything what??) opps cannot this sirrrr because follow court ruling. Wahhh if BN use court ruling then not helping the people but Mr Lim follow law then must follow because rule of law.

Anonymous said...

Opposition can start whatever trend they want. That is their right. Furthermore, all over the wold, oppositions always on the attacker's sides. Meaning, big-time opposition need to turn all and sundry matters into ill repute.

Low Income Dude said...

We have all these different medias - blogs, paper, tv...and don't forget - the most famous & most influential of all media = gossip...haha

Anonymous said...

paquale, whoever you are, that was so hilarious and that is what your audacious clone Rusdi would do. But of course you are NOT him, you only look like him, sound him but ... Keep it up. You are the last comic standing!

Anonymous said...

Dear Malaysian friends,

Let DS Rosmah Mansor, wife of our PM does her job for the good of Malaysia. Do not judge or prejudge her, based on look and alleged accusations by her enemy or her husband's enemy.

We know, "No enemies would speak well of us." So leave the enemies alone in the cold and focus on what DS Rosmah Mansor is doing good for our Country, especially during this hard time. There is enough fighting among party members in the country already and we need not have to add fuel to fire.

There is a time to fight; there is a time to work.

Now is the time to work as one, to save Malaysia.