Monday, July 06, 2009

By this time next month the NST suits against the two bloggers will be dropped!


I firmly believe that my beloved Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak must find it in his good self to nudge the New Straits Times to withdraw its suit against Ahiruddin Atan aka Rocky or Rockybru, who is also The Editor of The Malay Mail, and against another blogger Jeff Ooi, who is also the DAP member of parliament.
I also firmly believe the suit against these two bloggers were made with malice intended and one, or the whole country, can see that if the NST prolonged the siege it is not really good for the paper and will also make the job of running The Malay Mail more daunting for Rocky, not that he cannot handle it.
The chairman of NST Jawhar must also not to be too vindictive and in the spirit of unity, the proverbial word being bandied about, he must initiate the dropping of the suit against these two prominent member of society.
Najib, you have all the power in the world to help, well at least Rocky, if you think Jeff being a member of the DAP does not deserve your help, to be spared all the mental anguish by asking NSTP to drop the charges against these two who are friends of many in this country.

Thank You


Anonymous said...

You are clearly a different person and not the same Pasquale blogger of 2 + mths back. Or check out the May blogs.

The language, style and content totally different.

Pasquale said...

I am and always will be the same person, whoever you are anonymous. To me, as taught by my late father, a great man, he said there are only two types of people on this planet that is ONE is GOOD and the other ONE is BAD. Following his philosophy I have no problem living my life, you should adopt his philosophy as well, in fact everyone should.
In case if you are wondering there are bad Malays and the good ones, and bad Chinese as opposed to the good ones, and you will be surprised that there are also many good Indians as opposed the evil and parang weilding GOOD and BAD..never forget. As for me if I find any of my multi-racial friends turning bad I have no problem dropping them...why? I simply have no time for this kind of shit! Cheers anonymous I hope you are the good one!

Anonymous said...



TNM said...

I salute you Pasquale as a great man on earth. At least I can see your sincerity this time.

wizsurf malaysia said...

Its not too late to repent of course, seconds right before your death !

Rocky can't be a good man now , can he ?
He cheated/misled his loyal legion of Blog visitors ! Tho he can always repent 2 secs before his coming death

Shamsul Yunos said...

please come over to my blog and watch my video report on Anwar's sodomy trial

dari 5,000 yang diharapkan... 150 aje yang datang bersorak

Anonymous said...

It has to be seen from the law point of view. if Rocky can be freed from the trumped up charges, so is Jeff Oi. It can't be seen from the political affiliation. This has been the problem plaguing UMNO all these while, political persecution.

hanglipo said...


kalimullah dragged NST into this. NST is paying his legals fees as well as the three others.
and they're no longr with NST.

as for wizsurf -- you must be an idiot. If you feel you've been had by Rocky, then that's your problem.

What did you not understand?
that he does not think much of Pak lah and his coterie of clowns?
that he's ok with najib?
that he has respect fr old man mahathir?
that he voted for DAP in the march 2008 general election?

so Rocky lied?
becos he accepted his old job back? to help sell Malay Mail that was ruined by Kalimullah?

apasal taksub sangat, ya?