Friday, June 05, 2009

When will the Malays learn!!! The Chinese will and can never share power once they ARE in power!




Tell me why is this Lee Kuan Yew coming here to meet Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, YB BABI and Nik Aziz and other mentris besar and then meeting other opposition leaders! Why are we allowing this and is not there any Wisma Putra protocol that applies to this grand old Chinaman from ther Red Dot?! He didn't even put visiting TDM as part of his itinerary, betul betul kurang ajar punya China!

When Lee Kan Yew's PAP wanted Singapore for the Chinese, he used everyone towards that goal. He used every known political party including communist, any organisation and the trade unions.
He succeeded. Once he did he proceeded to put away all those who helped him and the PAP, to form a Chinese government in Singapore, to either in detention or being exiled to a far far away land.
One Malay founding members of PAP, the late great and influential man named A Samad Ismail, was mistreated by LKY that he was detained and then shoved to Malaya.
Now Lim Guan Eng 's DAP (offshoot of the PAP when Singapore being kicked out of Malaysia) is doing the same in Penang. When in power the DAP starts to ostracize its coalition member, namely the Malay majority PKR from getting involved in a decision making process in that opposition run state. Below is a news report of what happened when PKR members boycotted what was supposed to be a "brotherly" event of a council president swearing in:

Friday, 05 June 2009 08:35

Divisions within the state Pakatan Rakyat widened today when almost all Parti Keadilan Rakyat representatives in the Seberang Perai Municipal Council boycotted the swearing-in of the new president.

Only Farid Arshad was present while eight others kept away to make good on an earlier threat to stage a boycott if Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng went ahead to appoint Mokhtar Mohd Jait.

Councillor Johari Kassim critisised Lim for not keeping his word on appointing a PKR leader to the post.

"Lim is not being transparent in the matter as he did not respect the spirit of cooperation within Pakatan Rakyat component parties in the state.

"Where is the state government's much-talked about competency, accountability and transparency policy?" he asked, adding that the state PKR leadership was not consulted on Mokhtar's appointment.

Johari was prepared to face the consequences from PR and PKR for boycotting the event.

In January, the state PR council decided to appoint politicians to helm the MPSP and the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) on the rationale that it would be a step forward towards restoring the third vote - local government elections which had been suspended since mid-1960s.

"No doubt, it is his prerogative to decide on the candidate but Lim should have been more transparent and respect the cooperation spirit among Pakatan Rakyat component parties in the state.

"This is not the first time he had done such a thing to PKR. If PKR Selangor can give due respect to other Pakatan components before making a decision, I wonder why the DAP cannot practice a similar spirit in Penang," Johari said when contacted.

Johari added that he had no personal problems with Mokhtar, who takes over from Farizan Darus who has since being appointed state financial officer.

He said his objections were merely aimed at protecting PKR's interests in the state government.

"I have known Mokhtar for a long time and I have made the situation clear to him today," he added.

The MPSP has 24 councillors who include 10 from the DAP, two from Pas and three from Non-Governmental Organisations.

Meanwhile, DAP Member of Parliament for Jelutong, Ooi Chuan Aun, said PKR councillors who defied outright Mokhtar's appointment should resign from their posts immediately.

He said the council president's position was not to be misconstrued as the fiefdom of PKR or any political party.

In KEPALA BATAS, state opposition leader Datuk Azhar Ibrahim described the disunity as no “pakatan (cooperation) in the entity.

He said the incident was proof that the DAP called the shots in the state PR and and state government.

"The state PKR and Pas have been taken for a ride as the DAP is only interested in using them to get votes from supporters. The DAP is sidelining the two parties after assuming power.

"With power, Lim Guan Eng has made himself King. It’s not ‘Singh is King’ but “King is Lim”," he told Pressmen after handing over electrical and other equipment to petty-traders at the Kepala Batas MP service centre.

Azhar, who is also state Umno secretary, said PKR and Pas had to ‘kowtow’ to Lim.

He added that Lim was also good at manipulating things to work on his way, pointing to the reshuffle in the portfolio’s of state executive councillors.

He said new Deputy Chief Minister I, Mansor Othman, was given the industrial development, international trade, cooperatives and community relations portfolio while Lim appointed himself the chairman of InvestPenang just two weeks after awarding the post to Abdul Malik Abdul Kassim.

