Monday, September 21, 2009

Dollah never ruled and Najib is in total charge now...make no mistake!

Najib and his able deputy Muhyiddin...headaches..but in control!

Pak Lah failed, Najib striving not to follow( Malaysian Insider headline and excerpt below)

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 21 — By consensus, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has failed miserably and squandered Barisan Nasional's historic 2004 mandate because he became a prisoner to Umno. His successor is trying hard to cut free from the party.........

But, if I am in charge of this biased Singapore Chinese newsportal, Malaysianinsider, my suggested headline would have read "Pak Lah is a Narcolepsy (sleeping sickness), Najib is in charge and (like Mahathir) is a workaholic!"
The evil Malaysian Insider has never ceased to amaze me since day one for its biased reporting that is so blatant that it did not even pretend to shows that it loves Malaysia. Malaysian Insider rabid anti-Umno and anti Malay reporting thus far has remained unchecked, unfortunately!

The latest is its implication that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is a prisoner of Umno-warlords, well to begin with the words are oxy-moron, there is no possibility of any Umno leader within Umno to consolidate power to become a crackpot warlord.

There is, however, anger and tantrums within this Malay party, but warlords formation from within? Nah, never! The only time when there was a warlord controlling, or rather giving headache to the Umno hierarchy, was our one and only human live portal Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI).

When he was in power, short lived thanks to our brave former PM Tun Mahathir, BABI dished out contracts and money to his enslaved supporters.

The way I see it, Dollah Badawi did not rule the country when he was the PM. He allows his son-in-law, dictated by his son to his son-in-law on what to do and what big huge government contracts to be swallowed by him and his crony.

Under Dollah Badawi, the once loyal members of the BN component parties began to flex their muscles.
Lets us make no mistake about the last general elections. The reason why BN lost was because BN component parties thought they can finally break the Malay rules of the country. Well, when push comes to shove the Malays saw the non-Malays shenanigans..

Najib also saw this but he is not stupid, he believes things can go back to normal or semi-normal. He knows the support of the non-Malays is crucial. But, always remember this, and I will quote someone very powerful and I will not say it is Najib who said this, but here goes: "Since time immemorial the Malays have been bending over backward for the non-Malays, there will be time when pushed too far, the Malays will expressed that proverbial amok syndrome, lets hope we will not have to walk that road."

As a Malay I personally do not want to walk that road, for it will be bad for everyone.

So, what's left for the Chinese/Singapore biased Malaysian Insider, just do not carry that stupid adage of " more than one way to skin a cat" news reporting style, we can see what you are trying to do!!

P.S. The Penang Umno members who did not vote for Umno during the last general elections thought by supporting BABI and they thought they could rule the world, and now they found out they are being rule by Singapore proxy DAP instead....padam muka!


Anonymous said...

Spot on !

Zamany said...


i'm pity you for your judgement in our current affair.
but u always entitle for your thought. nevermind thou..
anyway...BABI is quite catchy u know. hehe
but, i'm with anwar all the way. not becoz of contract or crony but my consciousness told me so

Anonymous said...


you mean your CONSCIENCE tells you so

if it is your consciousness, then each time you sleep or faint, you are not with anwar eh?

i think you are the one to be pitied here, for supporting someone who was convicted of power abuse, corruption and sodomy

kesian kesian terlalu bangang

Anonymous said...

Barking Magpie I think u should continue barking. By ridiculing others u have degraded yourself and it clearly shows that u r lacking maturity and wisdom. Please do more meditation.



Anonymous said...

kesian sekali kpd zamani diharap beliau mendapat maklumat yang betul

Maulana Arrif said...

Those people support Anwar because they know little about the actual Anwar.

I can understand why the're people like `Murai' who loath Anwar so much.

Between Anwar and the Devil, it's better to choose the Devil. Good luck to Brader Anwar's supporters.