Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fabian Dawson scores another!

Fabian Dawson, a man of integrity. A former Malaysian journalist who made a name for himself in Canadian journalism! Bravo my man!

Fabian has been nominated for yet another prestigious Canadian journalism award, not his first for he has many. Why? This former Malaysian is trusted by the system there, so he gets more and more exclusive for his paper because his sources trust him. Fabian was with the New Straits Times Press and broke many stories before he migrated to Canada with his family. For being a dedicated journalist with integrity, Fabian is again being awarded with yet another prestigious award by his peers, read below:

Vancouver: Province deputy editor-in-chief Fabian Dawson and columnist Ethan Baron have been nominated for a prestigious Jack Webster award for an investigative series on a highly controversial RCMP undercover tactic. Dawson and Baron spotlighted the “Mr. Big” technique after obtaining unprecedented access to police officers involved in these investigations, in which Mounties pose as criminals to trick suspects into confessing to unsolved murders. “This series was of vital interest to our readers as British Columbia was home to many of the Mr. Big stings,” said Wayne Moriarty, Province editor-in-chief. “It was here that the program was born. “It was also here that it had its harshest critics.” The work of Baron and Dawson was nominated in the category “Excellence in Legal Journalism,” as the Province nomination for a Webster award was joined by six from the Vancouver Sun and two each from the Victoria Times-Colonist and Global B.C. “I’m humbled by the nomination,” said Dawson, who has been nominated for the Jack Webster trophy six times and won it three times before.
Dawson, who moved to Canada in 1988 from Malaysia, has also won several other international journalism awards, while being declared an unsung hero of Canadian journalism by a panel of his peers from the National Newspaper Awards committee.
Dawson also advises several publications in Hong Kong , Malaysia , Singapore , India and England . He is frequently asked to be a media commentator on organized crime/terrorism and has been called on to speak to Members of Parliament in Canada 's House of Commons on matters pertaining to crime and national security.
His investigative exposes and news stories have led to the production of four documentary films. He also helped develop a Canadian made-for-TV movie that was inspired by his reporting.
In July 2006, the investigative team led by Dawson won the prestigious Daniel Pearl Award for outstanding story about South Asia and the Rolls Royce award for best reporting in the Commonwealth.
This latest series, Dawson said took about two years to come to print.
Using real life cases to illuminate the Mr Big investigational tool, the series was designed as a public service project aimed at providing a platform for critics and supporters to debate the constitutionality of the Mr. Big technique.
“Writing about the Mr. Big method gave me an opportunity to reveal to the public an area of police operations that had previously been shrouded in extreme secrecy,” Baron said. “And because Mr. Big is used mainly against suspects in difficult-to-solve murder cases, I found no shortage of dramatic and compelling stories to illustrate every aspect of the technique.” The Jack Webster Foundation, named after the late B.C. broadcaster, was established in 1986 to recognize excellence in journalism. Winners will be announced Oct. 20.


Anonymous said...

In the local context, peoples seem to have direct influence on how journo should behave. If they (the journo) work for the MSM, they are accused of being biased toward the oppositions.

But then when the same journo joined the other media and only published a good report about the opposition, non of us dare to accuse this journo as being biased to the establishment group!

So, as long as peoples are hypocrite themselves, all systems tend to behave in a hypocritical manner to suit the hypocritical market. You guys reap what you sow.

Kampung Boy

Anonymous said...

Ni sindir rocky ni he he he

Pasquale said...

Kampung Boy, you are too verbose, can you make your comments simpler, por favor!

Anonymous said...

Eh, not many Malaysians with integrity these days. A friend of mine readily criticises the corruption in politics but admits to giving duit kopi o to policemen.

This man, Fabian, needs a big congratulations!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Fabian.

Our paths have crossed and we have collaborated on stories when he was in NST 20 years ago.

Best regards to Fabian and Ann.


Anonymous said...

La Salle Klang salute Fabian Dawson!