"Lim fears that he will not be able to attract foreign investments as promised. So, wants to claim credit from work done by InvestPenang," Azhar said.

He added that PKR and Pas supporters should see for themselves how their respective party and leaders had been “played out” by the DAP.

So when wiill the Malays learn? Never, but instead they will forever and knowingly be following their great leader YB BABI to be made used of for his own ends! Second great leader in PKR Azmin Ali also condemns his own race so just he can become a leader! He said it is better to trust the DAP to look after the Malays than from "Umno racists"! I will leave you Melayu to decide on this crucial psychological Malay dillema!


Peguambela? said...

Dear Magpie,

What so racist about appointing a civil servant and mind you, he is MALAY to the post of president of the local council?!

PKR or any other party for the matter should realize that local councils belong to the people; not to the party that runs the state government.. We need people who can do some good sitting there; not some party yes-man who is serving his private self-interest.

Let's have local elections..

Anonymous said...

You are a racist like the Utusan Awang Selamat trying to fan racial sentiment in the country.You narrow-minded type of thinking would not help the one Malaysia concept-it would only engulf the flame.See the policy of UMNO first before casting aspersions upon others.

Anonymous said...

Your spinshould include the fact that those 8 monkeys are ex umno guys and yes pr should not give to their umno way's.

Anonymous said...

You are just like RPK and you guys have similar stimulating imaginative thoughts but coming from other extremes.

It is good humor for me and I take it for what it is worth.

Keep up the good work - this is freedom of press at its best!

Anonymous said...

Malays never learn..

Anonymous said...

Yeah sure ... si Najib bahalul pergi dengar sangat budak cina berlakun muallaf bernama omar ong tu pasal apa?

KC said...

Did LGE appointed a Cina as the MPSP chief? Case closed!

Did LKY treat other races unequally in S'pore? Do you know Tamil is one of the official language?

Too bad Penang Island can't be an independent country? Then, all the UMNO BABI & MAMAK can leave.

Anonymous said...

You are a pathetic loser!

Now I know why the good Malays & Cina & Indian & Lain-lain rejected the racists UMNO in 308.

To top it all, Husam Musa is the new PAS deputy president. No more UMNO stooges in PAS.

Adios, UMNO putera & puteri!!!

Rashid said...

Stupid! Isn't the appointed head a [b]MALAY[/b] himself? One can talk about not discussing with PKR on who to be appointed, but the appointed is a Malay at the end of it. So if Malay is all that's needed, we have one.

Secondly, your Najib is sucking up to LKY. Where is Mahathir and his nationalism? Najib did the unthinkable. Not only did he reject the crooked bridge, but he went by Singapore's demand that another straight third bridge be built. He also gave Singapore unlimited access to Iskandar Malaysia and allowed them to invest as they wish allowing others to infiltrate a border area and create a Mat Selamat type (and others) infiltration, a security risk. Where is the hogwash of Mahathir being angry at Dollah for not building the crooked bridge? Now LKY is coming to Malaysia and will visit all the states, something even Mahathir can't do. Hypocrites and stupid looters who think they can hold us in shackles forever.

Aramsa said...

Dear Magpie

Your posting is a typical racist UMNO supported articles. It the UMNO malay who is buying your view. The educated and discerning malay will treat your article as another piece of rubbish. Why compare LGE and LKY. there is nothing to compare really. I would support a apolitical appointment in the civil service. The civil service should not be a politically appointed position. Government can come and go, but the civil servant should stay and serve whoever is in charge. Look at the current state of affair in Perak. Come one, LGE is doing the correct things. Moreover he is not appointing a chinese or indian but a malay. Therefore your observation and argument is absolutely bias and incorrect

Aramsa said...

Dear Magpie

Your posting is a typical racist UMNO supported articles. It the UMNO malay who is buying your view. The educated and discerning malay will treat your article as another piece of rubbish. Why compare LGE and LKY. there is nothing to compare really. I would support a apolitical appointment in the civil service. The civil service should not be a politically appointed position. Government can come and go, but the civil servant should stay and serve whoever is in charge. Look at the current state of affair in Perak. Come one, LGE is doing the correct things. Moreover he is not appointing a chinese or indian but a malay. Therefore your observation and argument is absolutely bias and incorrect

Anonymous said...

Don't be shy to mention money, are you guys in it for the love of country or love of money?

