Thursday, June 25, 2009

My headline for this one is: What The Hell Is Happening To This Country!

Director of IT in the PM's Department, Puan Rosni (inset), on the left, Datin Che Mah, the mother, and Ikmal (inset) on the right.

I found this posting in a probably an Umno-friendly-website or may be it is not, but the story is interesting it is about a video u-tube that appeared in Malaysia depicting the wife of Prime Minister Najib Razak as a "monster" and a "black-magic dabbler" that was produced by, from what logic dictates, the brother of a woman by the name of Rosni bt Abdul Malek.

She is also believed to be the Director of Information Technology (IT) in the Prime Minister's Department??!! Then them morons in the PM's Department should initiate some house investigation to get to the bottom of this. Or even better, the Prime Minister himself should asked the woman to come forward to explain if it is true.

I sure would if somebody were to do this to my wife, and the least I could do is to call this woman and ask her "what he hell is wrong with your brother?!"

Well, Malaysia Instinct did write "given our new lead, we hope that Pn Rosni will be able to shed light on who and what are the objectives of the video concerned" read more here.

If it is true Rosni is the sister of Ikmal, the guy prominently featured in the video, she should be asked to explain what in the hell is her brother thinking when he produced the video. Just some explanation that is all?!


Anonymous said...

This video presentation got nothing to do with uncovering something that worth the effort. The motives are so crystal clear ie to paint a black picture of a respected political figure.

These moronic cadres simply thought each and every viewers who watch the video clips are easy prey and could be made to belief the actors/actresses (whom were not paid?) were revealing something worth to be seen.

And because these morons have the assumptions that viewers' brain configuration more or less resembling theirs and hence the plots would be perceived as a complete truth.

This is a new trend and it might also become a new culture. Don't get surprise if this weird trend become a bad culture not only amongst seasoned players but the newbies as well.


Hantu Laut said...

This is what Pakatan is all about."Pakatan Fitnah".A sad day for Malaysia if they become the government.

chaptokam said...

Reproduced and posted in one blog whose no holds barred character is on the run as in the movie the fugitive and given very high prominence to the articles and videos .
Even a stupid guy can see through this nonsense , except for those cultists .

Anonymous said...

I think the JPM must act on this and if by next week nothing has happens I will personally go all the way to the top. I want this matter of Puan Rosni Malek to be investigated if she is not guilty a statement must be made by her of her head of department.

JPM insider