Sunday, June 07, 2009

Mr Rusdi Mustapha we apologise to you and your family from the bottom of our heart!

I was alerted by a friend on my posting being re-produced by Malaysia Today (MT) but citing one Mr Rusdi Mustapha as the writer and MT, also without thinking, had used picture of what we believed to be of Mr Rusdi and his family.

Now, MT has done something that I don't think serious bloggers should do. I was also alerted by a friend that another blogger had also assume I Pasquale of Barking Magpie is Mr Rusdi. There was a picture of him by a river. Let me again say that Pasquale is not Mr Rusdi Mustapha and I apologise to you sir for being dragged into this insane ""whirlpool.

Now as a blogger I have also received many tips and pictures, and testimonials that I find to be very personal and I was not be tempted to use them for the sake of a few extra hits.

I also have testimonies from different people who claimed about how a very famous blogger had brought them to his house to have sex with his wife. In the fit of my anger I could have reproduced the testimonies but I did not.

A warden of a prison in Negeri Sembilan also called me and said a son of this famous blogger who is a leader of a gang, even in prison, is also a hired killer. This blogger's son also comes with many tattoo on his body and that I should expose this blogger complete with the many pictures of his son given to me, and I on both occasion I said "No I will not do it, it is not fair!"

If anyone wants to bring some young boys to his house to have sex with his wife while he watches that is what he had to do in private I will not interfere. (Pasquale can still write and reproduced the testimonies but that will be just like MT, and I will not go that road).

When Raja Petra son was sentenced to jail many anti-RPK friends smses me or called me to go out to town with severe postings on him and I said "No we must not gain from other people's misery, we may also have our own children " and Pasquale did not exploit the situation.

But when MT owned by RPK published a picture of Mr Rusdi and his family (I have to assume the picture is indeed of Mr Rusdi) with so many disparaging comments made on the family I thought to myself "RPK you and your family probably deserve all the bad luck that you will get or already have!"

Mr Rusdi Mustapha I, and my staff, apologise for the inconvenience caused to you and your family. Thank You!


Goh Wei Liang said...

Ever wondered if Pakatan Rakyat really understand the meaning of freedom of expression ?

These people are acting like thugs, intimidating and bring defamation to the faces of Malaysians who speak out against them.

Find any blog that speaks out against the Opposition. These bloggers will get slapped left and right with profanities, rough words, accusations and provocative statements.


Imagine what our country will be like one day when Pakatan Rakyat hold power. I bet my last dollar that freedom of expression will be far worse off than under Barisan Nasional.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from MT (as well as Malaysian Insider)? It should be already evident by now that their agenda is to create instability in the country and in other people's lives (notably those in the government and pro-government blogs), and they will continue to so...

Pasquale the cencalok maker said...


Are you really in Najib's office? Aren't you a real estate agent in KL? BTW I am also Pasquale but only a cencalok maker from Melaka.

Have no fear with the antics of Raja Petra. By doing so, Raja Petra is showing that he is a no class of an anak raja. His acting true to himself as a a typical runaway convict.

But for Din merican to join the fray?

Why did Din Merican, a scholarly of a man, though he has the verbal ability of a Kedah kampung peasant, has to stoop so low?

This is the man slotted for the top post of Sime Darby but luck was not in his favour. He was bitter about losing out.

His reaction for losing out of the race is by rubbishing others as corrupt. The CEO position should have been him. He is God's gift to the nation. Mind you, he played golf with Tun Razak.

The problem with Din Merican then was his personality. He is an arrogant, stern and demeaning character. That would enable him to tame his office but that is not the way to put the organisation forward.

If Din Merican believes himself as the saviour of the nation, why is he tolerant of Khalid? The man is corrupt, corporate back stabber, and a conniving sonofabitch.

At late his age, Din was practically living in a suit case at a fairly classy hotel but seedy by reputation in Subang Jaya. He was lecturing in Cambodia and that enable him to pass off as an intellectual.

He or his family split ways in a bad way. He revealed in his blog that he just got married with a dentist and their pictures were on his blog recently.

Since joining PKR, his blogs have been reduced to purging dirt and garbage. No more the great exchanges between him and Bakri Musa.

If Din Merican wants to play garbage, so lets do so.

His present wife is that dentist friend of Azalina from their University Malaya days and embroiled together in a court case trying to fix up the former DG of Tourism Dato Mirza.

Why are they fixing the Dato? Azalina was getting even with him for rejecting a suggestion by Pak Lah to have "girl-friend" Michelle Yeoh to be Torism Ambassador for Malaysia. Yeoh was not suitable for the tourism market and rejected.

It seems father Dato Said had also received rejection for some tourism project from the same Dato.

Caution to everyone. Never get in the way of pondan and lesbo. I am wondering whether Din's new wife is straight. Oh yes, don't forget Din's present boss too. By July we will confirm his gayity.

I am sure Din Merican will be by his wife's side fighting corruption. The problem is the corrupt is not that Dato but his wife's good friend.

Anonymous said...

The Parti Kelentong Rakyat supporters are desperados and will simply create a stir without any after thoughts.

