Saturday, June 06, 2009

There is hope yet for a total Malay unity, and with that we can check DAP trickery!!

Nash, he is concerned with Malay unity!

Husam he is Anwar Ibrahim's wannabee! A convoluted Malay intellectual!

Alhamdullilah! Syukur! While I am sure it is a blow to PKR over the victory of incumbent PAS deputy president, Nasharudin Mat Isa, in keeping his post, it is also a victory for a lot of Malays who want to see a semblance of a total Malay unity when facing a common enemy, is in the making.
Let this be the beginning or a reminder that the only way for the Malays to have an upper hand in this country while trying to safeguard their rights is for Umno and PAS (for now, late on may be PKR?) to unite.
Personally I was quite anxious to see the end of the PAS election hoping Husam Musa not win, this Malay man with such convoluted Malay mind who did not see the danger if Malays lost the upper hand, like to see YB BABI , another Malay traitor, run the country as PM?
I hope Nasharudin will continue to influence younger PAS members to have interaction with UMNO. Listen there is not other way! If any PKR led and DAP influence government govern this country there will be total chaos, a sample is Perak!


Electrotech said...

Load of craps... still talking about race.


Anonymous said...

Again another racist article and why MT allows this is beyond words!!!

who are your enemies. ARe non Malays your enemies? Stupid comments.

Since when has Malays lost the upper hand or anything!

Malays being the majority will continue to enjoy the upper hand and in full control. Only racists see it as a threat.

So you want total 100% control and you say it is okay?

Come on .. look what has all these bring about? Want to go like Zimbabwe?

Anonymous said...

Stop Barking Magpie. Alhamdulilallah. These words should not come out from your mouth. They don't look good. People like you are the barriers of nation building. Stop using the word Malay Unity. There's nothing wrong with the malays but everything is wrong with malay like you. Please stop exploiting the malay race for your and your own kinds interest.
How come your kind of people UBN only remember PAS when your buttocks are on fire. Since 308 UBN's buttocks are on fire and u guys are using PAS as a fire extinguisher to get off the fire. But as long as Tuan Guru NIK AZIZ is alive DON'T DREAM your strategy will work. Kahkahkah. Product of Hatimarah.

inderashah said...

Well, if ever PAS join with UMNO then PAS must take the lead not the other way around. Islamic rule is the only option.No place for secular parti like Umno or PKR....We need some honest people to govern this country.PAS is not racist like UMNO, it accepts Indian, Chinese as long as they are Muslims..look at the fate of Indian muslims in BN, except for a few mamaks claiming to be Malays, what abt the Chinese Muslims...what happen to KIMMA?..PAS will be the only party that can reconcile all Malaysian regardless of race..Islam is JUST.

Anonymous said...

balik2 melayu. Udah la woi semangat melayu ni tak kemana pon. Tak maju jugak...keluolah dari kemompong dan compete secara fair play.

Stop insulting the Malays

Anonymous said...

"If any PKR led and DAP influence government govern this country there will be total chaos, a sample is Perak!"

An analysis from a clouded mind?
One who cannot understand the fact that it is not just 'Malay this and Malay that' everywhere.

Why not you make noise that the Melanau community which makes up only 7% of Sarawak's population has been in power for many years although Malays are there is slightly higher percentage?

You are so blind that you cannot see beyond the South China Sea? That is also Malaysia tahu?

You are actually of the dying breed which is still 'Malay this and Malay that'.

Others are beginning to think and call themselves as Malaysians, irrespective of race and creed.

You were brought up to think like that?

I doubt. Its all your own way of thinking.

It was non-Malays who championed for many Malays in the courts and won the cases.

Perak Zambry must thank Cecil (another non Malay) for being declared MB by the courts.

And VK Lingam - how can you forget him, who has been always there for the Malays (for a fee of course).

The gaming company owner - he too helped in many ways, especially to evolve a change of government in Perak. so much so the person is showing of her teeth and grinning 'Hee, Hee, Hee'.

Wow, and look at the number of extra lucky draws allowed? Tak haram kah? Who approved these?

And who is Matthias Chang? You forgot? He still writes and blogs - You know that he was working for Dr M? He too is a traitor, cannot be trusted because he is not a Malay?

And you dare say that non-Malays are no good in governing?

