Monday, September 28, 2009

Give him back his passport and let him return!

P. Waythamoorthy and his daughter in Singapore last week! He mises his kampung in Kelantan!

He was just like you and me, when push comes to shove you just want that simple justice that you are entitled to right!?
Okay, may be he went a bit far with his allegations, deemed serious by the Malaysian government, but he already said he wants his passport back and a simple apology from the Malaysian government, and willing to come back to face the jury.
Hey why not eh! I believe Prime Minister Najib Razak is a magnanimous man and so is his home minister, just un-revoke his passport.
Let's have a conciliatory tea party and to forgive and be forgiven.
Najib sir, just look at his beautiful daughter, and according to Waythamoorthy, who pines for him every day and night and he needs to go home "to face the music" including being detained, I believe you as our leader can do better than anyone else by responding positively!
We salute you sir!


Ana said...

Aloo aney... bila cakap kalu kau lupa yang lu tu warganegara Malaysia dengan perlembagaan sekali... ewah-ewah.. manyak cantik lu punya muka...

Anonymous said...

hello, u been imbibing on fermented ketupat or what? Its wyathamoorthy who should apologise to all malaysians!Come a man.

Anonymous said...

An apology from the Malaysian government? He must be joking.

Wasn't he the fella who went to India and asked the Indian government to take some kind of punitive action against Malaysia? For what? Genocide?

That, to me, is treachery; treasonous. He should opt for India then, Tamil Nadu to be precise. He would have a better deal there then being here, right?

He spat in all our faces and we still want to be magnanimous? If any apology is forthcoming, it has to be from him, this wayward Waytha! An apology to all decent and peace-loving Malaysians from a self-declared racist.

At this point in time, I'm still having problems with forgiving and forgetting, notwithstanding the holy month of Syawal.




Anonymous said...

“Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri”

Nah dah Lobby sana sini baru sendiri sedar yang mana kau orang pi pun orang semua "lebih caya ular"..


Anonymous said...

Because he knows there is no place like home.... not even India.For all the goodies in the whitemen's land, he's only able to pull his stunts and autta with the poor Indians here in good old Msia. The goldmine is here. And to think what they do with traitors in the good old times of the white masters huh! We dont need this kinda crap among us la.

Anonymous said...

Kalo aku anak bini, cabut lari lama da. Mesti menghinakan ari2 d ingatkan bapak /laki aku penghianat dan pemutar belit terkenal d Msia ni. Pas tu cabut lari ka UK bkan India. Nak respect org cam ni?

Anonymous said...

This puk_mak bluff all the Indian to claim 4Million fr the Bristish Crown and now hiding in exiled.
Bigger Liar than Sami Velloo!!!

Anonymous said...


One minute pro India. Next minute Pro British. Then back to bad old Malaysia.

Stay there in London. Your spouses can visit you there.

Expenses? Oh, claim that from the British Government. They owe you the millions you claimed. Just do a contra deal with the Brits. They have a better system there, don't they?


Anonymous said...

The cheek - wtf!! gave up his Msian ppt and asking Gamen to apologize some more!! Wautta, if its anybody who should be apologizing it's you. Use your thick hide elsewhere! Please don't come back.

DNL said...

Is he really Kelantanese? nik ajis must fatwa lah sekali lagi ........ Hmmmmm just throw him into the dungeon kat mane mane tak rugi pun

azali said...

For one minute, I woud agree, but on second thought I am totally disagree with him coming back. Making a havoc at the court is what he wanted. M'sian has enough of these wayang. Even if found guilty....these kind of person will continue to claim not guilty.Barking thatthe court is prejudice, the govt is foul bla..bla.. a never ending story !

For the kid....he should be aware of the consequences!LIVE WITH IT.