The way i see it it is for the love of money. If it is for the love of country everyone will sit down and work things out.

But as long as it is for love of money everyone will fight for a piece of turf to korek as much money as they can before retiring.

Sad to read this magpipe, instead of promoting progressing for the country you want to destroy progress and BTW sad to be so out right have the malays really compete with the other races for their piece of cake, some did but many preferred to have it hand to them.

Sad to see greedy people running a rich and prosperous country to the ground because of race and religion.

Anonymous said...

the fact you host that "One Sekolah untuk semua" and your baseless bashing shows what your real intention is. Racist

Pluto said...

If it is not Malaysia-today link, i won't know there is such a racist article here whom there is so many things more important to blog about but trying to fan some racial sentiments in the cyber world.

This site lacks of a vision towards a better Malaysia.

WYL said...

Barking Magpie

My god
You are such a racist. Why turn this into a question of Malay v Chinese. This issue is just a misunderstanding between Pakatan people in Penang.
People like Azmin Ali are just speaking the truth when they say those words. UMNO takes all and gives nothing back all in the name of Malay Supremacy

So go back and lick the balls of your UMNO master you racist dog!!

Anonymous said...

This is a lot of shit I have just read.

Anonymous said...

Malay..malay..malay.. malay this and that..why you so racist MAGPIG?now,after 5x yrs you still talk like your grandfather.dont worry la.. the chinese ppl wont take over this country la.. calm down!!dont let your grandson also keep talking like your shit.. malay malay malay.. why dont teach them how about talk about malaysian.. malaysian.. or teach them how to treat other race like bros and sister huh?jgnlah ko risau sgt.
org cina and india Xakan ambil tanah ko la. Mappig..orr sry isx magpie.. sebelum ko kata ko dari party apa..tunggu biar aku teke.. ko mestinya dari UMNO kan?sbb cuma Org Umno je yg suka risau bahawa org cina bahaya(x tau le mungkin depa lebih pandai,IQ lebih tinggi atau lebih rajin dari org malayu.sbb tu rasa risau
walaupun selepas xxx40-50-60 tahun pun dari nenek moyang ko dah start risau hingga cucu cici ko pun masih tetap risau.. ko rasa bahagia ke hidup org malayu dlm takut risau sebegini huh?nape ko x boleh cuba sayangkan
bangsa lain and angap mereka cam abg adik kita?macam ni lah rayat malaysian akan hidup dgn mestra..paham x?
dont worrylah kawan saya pun ada juga org cina tapi x pernah pun dengar meraka nak take over country ni.. lagi pun melaysia x besar sgt.. klau nak take over pun cari country like USA.. kan best?just kidding.Org malayu jgn risau, org cina and india bukan gila power. Yang gila power tu cuma org Umno je.

Anonymous said...

same can be said for UMNO. Don't ever be a one track mind in your writings!!!

An Observer said...

I agree with your comment - Malay never learn!

... how the Malay being misled by UMNO.

... how NEP does not benefit them but the elites of UMNO

... how the majority of Malays get crumbs while UMNOputeras get the lion share.

... how the elite Malays tell the majority to do as they say but not as they do.

... how Malays are being told to be a Muslim first, Malay second, then Malaysian third.

... Malays are poor/dumb and cannot compete with others without NEP etc..

I wonder what fail the Malays. Is it religion that indoctrinate the mind never to question? Or the "Opium", NEP that give comfort but numbs the brain. Or could it be genetics? - After all, those smart Malays are not real Malays but constitution defined Malay. The Malay still cannot figure out that a Mamak cannot be a Malay - pathetic!!!

The Malay still cannot figure out that a Country consists of citizen not one race of people.

Anonymous said...

Magpie, one of the most talkative species of birds,do bring some glimmer to the scene compare to, who talk too much nonsense and every bit of it is stroking racism. We know who you are. So don't hide behind the curtain to blow the UBN's trumpet.
I for one do not buy your argument. For the sake of argument, LGE is not putting up his party man to compete with PKR. He is doing it professionally, openly appointing a civil servant and the most important fact is, the appointee is no other then a malay. So, your argument can go to the dustbin.
Please comment on a liberal tone.The day when youo start opposing the views of the UBN openly, we will start appreciating your views. So for now,it's best you close down your blog coz it's giving a bad image to the specific birds. Its me hatimarah.

Anonymous said...

