Monday, September 21, 2009

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim protected Haji Abu Bakar Bashir!

Right under the nose of the then PM of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad, Abu Bakar Bashir was given protection in 1984-85 by the then deputy prime minister Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim!

Man responsible for indoctrinating the two Malaysian terrorists, Azahari and Nordin Mat Top, killed in Indonesia is Indonesian Hj Abu Bakar Bashir.
Abu Bakar Bashir is a Muslim jihadist preacher with dream of forming a caliphate covering Indonesia, Phillipines, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia.
He was wanted for arrest by the late Indonesia's Suharto regime. He escaped to Johore, and was allowed to live in Malaysia and he started his religious school in 1984 - 85.
It was believed Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) gave him protection as he has given to many jihadist from Libya to Mindanao who sought a legitimate existence at the International Islamic University (UIA).
To many people like me, but only after Al Maunah and Jemaah Islamiah surfaced did I hear of Abu Bakar Bashir. So, as much as Malaysia had "exported" terrorists to Indonesia, that country had exported the mentor and the spiritual leader of jihadist terrorists who is at large in Jakarta inspiring new recruits. Both Azahari & Nordin Mat Top were disciples of this Abu Bakar Bashir dubbed as Osama Bin Laden of Asia.


Anonymous said...

And Dr M condoned it because it suited his agenda to bash the West?


Anonymous said...

And Dr M had resigned from active politic but that is in stark contrast to our ex DPM in that his political agenda still alive and kicking and only time would tell whether he would be able to fulfill the old vision that was for some period of time been disrupted for reason known to many of us.


Anonymous said...

And of course the truths about all these came from Bernama and the MSMs. It's also the Gospel truth so it was told to the world.

No one should have any right to talk about all these.

And was money from UMNO hard toil that paid for these Bernama and the MSMs? "MELAYUsians" gospel word is that the UMNO Melayus paid for this!



Anonymous said...

wa you so good should be recommended for home minister post as you seem to know everything compared tO HM.

Anonymous said...

That was old story bro. The recent one is totally different. His guru nowadays no longer Bashir but ustad LKS and siblings, Ronnie Ptuit and Candle Virgil. Hope you got it.

Kampung Boy

Anonymous said...

death to MIC.. you bos very smart lah pasquale

The Malaysian Insider) KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 24 — The invitation card is glossy, in gold colour and of superior quality, in keeping with the VIP who is guest of honour at the Oct 10 launch of the new kid on the block — the Parti Makkal Sakti Malaysia.

The VIP will be Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who appears to be signalling that he is not going to solely depend on Barisan Nasional (BN) stalwart parties like the MIC and MCA to reach out to the non-Malay communities.

He will launch the new Indian-based party formed by former leaders of Hindraf at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park in Serdang next month in a strategy which bears similarities to his father Tun Razak Hussein's move in the 1970s to welcome more political parties into the establishment fold.

Yew Sik Kow said...

Just go back to history.

Anwar Ibrahim used ABIM as a vehicle to rise to fame. He taught his followers to sleep on the floor, throw away TV sets, live in isolation and used them in demonstrations.

At the same time, Raja Petra was involved with the Al Arkam extremists. Raja Perta was also using deviant teachings to recruit as many dumb followers to follow his camp.

Now both of these two dumped their past to take over the country.

Anwar has been helping the rebels quietly by funding their operations, but done cleverly and making proof difficult.

He will now use some excuse to defend Nordin Top too.

Anonymous said...

If they can forgive and forget the commies leader for its great atrocity in the past then why not this explosive expert?

As far as the fairness is concerned it is a universal value. Other than that, it only exposed the negative side of the holy cow land -- a land full of hypocrites.

Holy Sapi

Anonymous said...

poor paranoid delusional creepy pasquale

Anonymous said...

poor paranoid delusional creepy pasquale