And that too in just one year and a half, you make such references?

Were these people in the Pakatan Rakyat responsible for loads of currency in suitcases detected in Australia, the PKFZ drama, collapsed stadium roof in Kuala Terengganu, Bukit Antarabangsa condominium collapse, the deprivation of customary land of the orang asli people, destruction of Hindu temples and misuse of the Selangor Balkis organisation?

Or did these guys create another equivalent of Zakaria of Port Klang?

You forgot that the people entrusted to ensure fair share for all ethnic communities since 1957, betrayed the majority population for more than 50 years and hence the rude shock on 8 March 2008.

Anyway, go ahead anyway with your parochial thoughts.

Nice to read for academic purposes.

Pasquale said...

He he he he he he! I am having a ball reading such pure comments coming out of morons he he he ha ha ha ha!!stop stop stop I cannot stop laughing, oh my God (in cap)okay okay okay I will try not to be too racist he he he he stop stop stop okay a little bit lah okay since all the commenters are good un-racists people ha ha ha he he he stop stop, okay okay I will try to be nice oh my God! What a bunch of whinny!

Anonymous said...

With Racist around, Malaysia will be doomed! There are too many people like you. While everyone is talking about 1Malaysia, only racist will talk about 1Malay. Do you hear 1Chinese? We chinese do not need 1Chinese. We believe in living in Malaysia as citizen of 1Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to scold this guy..... i'm praying for god just for this guy... hope god will not send this guy to hell...

Anonymous said...

What an idiot!

Anonymous said...

compete fair play? ang pk balik la boleh ka? kalau ang meniaga ang taw la..pi dahh ckp saja lebeh

Anonymous said...

The non-Malay supported PAS in the GE is because they vouched to be with the Pakatan Rakyat and want to build a fairer malaysia where people irrespective of race and religion who needs help will be helped. So if any move by PAS to work with UMNO who is not capable of changing fron its corrupted and racists practices will sure raise the wrath of the non-Malays and they will be their anger known in the ballot box. How sould PAS value be in congruent with that of UMNO apart from the fact that both make up of majority Malays? How could reach consensus on moral issue such as corruption, human right and abuse of power? The are more to gain for PAS to remain faithful with the PR then to court trouble water.

zakwan said...

Yeah, a munafiq racist pig such as urself hav no right 2 utter thankfulness 2 Allah
U might as well convert 2 another religion if u want 2 preach racism

Relax,I'm a Malay myself n I'm ashamed there r Malay racist punks such as urself

People like u who screamed "Ketuanan Melayu" r no longer relevant in this country who wants 2 see "Ketuanan Malaysia"

Anonymous said...

Typical low IQ articel by UMNO member!!

garfunky said...

yes yes malay this, malay that. yawn...we are all tired of this.

You are giving the malays a bad name. This is the information era, boy.

the smart ones, which are many of the malays today, know that to progress, they must work together with the non-malays AND be more open to the outside world.

Simply sticking a bunch of people with the same colour together doesn't represent power anymore. in fact, it represents weakness.

grow up.

me said...

The problem with "Malay Unity" or racial unity of any kind is that it forces total subservience to one single view of what Malays should be, i.e. the view of the single leader of Malays.

What's so bad about that?

Well, it's like putting all our eggs in one basket. If that one leader screws up, all Malays suffer.

And it also stifles competitive politics and destroys constructive ideas.

Do you not wonder why investors diversify their investments?

I tell you, your brand of "Malay Unity" will be more harmful to Malays than anything else.


Anonymous said...

When will you guys will ever learn? Why is there a dialogue regarding Malay Unity and Malay race struggle? After all these years of economic development, it is an irony that the Malay race and class struggle is still paramount on the political landscape of Malaysia. When will Malay race or unity struggle end? When all Malays unite and governed under one political party? If that is the case then, why not all the PAS member resign and join UMNO. Problem solved. PAS deregister. UMNO will be the voice of all Malays. By the way, hopefully the Chinese and Indians form their UNITY parties, as well. Let Malaysia be the next BOSNIA. DO you think by purging the Indian and Chinese, there will be Malay UNITY??