I think LGY is being to co-operative as he appointed a Malay. What if he appointed a Chinese or Indian, then we will hear a much violent and more insulted comments on him. LGY has gave way to Malays. Why do we care who is been appointed so long as he can do a good job. You appoint a PKR politician and he produces monkey tactics and ended up in more and more corruptable court cases, and left attacked by the BNs. Who will they attack, not PKR, not PAS but LGY of DAP. If I were LGY, I will appoint the best person, regardless of race, religion or gender.

Anonymous said...

Now I know why you address yourself as BarkingMagpie,
you truly are, with all your Racism
writings above, did you know you just slapped your ownself ?? Its you who needs to change in your narrow thoughts, please stop stirring.

Anonymous said...

Don't mislead the new generation by writing rubbish. If you are not old enough, please speak to someone older who can still remember the actual fact. LKY was so popular with all the common people that TAR has to get rid of him. Talk to the older kampong people. When TAR and LKY went around all over Malaya to give public speeches, only a few cheered and clapped with TAR spoke. But with LKY spoke, its like he was the only one that matters. Yes the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians. All of them were so supportive towards LKY that TAR had to do something drastic. Twisting facts will not help Malaysia and the people. Be united and stand for the good of the Nation will.

Anonymous said...

It is not a matter of a Malay, Chinese, Indian or one from other races or politician or civil servant. The main criteria is the person must be capable and can do the job well. You want a person with integrity. And the selection process must be done in the spirit of democracy.

regards, malay guy

Anonymous said...

That is the spirit-well done PKR leaders and Lim Guan Eng must respond if he has a hidden agenda. The two DAP reps, it was good that you responded but don't over protect Guan Eng as you can't read Guan Eng mind unless you guy have hidden agenda.
You will not get this in BN/UMNO as the next day you will know what will happen either suddenly disappear and quiet or thrown out of the party or you know la the famous tool to intimidate people.
Lim Guan Eng as CM must be responsible and surely he has the answer-so be it and no big deal.

Anonymous said...

U are the racist! This is typical bullshit of trying to create a bogeyman of the Chinese. First of all the person appointed was a Malay and secondly, if u have a beef against LGE and the DAP just stick to the issue. Your tactic of placing the blame or accusing Chinese in general is just so bloody racist.

I have always taught my kids not to look at anyone by race but as human beings. There are good and bad people in ALL (I repeat ALL) races. So please stop condemning a whole race if you dislike the actions of a particular person. Attack the issue. Don't make this into a racial thing. I am so sick of the likes of you and others (of all races) who do this in their blogs. This just shows immaturity on your part.


Anonymous said...

Actually an apt title would be "When will the Barking Magpie learn". We do not need another bigot to perpetrate its polarised view. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

Sorry lah! A malay was appointed and the CM knows best.Why are all those twin forking PKR so wild up?You see you never For a minute trust those PKR clones of umno shits!
Whats wrong with a civil servant running it?Look ! what really happen to to those two pkr shit heads in Perak? Pkr who are worst than scumbags!

Baskaran said...

It is not whether a Malay, Chinese, Indian or any other race official that is appointed. If we are talking about meritocracy, then the best among the best should be appointed. I for one I would prefer the best to be appointed. UMNO/BN does not have anymore of the best available only footlickers.

Keep it up LGE. Teach pro UMNO/BN Pakatan Members to adhere to leadership or leave the party.

Pasquale said...

Must have struck a big nerve with all the angry comments!
But let me remind all of you bleeding hearts liberal that truth be heard hurts and let me remind you that the Malays, including myself, have never been xenophobi or racist, and furthermore the Malays have never been selfish, they share and share until the non-Malays went beyond the social contract,just like what I was told when Gerakan won in 1969 that its supporters drove around town taunting and telling "Melayu balik kampung"!!
LGE appointed a Malay yes but this Malay is a cuckold and subservient to DAP! Just because LGE appointed a Malay it has to be a real thinking Malay! No we are not racist we are just pissed off with DAP ala PAP tactics!

Anonymous said...

the problem in malaysia is there are too many ppl with great imagination around.and tis imagination is always missused as a fact.pathetic

Anonymous said...

Just because some Muslim bombs innocent people so now all Muslim are terrorists?

So when will the whole world learn this?!

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but if I'm not mistaken, you are one of the bloggers who are very much on Najib's side.

