Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"I would have abolished ISA": Says this gutless wonder named Dollah Badawi!

My pet peeved: A gutless wonder named Tun Abdullah, and his second wife Tun Jeanne!

I admire the Tunku for being a man of reasons and truly our first father of a multi-racial family. I adore Tun Razak for bringing the Malays out of their doldrums by creating many reforms and introducing many systems that have benefited them, and of course for many others too.

I have great respect for Tun Hussein for being a sober and fatherly PM for the country during his tenure. Most of all I have great respect for Tun Mahathir, for what ever his shortcomings were, for what he had done for this country's development.

I will support Dato' Serti Najib as this country sixth PM and for the gargantuan task that lies ahead of him, such as bringing this country back together again and to repair the image that this country has suffered under his predecessor Pak Lah!

Unfortunately, I have no respect for our fifth PM Pak Lah, who have brought nothing but misery and hardship and a notorious son-in-law to this country when under him even his own state went to the opposition, apart for the other four states that BN lost.

Recently this moron said if had more time he would have repealed or abolished the country's proverbial Internal Security Act (ISA). THis is the man who let Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim out of prison when his infamous son-in-law went to his house to give him his international passport so that he can inflict more damage to the country overseas!

He has the audacity to say recently: "During my term I had other things to focus on".
Well mo, you could have done it if you had the guts to do it, in hindsight anyone can say anything!! But in you case Pak Lah you should not have opened your mouth at any given time!

Yeah, like allowing others to run the country and sleeping. There was an incident at one Umno Supreme council meeting where he fell asleep chairing the meeting. Tengku Adnan Mansor told everyone to go out for a smoke and let the bugger sleep.

Hey Pak Lah, even in you after thought you sickened me as a Malay leader, so just shut you gap at any function that people have the pity to invite you, do not make my life to be more miserable then it is now just look at the mess you have left behind.


KS Cheah said...

My sentiments exactly:


Anonymous said...

HaHa this sleepy head is trying to pull all Malaysians' legs. What he is trying to say is that why you people never protest/demonstrated to keep him until the full term??? You see I would have abolish ISA if you all were to supported me. Do you remember how he push for the macc to be so powerful, now isa is sure no use because it does not kill witness during interrogation.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pasquale,
I agree with you 100% that this moron had caused severe destruction to the Malays and the nation and yet has audacity to say what he had done was for the good of the nation. Remember the Kota Tinggi floods when he came after much grouses was spurned, he then was gone. Where did the moron go when Kota Tinggi was flooded - to Australia to launch a nasi kandar restaurant and fishing. So much for a hadhari leadership. Now, this moron still thinks that he is relevant.

Anonymous said...

ai, just like tun m, when they were calling the shot, play deaf to all suggestion & turn a blind eye to everything...

but now when they are out, do nothing but keep complaining & blaming everything & everyone.

tun bodoh & tun m... you guys are pain in the arse, me think your god need your company more than us.

Anonymous said...

What is happening now in Malaysia, makes us look nostalgically at what Abdullah Badawi has done, or rather, what he tried to do. His son-in-law was a problem, but ABB was sincere in what he wanted to do for Malaysia. Whatever it is, history will remember him as the man who led Malaysia to BN's greatest victory, only to lead it to its worst defeat in the next GE. History will also remember Najib for leading the BN to its utter collapse: he should have left ABB for that, but then he was in a hurry to be Prime Minister. I don't think I could feel sorry for him.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Haha Pasquale. I was very surprised when I read Pak Lah's statement on ISA.

I think he should stay retired and move to Perth !

Anonymous said...

Syabas tuan, ajar orang tua ni sikit negara dah rosak di kudakannya masih nak bersuara lagi

Anonymous said...

100% agree with you. WHo the heck let this dummy talk? DO not air or publish anything coming from this moron!!!Hate him last time, hate him now and hate him tomorrow..

Anonymous said...

I want boro OED word called "apparition" as a additional name for SLUMBERJACK.

The northern univervasity VC is a real clown want to give PHD, sumore in democraksi to this apparition aka as Slumberjack.

Slumberjack damaged our country and we give him everything for that.
In some countrries who are deemed not deomokratik, this apparation will be bumped off in the 100 days as slumberjack.

Mah Ngah tong.

Anonymous said...

Syabas Tun Lah,

B.S.Tahir menderita Kamarudin Abdullah gelak ketawa.

Classical Pak Lah said...

"....There was an incident at one Umno Supreme council meeting where he fell asleep chairing the meeting. Tengku Adnan Mansor told everyone to go out for a smoke and let the bugger sleep...."

The is real classic of Pak Lah !!!!

Parpu Kari said...

Well done Bro Pasquale, I agree with 1000% bro, this moron is the root cause of the reason on what is happening to UMNO today! He and his bloody fool son in law had ruined this country enough!

And this fella is still trying to make a comeback, at least it took Tun M 3 years, before he open his mouth but this moron not even 4 months after retirement and he want to show off!

SIL and his paid low life cheap skate blogger are trying defend this moron!

Go and sleep you expired ape!

Detguaq said...

He just a sparkler and the true flame that will be a hero is kj. See how kj come out with his statement regarding isa?

Detguaq said...

He just a sparkler and the true flame that will be a hero is kj. See how kj come out with his statement regarding isa?

Anonymous said...

Yes Sir ! Exactly the same point I said in my heart.. haha I blog in my heart.

I have actually seen him sleep before my eyes in a function !

tak po la warih, maaf kan lah dio tu. Kito pun mungkin ado salah kan .

Warih rombau tapi lamo dah tak balik..

Anonymous said...

Title change "I could have abolished ISA": Says this gutless wreck labelled Pak Lah!

Anonymous said...

i remember budak2 rtm's' joke about pak lah PC while in New York in 2005...he was speaking on international relations and how malaysia and US can create a stronger bond when zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, he was asleep. OMG, he fell asleep while doing a PC!

To make it even worse, dia terperanjat and shouted......TANAM SAYUR...


true story.

A.John said...

Pak lah was just supposed to be a puppet.But, to the dismay of the puppet masters,; suddenly the puppet did not respond to the master's directives. To me Pak lah was installed because he was seen as weak leader. We all knew this, but the spin masters tried to potray him diferently., and Pak Lah belived in their spin, and the country suffered! The Question is why did UMNO install such a leader? Self interest ?

Yes2ISA said...

This is a big joke by a joker . Stay retired PakLah.