Friday, June 26, 2009

US President Barack Obama phoned Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.



US President Barack Obama telephoned Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak tonight at his private residence at No 11 Langgak Duta and spoke for more than half an hour. Among others Obama praised Malaysia for being a progressive and modern Islamic country.

He said Obama praised Malaysia as an example of a modern and progressive country where the multi-religious and multi-ethnic make up has made Malaysia the envy of other countries with a similar make up, but living with brutal ethnic tension.

Obama also told Najib that the US wants Malaysia to play a pivotal role in trying to open up a meaningful dialogue between the US and Iran. "He wants Malaysia's help in persuading Iran and North Korea to adhere to the United Nations policy of non-proliferation in so far as nuclear technology is concerned,"said Najib.

Najib also said Obama has agreed to consider Malaysia's request to extradite the two Malaysian citizens detained in Guantanamo detention camp saying he would have to discuss the security repercussions with his security advisers.

On the US insistence that the two countries should now sign the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), Najib told Obama more discussions were needed before any agreement or final decisions were to be made. To this Obama agreed.

Malaysia was also asked to play a major role in Afghanistan's recovery and Obama suggested Malaysia could help development in the much needed housing development sector. On the current world economic downturn, Najib told Obama that Malaysia would be able to ride the storm and inspite of it, Malaysia would show a positive economoic growth in the 4th quarter of this year's GDP.


Anonymous said...

A Phrophet is usually not welcome at home. We Malaysians must take the cue from Obama and support our Prime Minister. Ramalx

Teoh Nia Mah said...

Another deperate effort by Najib's machinery to prove his popularity in the west.

Pasquale said...

Teoh Nia Mah Kahai,

Did it ever occur to you that maybe it might be Obama who wanted to talk to Najib?!

Dont Drink and Drive said...

Teoh Nia Mah,
We dont need approval from west. We just have to be tolerant and peaceful. And whole world knows that we are.

Anonymous said...

This story has taken a new turn . Do not bury your head in the concrete of Putrajaya. This is serious business and if not handled well could spell all kinds of problems for us with the United States. Ramalx

Pasquale said...

Ramalx can you be more specific about your thought since you are very cryptic and I am not a mind reader! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Dear Pasquale,
Please have a look at some of the other blogs on this subject and you will understand what I mean. Ramalx