Saturday, June 20, 2009

Malaysia has 90 days to comply with the US request...!

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Malaysia has ninety days to correct the problem faced by the country on human trafficking.
The United States government has placed Malaysia on a Tier 3 of its Trafficking in Persons blacklist. We are placed or lumped together with 16 other countries, including six newly listed African countries for being notoriously not doing really much to combat slavery and the scourge of human trafficking.

Sources at the US Embassy said there is a need for the Malaysian government to do more than just lip service in so far as combating human trafficking problem is concerned .

While acknowledging past efforts to combat the problem, reports that the US government received has placed Malaysia in jeopardy and has since inadvertently being lumped into the list of notorious countries involved in human slavery.

Sources who insisted on remaining anonymous said Malaysian authority cannot come out with press statement such as " we are doing all we can on human trafficking" but must be seen doing it".

"I has to be more than that. We know that there is money involved in such trafficking but to be a credible and respectable country we must also be able to be seen as a compassionate nation. What we read in the media about arrest and such is just the tip of the iceberg," added the sources.

It appears that the US government is bent on stamping out slavery and human trafficking as one of its priorities and being this country's biggest trading partner we must be aware that being blacklisted as a human trafficker country we also run the risk of being placed under US strict trade sanction and other sanctions on other bilateral agreement between the two countries.

The Third Tier placement on Malaysia was based on a report made between March 2008 and March 2009, before Najib Tun Razak became the country's sixth prime minister.

It was also learnt that the US government has forwarded a letter of request to Najib urging him to use his office to instruct relevant authorities and ministries to be more diligent in combating human trafficking in 90 days or forever we will be condemned!


Anonymous said...

I just want to add for the so many ignorant racist Malaysian Pasquale included that our recent visitor's (LKY) from our neighbouring country's countryman can enter USA without pri-Visa application.

Malaysia have to make an application, Q-up at the embassy for an interview and pay a fee of RM430 to get their passport stamped and approved before they can enter US.

I am one of those who had dumped the Msia blue IC & passport for exchange of an SG hazel free SG passport.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.25, Good riddance to bad rubbish,Please don not evr be back agin even for CNY.
anon ex sgp

Anonymous said...

Why are the Home minster and staff not addressing the problem ?
THE usa must be thanked as it has waked up and woken up the authorities.
The open sky policy,cheap airfare online booking and 23 million target tourists (by all the ministers of touring from Kadir azlina and NYY) have been blinding everyone with bright glittery to the obvious risks.
We are the most naive people when dealing with foreigners...
We get weak knees and dizzy when a senior member of the a foregn government insults us while on malaysian soil and goodwill.
And no one in the national security council wants to take a swipe at d 3.1 million foreigners in the country.
700 iranians students insulted us by doing a demo against their country elections result.
Time and time again we read abt african with black money scams.Time and again we read about GROs from China getting caught doing selling business at night.
See Petaling street KL, Pudu KL,Selayang KL,Chow Kit KL,big problem.Senator Minister of Wilayah Perseketuan Nong CHik said we need foreigners who will work becus no Malaysian want certain jobs.
He is naive becuz foreigners, are carpet sellers, shop assistants, black money, "permanent students",con men and con women.
Some folks from Madras jest come to ampang point to look for job in curry house etc..
From Ampang Point to Bukit belacan and its surroundings there so so many foreigners, manay of whow are jobless but shop at hypermarkets anf the KL bus es are full of loud foreigners who dont respect locals.
I call on The PM to be realistic.
The new economic model will send the foreigners home.
But 90 days will cure the problems we created ourselves.
Mah ngah tong.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.25 you are spot on.

What is wrong with our government, why is our neighbour SG doing so well & why can't Malaysia? Looks like Malaysia is getting from bad to worst and no one in the government has a clue.

Anonymous said...

Who said Our government is not helping foreign workers. Bring the US to the street in front of Low Yat Plaza. Our Bandaraya has gone out of the way to provide special stalls so that foreigners can do business in Malaysia.never mind the Malaysians . How can the US make such an accusation gainst us. What is Wismaputra doing.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia will never look good in the eyes of the Yanks. Our Bad Publicity Manager, Brudder Anwar is constantly feeding them with the wrong amunition.

But in all likelihood, the Yanks must have downgraded Malaysia because we really cannot deny our people smuggling capabilities.

We recently smuggled RPK into Australia.


Rocky's Bru said...

Someone should ask former Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar ...

siti aurora said...

90 DAYS? SO WHAT! who made the US world police? don't acknowledge their power cause it just adds up to their ignorance.

Anonymous said...

The Indonesian maids are part of slavery too - bonded slavery, that is.
Yes, many of you will get excited and start thinking how 'nice' you have been treating your Indon maids all this while - 'like part of the family', 'buy nice things for them', 'the kids love them/treat them like 2nd moms', 'we take her to our holidays too', bla bla, so on and so forth.
Truth is, the maids are maids, they are employees and NOT supposed to be part of the family.
Here, they don't get off days, no EPf & Socso and zero benefits, all these years. Thank God the Govt recently announced that the maids will get some too.
It's unfortunate that they aren't as well-educated, if at all, like their Filipino counterparts who are firm in getting the weekends off, among other things. I'm not sure about other benefits, though.
I've heard so many of my friends complaining/griping/bitching about how 'ungrateful', 'problematic', 'evil', etc, etc their Indon maids were. Yes, there are those who were not so honest and clean, to say the least, but in most cases, these friends don't and never realised that they were the ones who caused their maids to lose it and start giving them problems.
They think their maids are machines - used every day, round-the-clock, no daily time out, hardly allowed to socialise (especially when the house is big and sits a distance away from the neighbours... the worst are apartments/condos), 'sub-let' to relatives, colleagues or friends, zero access to Indo embassy/women's organisation/NGO for maids/etc to voice out their complaints/grouses/enquiries etc etc...
The thing is, you mostly-stupid, ignorant, heartless and arrogant aunties and uncles, the maid DOESN'T want to be substitute parents to your fucking kids (heck, she has her own kids for shit's sake), the maid DOESN'T want to follow you to your vacations/balik kampungs ALL the time and be maids to your in-laws/parents/whoever, the maid DOESN'T want to touch your filthy skin and massage you, the maid feels you should wash your stupid cars and stinking dogs YOURSELF, you ball-less men.
Hoi, they are human. Not mere tools, bodoh!
I hope our Government will do more to protect the Indonesian maids here. Amen.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 1.14. Great stuff and spot on and the truth speaks.
Mah Ngah Tong

Anonymous said...

anon 4.25 I'm glad you got your m'sian ic disposed of and replaced with the stupid 'hassel-free' sing passsport. Hear that? STUPID! goodbye. don't ever come back again.One less rascist to worry about.