There is nothing constructive in their agenda except grapevine news, criticism and gossips.

Why can't they use their small brains to spur the economy, like pushing market indicies up?

Nah.... that's using their brains a bit too far.


Anonymous said...

Pasquale tgis is from The "thirteen million plus ringgit" guy rambles...below is what he wrote:

Raja Petra techno-cyber-terrorism has gone far too much!

Raja Petra Kamaruddin went way across the line. This time, he promoted the exposure of a blogger, former journalist Rusdi Mustapha, who was alleged to be another blogger. Despite not having a formal ‘code of conducts’ for bloggers, this act of exposing a blogger and damning the privacy of his family is really low.

Previously, Raja Petra has been proven to be a cyber anarchist armed for a wicked agenda laced with malice as a blogger. Then, as an incurable compulsive liar. Now, he is helping the promotion to drag the innocence of a blogger’s family private life into the public domain, with a tinge of soaring hatred to a man and his family and inevitably, not only violating the privacy of his family but endangering them. Especially, it is proven amongst the supporters of Pakatan Rakyat have the tendency to resort to brutal tactics and barbarism of their brand of politics.

We are not sure what Rusdi or any of his family members did to the supporters of former power-abuse-convict Anwar Ibrahim or the Drama King himself. However, it is alleged that he is another critical blogger. If anyone were to go through Rusdi’s blog, Seri Menanti, it is all about his Endeavour as a private citizen and his family enjoying the nature and beauty of what this great nation has to offer.

Rusdi did nothing to Raja Petra or other bloggers like Sakmongkol or Din Marican. Infact, when Raja Petra’s son was convicted for several counts of thefts, Rusdi did not raise the matter and kept on blogging on his private moments with his family and his proud kampung.

We totally agree with Rusdi. If these promoters and supporters of newly acquired fashion cyber anarchism in Malaysia wants bloggers like Pasquale, then they should go after Pasquale. We are not sure how Rusdi can be linked to Pasquale.

What has been demonstrated here is a serious precedence. Previously, bloggers sternly criticize the Government for intending to ‘punish errant’ bloggers. Today, we see how bloggers ‘punish’ innocent bloggers and damn their family into dangerous territories. Some really gullible-freaked-out-Opposition-promoted-radicalism alternative addict could simply do very nasty things to a blogger’s family just about anywhere. Suddenly, these totally innocent people got themselves exposed to threats against their right as a citizen and person, by people who ’subjected their judgment’ based on writings which cyber anarchists like Raja Petra promoted

This is far too much! Bloggers are behaving far worse than the people they criticize; the politicians. At least, politicians don’t submit their ‘targets’ families in their character assassination. In fact, politicians who turned bloggers constantly remind bloggers to behave themselves. This is typical behaviour of people who arrogantly defend the ‘brutality’ of Opposition politicians and their unprincipled struggle to power; soaring hatred and wedging the harmony which was painfully put in place for the betterment of this tanahair.

This new but rapidly growing culture of bloggosphere-cannablism is then armageddon of the alternative media, which has so much potential to be the ‘check and balance’ of Malaysian politics, especially the tactics of obliterating the family on top of their mark.

Marking Bagpie said...


It is very obvious that you, that "Pasquale the cencalok maker" as well as "anonymous of June 08, 2009" are one and the same person. Simple to deduct: the occasional grammar errors here and there, plus the fact that all three are commenting on DIVERSE topics and not once touching the original subject. It is as though Pasquale the original writer has a lot to write about but refuse to do it using the same nickname. And thus the penyamaran. That being the case, it needs more than just a page to convince us that you are not Rusdi Mustaffa. (say, for example, a picture, perhaps?)

Anyway, I support your battle against Ayah-Mithali RPK. Keep it up. Don't censor, but publish this one, will you? Or you'd have one more supporter less!

Marking Bagpie.

Obefiend said...

RPK publishes anything that you sent to him. even if it's a lie. he will never check his sources. you sent him the dirt and he will publish it for you. seriously. you should try it

hey i should know coz i sent him the "police" beating a rapist video. he took my bait and he is now the laughing stock of malaysia.

i did it just to proof a point. lets see how he will spin it now.

din merican said...

Pasquale the cencalokmaker,

You obviously do not know me personally and you surprise me with your statement that I am "an arrogant, stern and demeaning character", but I take that comment as a compliment. In truth I am not what you make me out to be because I have not forgetten my roots as I was born in Guar Chempedak, Kedah of low middle class family.

Life has always be a struggle for me. I have always worked hard for everything I got and connections and a crony to none. In Malaysia, it is know-who, not know-how that gets to you to be a top honcho in government or glcs. Yes, I never reached the top, but I am certainly not bitter. I am an optimist by nature.

BTW, I never had the honour of playing golf with Tun Razak. I played golf with Tun Dr. Ismail Tun Abdul Ghaffar, Broery Marantika and Arnold Palmer who were very good golfers.

Yes,I am a card carrying member of Parti KeADILan Rakyat and admire and respect Anwar Ibrahim as the man who would be Prime Minister, inshaAllah. I try to explain our struggle for change and have never used uncouth words like Babi in my writings. Please read my blog carefully.

