Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why Lee Kuan Yew asked to meet Rosmah!

An emancipated woman of substance meets a respected great statesman!

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor have been warm and forthcoming beyond Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s expectations.
He asked to see her, and PM Najib made arrangements for them to meet.
Lee said he found the Malaysian prime minister and his wife “warm, positive and, more than I had expected to find them, forthcoming”.
“They spoke frankly to me and I spoke frankly in return,” he said.
Lee visited Rosmah at her home in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday afternoon. They spoke for an hour over satay and Malay kueh.
They were joined by the three ministers accompanying Lee on his Malaysia trip: Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Education Minister Ng Eng Hen and Acting Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts Lui Tuck Yew, as well as Senior Parliamentary Secretary Masagos Zulkifli.
Lee and Rosmah exchanged notes on their families.
She expressed interest in Singapore’s Gifted Education Programme and said she hoped there could be cooperation on that front. Lee also spoke about bilateral cooperation. He made the same point that he had earlier conveyed to Najib.
“I emphasised to both that cooperation has to be long term, not chop and change, and it has to be across the board, you can’t just pick and choose,” he said. –The Straits Times


kluangman said...

Lee Kuan Yew sekadar memberikan bola canggung...apa lagi
smaaaaaaaaaaassshhhhhhh !!!

Kenyataan itu adalah tanda terima kasih kepada ketiga tiga Naib Presiden UMNO yang tertonggeng tonggek menyambutnya dengan penuh takut gementar dan sopan.

Bayangkan kalau PM Israel yang datang...mahu disembahnya.

Anonymous said...

Not meeting Tun Dr M is a slap on Tun face and telling Malaysian that the 22 years under Tun is indeed the darkest moment of Malaysia history.

Political Analysis

Anonymous said...

Rosmah nih dah poised herself sejak kecil lagi. Kami ingatkan dia kerabat diRaja!

Kat TKC tiga sekawan ni gelar diri mereka "the three cubes"

Brains, Beauty and Body...

42years ago...


Anonymous said...

Why Lee Kuan Yew asked to meet Rosmah?

Because this bitch is the most powerful living creature in Malaysia, the Emelda Marcos of Malaysia in-the-making!

Anonymous said...

Helloooo political analysis....a slap on d face 4 tun? huhuhu...LKY was snubbed lah....get your facts rite.

Makcik...brains, beauty and body NOT. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 7:04pm,

where were you during the 22 years of TDM premiership? still hiding in your own asshole i presumed.

while the nation is progressing in leaps and bound under TDM leadersip you are here today talking about darkest moments.

there is no need for TDM to meet that senile lee anyway. lee can meet anyone he wish during his visit even the cendol bangla, malaysia is free and democratic country unlike his home where you get bankrupted for saying against the PAP government.

- apolitical analysis

straycat's strut said...

So, why lky asked to meet Rosmah? The way everyone was so eager to meet him, I feel quite embarassed as a Malaysian actually. Its like a headmaster walking around checking on the teachers and the students; to make sure that everyone follow instructions and obey all the rules. Why was he visiting, pasquale? What is the difference between this visit and the singapore's airplane entering the Johor sky?

Anonymous said...

LKY has done his homework and his High commissioner in Malaysia has done his leg work. Boys, this diplomacy at the highest level at work.

You see, Singapore did not tolerate corruption in the country. But they learned from the Europeans. It ok for my neighbour to corrupted but it is not ok for my country to corrupted.

Pasquale said...

straycat's strut, why did LKY visited Malaysia? Well your guess is as good as mine, mine says he can taste Malaysia being ruled by DAP-PAP when and LKY knows this looking at how fragmented the Malays are!

tok guru from kuantan said...

Right from the beginning in 1963 LKY had warned that Malaysia will fall into a trap of making just a few Malays rich where every other Malays remains poor. That is adjectly what our UMNO ultras wanted and in the last 52 years we suceeded in making a few UMNO ultras super rich and everyone else earning less than an average income of USD14,072 in the whole of 2008 where as the legendary LKY suceeded in helping Singaporean to earn an average of USD51,142 in 2008.

Malays are distined to grow & eat ubi kayu under UMNO.

Anonymous said...


Really, the only reason LKY ask to meet with Rosmah is to get her on his side..
And more importantly ask for her personal phone number so he can contact her whenever Singapore is faced with any difficulty with any Malaysian politician.....


Joe Black

Hantu Laut said...

Bro Pasquale,
Since you have dropped using the term BABI and we seem to be walking the same street I have added you to my blogroll.Hope you can do the same.Thanks.

Why LKY came, read my take on it.

Pasquale said...

Hantu Laut there is no guarantee that I will not call him that again just so to let you know, because this man is the biggest hypocrite I have ever known. Cheers!

P.S. Hello to your beautiful daughter and your wife!

kluangman said...

Cuma jumpa nak tanya, berapa harga sekilo pasir?

Anonymous said...

Lee said he found the Malaysian prime minister and his wife “warm, positive and, more than I had expected to find them, forthcoming”.

Bila Melayu tak reti cakap orang putih, dia tak sedar pun bila orang lain hina dia.

Maksud Lee adalah dia tak sangka orang Melayu boleh 'forthcoming'. Maksudnya dia Melayu semua less than forthcoming. Melayu tak boleh di percayai.

Dulu bila anak Melayu dapat 5A, cikgu Cina pernah tulis dalam Report Card 'has done better than expected'.

Maksudnya memang tak boleh expect orang Melayu dapat lima A.

Jadi cikgu Cina tepuk bahu Rosmah dan Najib. I never expected that you can be forthcoming.

Melayu pula semua seronok. Happy betul - Lee Kuan Yew kata depa sepasang tu 'forthcoming'.

Sekarang pergi duduk atas bangku.

Anonymous said...

You people too much lah! No respect our 1st lady Rosmah Mansor nevermind but don't speak bad about her loh!

At least LKY respect her and so is Singapore, they even name an Orchid after her when she was in Singapore recently. Our neighbour very good in spotting talent one that is why so many talented Malaysian left for Singapore. Their President Nathan was born and raised in Muar, their health minister Kwang born and raised in Penang, their ex-chief justice Yong born and rasied in KL, their earlier Senior minister Jaya born and raised in Seremban, their ex-CEO of SIA & CEO of Stock exchange Pillay also from Malaysia.....the list goes on and on. So you know why their per capital income is 3.6 times more than ours and why Malaysia is doomed loh.

Anonymous said...

I agree with apolitical analysis above.

I've loads to write about what the fellow has done to Malaysia and about the disagreeable acts and omissions of Malaysian leaders concerning the fellow but my coffee break is over.