If that is so, than you do a great disservice to his vision of 1Malaysia. Keep it up, BarkingMagpie. People like you are only going to cause him to lose more support. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Dear Magpie,

From the tone you write, it clearly showed the racist in you.
Do not compare LKY with LGE.

What LGE did in Penang is to bring transparency and good governance for the betterment of all Penangites and Malaysians. What is so bad about this ?

He recognised and promoted good and efficient civil servants like the new MPSP president. Why are you so worked up unless you have a hidden agenda.

Your comments fans more racial issues than trying to trying to play it down. This does not augur well for the country.

Anonymous said...

I'm a mamak and i'm a DAP member....nuff said! get lost UMNO losers!

Anonymous said...

if with a majority of over 60% and we have ketaunan and all the islamic overtones you expect Singapore with a 80 over % chinese to be ruled by malays ? before talking like a uninformed or misinformed, just talk to any normal malay in Singapore and find out what they think of malaysia's system and how they see singapore's system.....dun just fill you minds with our national propaganda...just like the frog under the coconut shell.

Anonymous said...

Pasquale, how can you insult the Malay guy who was voted in, think about it, you may think he is a cuckold and what not, are sort of jealous about him being voted in and not someone else that you prefer? Come on lah, be fair to him,
stop calling him names, if you feel so strongly, why don't you offer yourself in the next Election, that way you don't have to be pissed off by others. If you feel you can do better than them, offer yourself as a candidate come next election, who knows if I like your ideas and ideal I may even vote you.


Anonymous said...

When will folks like Magpie wake up? Appointing a Malay civil servant is said not sharing power? Tolong la brother. You are a pemalu to the malay race and don't think I shall return to this site anymore. SO what is the name of the MPSP president? Adui...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

This barking magpie certainly has bark and no bite. His purpose is basically to sow discord and suspicion and to plant tiny little bomblets into people's mind to be suspicious of the chinese. But what is the truth of the matter ?

LGE appointed a malay.
LGE had discussed the matter at the exco meeting and had informed Azizah.
LGE as far as I know did not renege on the agreement but did so due to "changed circumstances" that was brought to light by the biting strategist, Tian Chua.

To compare LGE with LKY is really comparing the devil with LGE. I did not say an angel because I think LGE is not an angel but a human who truly subscribe to universal values of compassion and understanding.

LGE has all his human failings, while LKY is perfect - and if you say otherwise you will find yourself facing the wrath only a devil could inflict on others without feeling or compassion. While we may sometimes questioned LGE's wisdom we can never question his sincerity and for me that is far more important than any supposed prosperity gained from the willful destruction of all that is decent. LKY himself had admitted to this devilish streak. He said in justifying his mean streak by saying that "if the table were turned you would do the same to me."

What are the facts again ? PAS had cooperated with UMNO many years ago and what you have just said described umno to the tee.

nawawimohamad said...

Rather than barking at the opposition, it is better for you to rectify UMNO. UMNO must change and stop betraying the Malays and plundering the country's wealth enriching the already rich Chinese Towkays. If not UMNO will lose it support and be doomed, yes at the disadvantage of the Malays. But still UMNO is not the better choice.

Anonymous said...

Barking Madpig,
I don't know what you are writing about.
But I hope I spelled your name rightly.Jimmy.

Old Fart said...

Barking Magpie, You are one mf racist pig! I got to now go wash my eyes and brains out for having them contaminated by your perverse thoughts and ideas. I feel so sorry that amongst Malays there are some like you who are so insecure in your skin that you got to resort to such vile. One difference between the likes of you and the Malay friends I have is that my Malay friends are very confident people, both guys and girls, men and women. They don't feel as subordinated as you seem to feel here. I suppose the only way you get to prop up your head is to rest it on the kind of vile that you spurt. You only know how to feel big by putting down others. You must have brains as small as a peanut maybe. Or you got a dick that is too small for your fingers to hold when you pee!!

What ever it is you certaily need the services of a shrink!

Peace said...

".. and let me remind you that the Malays, including myself, have never been xenophobi or racist, and furthermore the Malays have never been selfish, they share and share until the non-Malays went beyond the social contract,just like what I was told when Gerakan won in 1969 that its supporters drove around town taunting and telling "Melayu balik kampung"!!"
..yeah all the Malay except the one appointed will go to heaven !
Good Luck !

