Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nik Aziz, a senile old man, is clouded by his own brand of Islam!

Melayus have always been perpetually tricked by the "smarter" Chinese!

Beware of the mullahs!

Sarong clad Nik Aziz is a senile old man who think he is Ayatollah Khamenei, Mustaffa Ali is an Afghan (not a Malay and no wonder his is blurred with what being a Malay mean in this country), Husam is confused Islamic-Malay intellectual but can be corrected, Mat Sabu had a personality bypassed him (just look at his Tancho vegetable-oil smeared hair), Hadi Awang is married to one of my kinfolks as one of his many wives, we know what to do with him if he thinks he is an Arab, and not a Malay!

Nashrudin, Pas deputy president, is the only Malay leader in Pas who has seen the light at the end of the tunnel in so far as Malay unity is concerned!

The fact the matter is the opposition party, led by the DAP not the PKR as far as I am concerned, now sees the Malay "upper-hands in the country" is breaking up. Thus, the talk of a Malay unity between Umno and Pas is a pretty big threat to their Malaysian-Malaysia agenda. I am not at all shock if LKY visit to this country recently was in fact to give a moral support to the opposition for them not to give in their struggle towards the achievement of a warped sense of a "Malaysian Malaysia" concept, in view of the Malay unity talk. In fact I am sure LKY told Nik Aziz, Malay unity is against Islam, and Nik bought it again .

In his famous book titled "Blood and Belonging: Journey Into New Nationalism" author Michael Ignatieff wrote about how the Kurds, the Irish, the Serbs, the Bosnians, the Kosovars were and are scrambling and willing shed their blood for the sake of nationalism, yet we have the Malays here giving theirs away to trickery, cheats, and empty promises.

I will say Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is one man who is so convoluted with his ideals and goals of what he wants for his country and people, is the latest to fall prey to this warped Malaysian-Malaysian concept. Or is he really blinded by hatred and rage that he will get rid of Malay nationalism if that hatred and anger will make him happy?? If it is then he is one very sad and pathetic man!


warigh kito said...

Only PAS follower called Nik Aziz Tok Guru,but the religious pondok in Kelantan didn't recognize him as Tok Guru.Whats wrong with unity?Nik Aziz can become a good friend with DAP leader but choose not to talk about unity with other Malay leader in UMNO.Is this the taught of Tok Guru?

Anonymous said...

Can someone do a photo-shop on Lim Guan Eng holding a kris when he was sitting with sarong wearing Nin Aziz? Please please, this will be fun, and the caption will be "Guan Eng cuba membunuh Nik Aziz!! Please please!

Adrenaline freak!

Anonymous said...

WOW YOUR KNICKERS ARE TWISTED but what to do guys like you who are on the gravy train must fight or else you will miss your soru.

Anonymous said...

Melayus have always been perpetually tricked by the "smarter" Chinese and their "more bodoh" species.

Pasquale said...

"WOW YOUR KNICKERS ARE TWISTED but what to do guys like you who are on the gravy train must fight or else you will miss your soru."

anonymous moron, sorry to disappoint you but I am not working for anyone just to let you know!

Anonymous said...

You said, "anonymous moron, sorry to disappoint you but I am not working for anyone just to let you know!"

So anyone who prefers to be anonymous is a moron - in your view?

You are in your sixties?
A Malaysian with rich experience of the trials and tribulations that the country went through all these years?

Hence you are a subject matter expert on 'morons' so much so that you can know one immediately?

Thats good!

Teach us the method lah.
Nice to learn from an experienced hand.


Anonymous said...

Hello...hello...why so racial lah...what's wrong in being a Malay or Chinese. Look around you so many of the ministers' wives are not Melayu, Chief Minister of Sarawak kahwin orang putih, our former PM khawin Eurasian,and so may other VIPs wives are not Malays and the list can go on and on. and they produced chidren of mixed why are we always harping on racial issues.

Anonymous said...

hey moron looks like you were the bigger moron as when you wrote and confessed who you truly were on rock's blog and that only confirm's the fact that you are really on the gravy train.