Thursday, June 18, 2009

If Umno is racist, then what about racist MCA, Gerakan, DAP and Chinese Educationist?!

Blast from the past, Najib flanked by Nazri Aziz and another Umno Youth member before entering TPCA

Lee Kim Sai told to be sacked, he must have done something really bad to multi-racial Malaysia, in fact I know he did and I support Umno for its stance on the issue!

Did anybody ever bother to ask why Umno Youth, or the Malays behave the way they did in 1987. It was triggered by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, who was a Minister of Education at that time, whose policy on the Chinese education issue where non-Malays were to teach at Chinese school on certain subject (correct me if I am wrong) which had led to a massive friction in the country that also led to a massive rally at a Chinese temple attended by all the CPM or Chinese Party of Malaysia -- that is MCA, DAP and Gerakan and the Chinese educationist??!!

During that meeting, the police have the transcript, you should hear what racist Lee Km Sai among them, who was MCA Youth leader (correct me again if I am wrong) had uttered so many racist remarks about the Malays and the Sultan and the whole Malay system.

Lee Kim Sai was equally racist and for that reason he was stripped of his Datukship. No racists remarks were started by gthe Malays it has always been started by the Chinese. Again the Malays can never started anything so despicable as to create chaos in the country, we must always remember this, and I challenge anyone to say that the Malays were always the one who started any racial sentiment that led to bigger problem.

So in the case of 1987 at the Chinese temple, what were they (Umno leaders to be specific) to do in view of racist remarks made about the Malays? But to hold another rally at TPCA, of course.

I am pretty sure it was Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim who recommended the rally at TPCA when Najib took over as an acting Umno Youth leader.
My point is this, it was always Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim who had caused all of these political commotions and upheavals that have led the country to be astrayed from its original aim, that is to live peacefully and harmoniously among races.

My point is, it has always been this man Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, who creates havoc when he was in and when he is out. Don't ever forget this!


Cucu Tok Selampit said...

Gee, I forget the history. Its Brother Anwar again. Gee.

NgehNga said...

Tq for the highlight. This is the self-centered sodomist opposition leader's style of politics - to capitalize at the expense of the Rakyat. Telling different versions of same story to dirrefent crowds. This snake should not be allowed to continue what he is doing. For the sake of our country, race & religion, can somebody stop him?

Anonymous said...

Pasquale I saw Haris Ibrahim blogsite and I was wondering why does this man hate Umno so much that he refused to say what made Umno Youth reacted so hard on MCA, what Malaysians did do not know is what Lee Kim Sai, Lim Kit SWiang and other Chinese leaders said at the Chinese Temple prior the outburst by the Malay, as represented by Umno Youth!!
I dare someone to write about it, biut I can assure you if you are a Malay listening to this will make you want to do what was suggested to the Chinese! Trust me I was there!

Ex-SB guy covering that event ( a Chinese, trust me, I am!)

Anonymous said...

I heard from reliable sources Brother Anwar is also responsible for El Nino and its cousin El Nina. In fact my trusted sources are more than willing to provide SDs to prove that Brother Anwar is responsible for all the problems the world is facing. Don't ever forget this! He's a friend of the Jews remember?


Anonymous said...

I saw the posting below in Rocky's blog.

If this one is true, then what about your earlier claims that you are not Rusdi? And what about the 'apology' you wrote to Rusdi?

If you are not honest then, how can we think that you are now 'alim' and sudah 'bertaubat'?

Are you such a conniving and selfish person to mislead the rakyat for your own needs or to serve your racist political masters?

And you dare call others morons?
It takes one to recognise another is it?

Apa ini? Give us a break lah. Dont give the crab by saying this is your blog and you can do as you please - like bluffing, impersonating, denying that you are a worse racist than the so called 'pendatangs' etc.

You are a shame indeed. Not all Malays are like you. The true Malays have dignity and high values that are respected by Malaysians of other ethnic origins.


Pasquale said...
Rocky I might as well come out clean now, here goes: Yes, yes, yes Pasquale of Barkingmagpie is indeed RUSDI MUSTAPHA, are you all happy now! Yes, yes, yes!

9:06 AM

Anonymous said...

Why was Lim Kim Sai not arrested under ISA but the opposition MP's ? If he and Anwar was to be blamed then they should have been ISAed. Trust the BN government to make a fair decesion but that is not the BN way to arrest their own shit strirrers

I remember 1987 very clear

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I wondered then why Anwar escaped Ops Lalang. I remember clearly he was also making incendiary satements (can't remember the details)that contributed to the tense environment.

There's no need to describe what the Chinese political leaders said; one can go to the archives and read what The Star was reporing and commenting then.

On hindsight, without Ops Lalang, we would probably have had another May 13.

We make fun of things when we are ignorant of history. If we truly love this country of ours, irresective of our political inclinations, I would suggest people who like to look at one side of events and make light of the threats similar events/episodes can have on the fate of our nation, to seriously familairize themselves with and understand the history of our country.


Anonymous said...

If only one hand clap, nothing is produced. You can't create sound without subjecting to process of action and reaction.

If two hands clap then you can hear the sound. In other words, if a group of hands go on top of the others and start the pinching but as long as the one at bottom do not react, the one at the top won't feel the sore.

Practically, it is not easy for those who were suffering to show reactionary response unless its move to the top. If that is not the case, you will not see commotion and chaos but instead you will see peace and harmony.


Anonymous said...

I think its time that the young generation be given a chance to lead the country. Every time we hear the same old stories. I dont know whether you have heard of Wenger Khairy, he can be rude and arrogant at times, but his articles are very good and can help the country move forward.

KJ Supporter

Anonymous said...

I think its time that the young generation be given a chance to lead the country. Every time we hear the same old stories. I dont know whether you have heard of Wenger Khairy, he can be rude and arrogant at times, but his articles are very good and can help the country move forward. KJ Supporter June 21, 2009 2:05 PM"

It is inevitable that the younger generation will take over, but the question is are they well versed of what the country stand for and are they ready to continue the struggle? Must always remember that while we want to forge ahead we must not compromise the spirit of our founding fathers!
Always remember that we can also make money by being a prostitute! It depends on ow you want to make your money!

Anonymous said...

Najib should be the only one to apologize to all Malaysian Chinese for what he had done and said in 1987. Period & full stop!

Pasquale said...

"Najib should be the only one to apologize to all Malaysian Chinese for what he had done and said in 1987. Period & full stop!June 24, 2009 6:02 PM"

Hey moron are you having a learning difficulty?! Najib did not say what you believes he said, it is in the Hansard go check it out. Yes Najib should apologise to all communities if he did something wrong as a Prime Minister but what he said inh 1987 in defence of the Malay rights did not equalled to what Le Kim Sai said about the Malays and the Rulers, Kim Sai should apologise, and Najib need not apologize for something hew did not say, come out of your racist and parochial thinking....He DID NOT SAY IT!!!