Political idelogies exist for the purpose to benefit the will and need of the citizens. Also, it is also bring the element of monitoring, check and balance and distribution of economic wealth to elevate the standard of living. it is also to emancipate material poverty that exist. In Malaysia, we have a wide divide between the super rich, rich, middle income and poor. 80% of Malaysian (Malay, Indian and Chinese) are in the middle income and poor class. We have had 30 years of NEP and lots of Malays are still under the poverty line. WHY? WHO DO WE HAVE TO BLAME? OURSELVES? We continue to harp about race and religion.

Where is the progress? Malaysians are polarized by their race and religion. The rich are getting super rich and the poor have to continue to live in their appaling state.

A progressively developing country has to emancipate it's ideology of race and religion for the greater gloty of its people. It is no longer a race/religion unity/dialogue.

Malaysia is a country with diverse race and culture. We need a political party that is not divided by race and religion. Malaysia needs political party that is anchored by a unity (race and religion) ideology. Let's compare the political landscapes of Australia and USA in related in Malaysia. These countries are composed of multicultural race and society. Their policies are governed by the best interest of the people who elected the MPs or Senator and Congressman/woman. I have not heard the political issues regarding the WHITE UNITY!!! The political environment of these countries are not determined by the color/race/religion. In USA, they have a BLACK President.

Wake up PAS!!! Don't be naive. We are in the business of politics. The Malay unity agenda will only benefit UMNO in their stranglehold of Malaysia. PAS will be the collateral damages.

Obefiend said...

such mature and well written comments by pakatan people here

use such awesome words suach as pigs and stupid

well you know what they say about people who have to resort to cussing when arguing their points

lack of vocab = lack of brain power = lack of thinking skill

what do you expect from a bunch of people whose bible are online blogs and lopsided political websites. they regurgitate the "facts" and spew them out verbatim. they actually have the gall to call the blog owner stupid? HAHA. funny

i don't agree with the views of the blog owner but at least i will not join the bashing bandwagon. i chucked at his 1946 frame of mind. but cussing him wont change a thing. dinos like him can't be reprogrammed. like evolution, they will be slowly phased out through natural selection. i wish people who left anon comments and cussing comments will also be phased out

have some balls please. use a legit user name and link backs to your blog

if u are using ANONS you are no better than ballless eunuchs!

Matt said...

when chinese demand something it is democrasy ... when indian demand something it is democracy ... but when Malays demand something that is RACIST ...

Parpu Kari said...


Anonymous said...

Unity is usually for a common purpose.

Chinese unity is divided between DAP and MCA.

Malay unity is divided between PAS and UMNO.

Indian unity? MIC, PPP, Hindraf??

In the event of a war, all these factions will group together to fight the enemy. After that, they start fighting each other again.

I love this country. Strange relationships but still peaceful.


Anonymous said...

Racist is a basic human instinct. Whoever say they are not racist is the biggest liar allive..... Who would you prefer, your brother against your cousin, your orang kampung against the other kampung, your states against the other state.. or your race against the other race, but when we are outside, as malaysian we will have a tendency to side our countrymen regardless of their races....if we are attack by outsiders, eg China or India or Indonesia, 90% of all races will surely willing to die for this country ( 10% is allocated for the Pembelot as it always exist through out human history).... the only thing is how do we manage our racism to give fair judgement.... I work in MNC and mingle with all races... this is the comment and observation that we can see happen on MOST occasion (not all)... If the initial top management is Malay, anybody (Chinese or Indian or others) can climb the ladder of success with ease and even can take over the realm. Reason: Malays usually more reserve to make unfair decision as they always care for other peole judgement on his fairness. some of them also is easier makan bodek or kena kipas. If the initial top management is Chinese, very hard for other races to go up unless they can really proof themselve twice better than his chinese counterpart. One reason, chinese use to think that they are superior to the other races at all aspect but if you can proof yourself worthy, you will still have a chance or when there is no Chinese counterpart to compare you with.... Indians so far held the worst records, few of my Chinese friend even give up to compete when the top management is monopoly by Indians becoz once they control the top, they don't bother much on other opinion and are more willing to make the most bias decision towards his own races.... some might want to differ but do your own observation....

ex PR said...

Well , pasquale,

i salute you, i was once PR supporters but now no more,

sick and tired of hypocasy of DAP and PKR supporters,

i back you all the wayu