PM said...

Well done well done, more of these nonsense, more non malays esp the chinese will flock to Pakatan/DAP.

Magpie come on give us more of your racist remarks.

Tahu tak, siapa yang kaya raya dan sebab apa kaum melayu hampir 70% masih dalam keadaan susah. Jika politik perkauman masih digunakan oleh umno dan blogger saperti kau, jangan harap BN/umno akan menang PR yang akan datang.

Tanya dirimu mengapa sebesar gulungan cina telah mengikuti atau sokong PAS. Jawapan: sebab ada raayat manusia saperti kau. Fikir lah sayang oi

Anonymous said...

Racist bugger!!!!

There's no more hope for Malaysia - pergi matilah.......

3rd world forever....

amal said...

ah, racist morons again!
what else is new?

- a malay, a muslim, a MALAYSIAN..

Anonymous said...

You are not only racist but also real stupid in your otak.

LGE went to jail for defending an underaged young MALAY girl.

And the person he appointed in Penang is also Malay. All LGE wants is to de-politicise the civil service to benefit the rakyat,.... or are you telling us that you cemburu? Bodoh kau.

zakwan said...

Come on,we were willing 2 give UMNO 51 years n we Malays r still in deep shit
I don't see anything wrong wit givin a bunch of Chinese a mere 4 year term

DAP Chinese r no longer the racist n chauvinist party they once were

It makes me wonder y UMNO at the height of power before last year's political tsunami didn't bother 2 extend the olive branch 2 PAS in the name of Malay unity?
U got a rude awakening on March 8 n then only u want 2 talk about "saving" the Malays from the Chinese

I wish u,Barking Magpie the racist pig 2 go 2 hell

Anonymous said...

The more this ediet blogs,,the more people will support PR...cary on!!!

Anonymous said...

Macammana nak pilih gang PKR ni jadi presiden? Semuanya berotak udang.

Anonymous said...

Deyyy poodah lah.. itu pasal Mahataik tulis itu apa nama buku... Malay Dilemma... apa nama... Malay mudah lupa... Malay,sia once tries to colaborate with China through Tun Razak, and now once again, sudah tersepit mintak bantuan China... lagi dulu Sultan Muzaffar Syah pun mintak tolong Laksamana Cheng Ho dari lanun-lanun... itu pasal, Melayu mudah lupa, not the Chinese... tapi baik Malay ka, Chinese ka, Indian ka or even the Mat Salleh pun, once in power, boleh lupa daratan punya, so tepuk dada tanya selrea la.. janganlah memandai mengata orang...

Anonymous said...

Dear Magpie,

Thanks for smoking out the racist commentators from M2Day.

We need reminding of what they really think of us.

To all you racist who hate the Malays under the guise of calling us UMNO, PKR ex-UMNO or Muslims, your antics will not fool my brothers anymore.
Make peace and integrate before its too late.

Anonymous said...

Hey, why are u writing such racist piece, knowing very well that it will get bombarded by the majority of the readers? You really can't hold a candle if compared with Zaid Ibrahim, who is so popular not only among the Malays, but also among the non Malays

Anonymous said...

i don't get you. You are a political blogger. I am sure you have your own motives in writing this post. But why anyone kick a ball into their own goalpost is beyond me. Are you paid by PR to diminish support for the BN?

Anonymous said...

Pasquale did you ever notice that this particular posting of yours got the most hits!
I am willing to bet half of the comments are form Singapore propaganda office! The other half from the opposition machinery namely the DAP or PKR!
Anyway you have again struck a nerve as you are ever fondly of saying kdeep it up!

Mulder and Scully.

Rakyat Marhaen said...

Dissolve BN first and foremost if you want to talk sumthin' bad about the Chinese in PR..

Husin Lempang said...

Pasquale, You should change your name to piss and quarrel.

Good luck bro.

Anonymous said...

after reading this blog a few times, I think Pasquale is a trojan horse to bring down Umno/BN in the next election. The fantastic stories and slurs he spew is obviously to turn off people from BN. If that's the case, then syabas, PR has an inside man to help bring the rotten tree crashing down!

lengkuas said...

That's so true, Pasquale. The Chinese will never share power once they're in power. Same goes for Malays, Indians, English, French, Arabs etc. Just look at Umno. So, Umno had better prevent what it has always done to others from befalling itself.