Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Chua Soi Lek episode: There is more to it than meets the eye in Malaysian-Chinese politics!

"The MCA presidential council has decided to accept the disciplinary board’s decision to expel party deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.
The presidential council reached the decision after a more than five-hour meeting at Wisma MCA here on Wednesday night.
Earlier Wednesday, Dr Chua told reporters at Wisma MCA that the disciplinary board had recommended that he be sacked from the party.
“As a loyal party man, I have to abide by the decision of the disciplinary board and the presidential council,” he told reporters..........."

Well personally speaking I just cannot trust the MCA as a Barisan Nasional (BN) component party anymore.
Why?! Well it is sure is a fine time for, MCA, a staunch branch of the BN to decide to sack its deputy-president, Dr Chua Soi Lek, when BN component parties are supposed to be strenghtening their position in facing the next general elections!
Sacking him will definitely have a serious political ramification to the BN.
It is as though MCA is in cahoot with the opposition in trying to undermine the Malay upper hand in governing the country, by subtly "giving way" to its deputy president "to join" Pakatan by "sacking" him.
But, of course Soi Lek said "No" when asked whether he might join another party, be it DAP or Pakatan. What do you expect him to say.
Reporters also asked the same question ot Chua Jui Ming remember?!
My take is if MCA disciplinary committee has any sense at all it should have initiated the sacking of its the far-right born again Chinese leader Ong Tee Kiat.
When BN is trying to take stock and replenish its political fortune, now we have one of its partner playing funny political game!
Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

What is happening in MCA is no big deal in BN and definitely poses no impact to UMNO. BN is all about UMNO in the first place hence I don't see how sacking Chua Soiled Lek is going to do any more damage. Hey I definitely do not want a porn star, lying cheating bugger to be my leader. Imagine you have a PM like that? I thought we are an Islamic country? No?

Non-partisan said...

Anon 10:40 AM - The MCA delegates didn't think so, otherwise they wouldn't have voted for him in the party election. Obviously there was a miscalculation on the part of his rivals for allowing him to contest.

Someone from UMNO must be heroic enough to emulate the late Tun Dr. Ismail's stance for a hard line action against MCA following the debacle suffered during the 1969 GE. Either the party pull itself together or leave the coalition.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo Pasqual, you banyak racist lah!If you love the country you should give the "Upper hand" in governing the country to all Malaysian lah, not only the Malay. In Singapore the "Upper hand" is orang Cina and they did it in a run away success of GDP about the same size as Malaysia with 13 states and 6 times more populated.

So don't be racist lah, for the good of the country let those who are more able to gain the "Upper hand" lah!

Anonymous said...

well, why don't umno kick mca out of the bn...

Anonymous said...

Ong Tee Kiat taiko is the same as what Mahathir did to Anwar.He must root up the root to survive as his integrity is at stake.The exposure of the 1o million ringgits's donation has tarnished his integrity and before he is in the history's book he would be taking his deputy along with him.This is politics.

Anonymous said...


You are sometimes very bird brained.

This MCA fight result will be much awaited by UMNO. If MCA came out intact, means UMNO menang cos the chinese votes will be more easy to win back.

Remember Permatang Pasir and the 'immoral' husband Rohaizat? Same thing for chinese community - everytime the voting women will remember the cheater man. (unless they are the hungry aunties)

I don't like OTK, but he's a much better choice than the tainted Chua. I wonder how the MCA member can explain to the MCA child if the little one came across the naughty sex video on youtube.

"Its ok to sex around, get caught and still be a political leader even if the law of the country says its not ok?"


Anonymous said...

i agree there is a hidden hand working to undermine Malay leadership..... and this move has some connection to it...


Anonymous said...


Do you think OKT took the 10 million claimed by his "enemies" in MCA?
Is this claim being investigated?
I guess Soi lek was sacked when he said that the 10million was a personal matter between OKT and his MCA "enemies"

Joe Black

Anonymous said...

How come nobody question who's behind Chua Soi Lek's move to silence PKFZ Ong?

Kunyit said...

The star newspaper today front page says govt to step in on pkfz. I think its about time.
Read here Chief Sec to Govt - Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, Treasury Sec Gen - Tan Sri Dr Abdul Aziz Wan Abdullah, AG - Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail and officers from the transport ministry and also proffesionals, will be involved.

Just thought you should know.