I never claimed to be an intellectual, but I do read a lot about economics, history, politics,and philosophy and try to do that critically. Intellectuals are writers, thinkers, and philosophers and I am neither of these. But I am a concerned citizen who loves his country and will speak up when I see things are not the way they should be. I hold people entrusted with power and responsibility to account. I have reserve the harshest of comments for our current crop of leaders for what they are doing now. If I am demeaning on this account, that is fine too.

With regard to my exchanges with Dr. Bakri Musa, I stopped since I have a blog of my own (since November, 2007) and also because I do not wish to draw my good friend in Silicon Valley, California into our political games. Bakri remains independent and is, therefore, able to criticise both the government and the opposition. But we do stay in touch via e-mail and I do post his articles on my blog from time to time.

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and I go a long way and we both shared a common boss, Tun Ismail Md. Ali. I think, he is doing a good job as Menteri Besar of Selangor. He is a very hard working man who is open to criticisms and I always share my views, impressions and thoughts with him. It was Tan Sri Khalid who introduced me to Anwar Ibrahim and was honoured when the Leader of the Opposition persuaded me to join his cause in September, 2007. The Menteri Besar of Selangor is a very good listener. I respect his status and know how difficult his job is after years of corrupt MatTysonism and Toyolism in Selangor.

I do not know why my wife Dr. Kamsiah should be drawn into this discourse. All the fitnah about her is baseless and I should know since I am with her all the time after work and at home. She has a solid reputation as a professional dentist in private practice, and in the course of her work she meets and knows a lot of people, including Azalina, lesbians, gays,bisexuals and straights. She is not bothered with one's sexual preference. She is bound by hippocratic code just like any other practicing doctors.

If you don't mind, I am posting your comments and my response in my blog, Take care, pal. Be of good cheer.--Din Merican

Anonymous said...

His present wife is that dentist friend of Azalina ???!!!from their University of Malaya days and embroiled together in a court case trying to fix up????!!! the former DG of Tourism Dato Mirza.Why are they fixing the Dato????!!!!!!

Hey bozzo Pasquale the cencalokmaker, get your facts right la, she is just a prosecution witness n not fixing up Dato Mirza nor anybody.

Pasquale the cencalok maker said...

anonymous of June 08, 2009

Please do not copy my occasional grammatical error.

Marking Bagpie

Thanks for alerting me of imposters passing off as Pasquale the cencalok maker from Ujung Pasir, Melaka.

din merican

Is that really you? Din Merican should come with capital D and M. You are a fake.

Pasquale the cencalok maker said...

Anon June 08, 2009 11:58 AM

Please do not copy my occasional grammatical error.

Read properly la. Sapa tuduh bini Din Merican fix Dato Mirza na. Kawan bini dia la.

Omigod, do they have illiterate as PKR cybertroopers?

Anonymous said...

Amboi din, tau pulak jangan kaitkan bini. I thought there is no rules in war ala PKR @PR.

The thing is din, your camp started this trend demonizing everyone including family so ok la tu org korek pasal your wife. True or not, should we care?


Anonymous said...

btw, pls come forward and show urself & tell it to the world rpk is one fucking liar or u could be just another one of the hundred of anon najib ass-kisser bloggers.

aiyomanaboleh said...

So isn't it time to show your identity?

Not to us but to those who have taken the rap for you.

Anonymous said...


good job. Now we know, the people in MT are a bunch of zombies. Takin things without checkin and if u tell them monkeys are gods, i wont be surprised they will sembah the monkeys til kingdom comes.

Good job Obefiend. I have to say that was genius, hilarious and that could be a world record for 'punking' the the most people in one time.


Anonymous said...

Bunch of cicakmen doing the breakdance talk on the ceiling up size down. Morons!

din merican said...

Dear Pasquale,
I have deleted my thread linking you to Rusdi recently since you told me that you are not Rusdi. Please delete your comments on me from this page and we will go our separate ways with no hard feelings. I am personally sorry if I have in any way inconvenienced you. Kind regards, Din Merican

Anonymous said...

What is this mistaken identity about?...din merican mistook Pasquale as Rusdi and Rusdi as Pasquale.
Problem is din merican himself plays around with his own name, sometimes it is dinobeano and pop comes out his picture with his loving wife under the name dinobeano. Then sometimes it is din merican with a photograph of his own and sometimes without a picture. Why not Pasquale and Rusdi post their pictures on the blog to convince Din Merican aka Dinobeano who you are!

Pasquale said...

Anonymous at 2:26 PM on June 13..
Let me tell you this again I am not Mr Rusdi Mustapha and the reason why Pasquale wrote under a pseudonym is because he or she does not want to be identified for her or his reasons (BTW this much I can tell there is more than one Pasquale writing on this blog)
So people living in glass houses should not throw stone, for Din Marican he could have been sued had he not taken off the picture of MR Rusdi and his family. Thank you.

din merican said...

Din Merican and Dinobeano are the same person. I have no identity problem. I chose dinobeano because Dino is the name of Fred Flintstone's pet and Beano is the comic I used to read when I was a boy moons ago.