Friday, September 04, 2009

Malaysian Insider, don't rain on our parade! You are so full of malice intended!

Yes! One of our pride! Our own submarine!

Malaysian Insider implied Malaysian government is wasting money when we could have built one with a tin drum!

A news portal, Malaysian Insider, which has been negatively slanting a report on how Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussin has been supporting the "cow-head" protester is "powered" or owned by none other than a PR company, Fox Communications, entrusted, yes entrusted, to service the image of the Royal Malaysian Police Force (PDRM)

Rockybru wrote: "The irony? The Malaysian Insider, the said portal that's drubbing Hisham cow-cow (actually it's kow-kow, which makes the drubbing not a mere drubbing but "a really good drubbing"), is powered by an ex-Singapore journo who is a major partner in Fox Communications, which is a Malaysian PR agency run by two PRs (of Singapore and Australia, if I'm not misled) that has a RM1,000-a-day contract to service the Polis Di Raja Malaysia. The PDRM, or the Royal Malaysian Police, comes under the Home Ministry."

If this is the case than Hishamuddin as a minister in charge of the police does not deserves my sympathy for being a moron. Either he is clueless that the very PR company given a big fat contract by his ministry to enhance the police image has been maligning him via the news portal, or, yes, he should step down! If a pro-Singapore news portal is allowed to belittle the Malaysian government, or the government has no energy to reprimand these people or group then things are seriously out of control in this country!

Unlike Malaysiakini, while biased towards the opposition, appears to have more finesse as a news portal, Malaysian Insider is blatant in its anti-Malaysia, anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-the Malaysian government! Najib Tun Razak what are you going to do about this freaky anomaly which called itself a respectable news portal!

Malaysian Insider is created to be one of those evil-intended and malicious news portal!
Just look at the news on Malaysian submarine, its says while Malaysian multi-million ringgit submarine arrive at the port, a Chinese man bought a drum and some engine and built himself a much cheaper submarine!! Of course it was not written that way but that was how the pictures were meant to be depicted! Evil just plain pure evil!

This news portal will not stop, unless stopped, until Umno led BN-government is slayed and destroyed, well people, Malay people especially, wake up unless you want to live like a moron for the rest of your life being abused! Wake up for heaven sake!


Anonymous said...

where's your sense of humor, man? the principal behind the submarine and the contraption in the river is the same. just like the dynamics in the design of an aeroplane with that of a kite. Why are u seeing ghosts where there are none?

sri hartamas.

OrangMelayu said...

I do agree million times with you about the Malaysian Insider.Purely anti-Bumiputra and anti-Malaysia.It goes beyond political boundary.Something has to be done about it.Reading comments from the portal,it reflects the true colour of our chinese brother. Not so much from indian. Those comments made me nothing but a staunch defender of my race.

Goh Wei Liang said...

exactly bro. when i first saw the picture, i was shocked. it was so clear cut that they are trying to ridicule the presence of Malaysia's first submarine.

Ken said...

So read it for its news value. Do the comments make a site anti-Bumiputera? Don't read the comments then.

Lol I find it funny what people deem "racism". Can't one construe "a defender of my race" as racism as well?

Let's grow up, people, as a community, as a nation. Petty backbiting isn't gonna make us 1Malaysia. Dumb publicity stunts with representatives from 3 races on tv isnt gonna make us 1Malaysia.

The only thing that's gonna make us 1Malaysia is when each of us from every race learns to bite the bullet a little, and learn how to coexist.

I'm a Malaysian before a Chinese. What are you? I love my Malay and Indian friends the same as my Chinese friends. Do you? I see the faults and the racism in my own community. Do you? And I do my best to fix those within my community first before trying to fix others.

So some choose to walk around with a cow's head. Is that representative of the whole community? Can I say all the Malays are at fault? Certainly not. And similarly a few immature people think that that incident is representative of all Malays. Are they right? Of course not. And these are not representative of the whole non-Malay community as well!

Let's grow up, guys. Some people ask me if I support the opposition. I walk around with a "Justice for Beng Hock" badge on my bag. Someone asked me if I'm a Beng Hock supporter. I said no. I support truth. And justice. Principles. Values. All of these transcend political issues and political parties. All of these transcend racial issues.

My 2 cents.. =)

Anonymous said...

I don't see you standing-up when Utusan spills enough venom to flood the nation. Why are you so work-up on this piece of tin-can? Are u one of them who made tons of commission on this tin-can???

Surprised said...

I never made the connection between that Chinese man's contraption and our submarine until you mentioned it. Are you seeing things, perhaps? I've found Malaysian Insider to be a most intelligent and informative news website. I don't think they go out of their way to ridicule our country. If people in our country choose to do stupid things that get reported in the news website then it is the fault of the people doing those things. They should learn not to do such things.

exconomist said...


Personally, I read Malaysian Insider because it offers me brain-stimulating-writings day in, day out. The mainstream medias (MSM) are leaning too much towards the government, while Malaysiakini is on the extreme opposite of MSM.

So far, I think Malaysian Insider have been as fair as possible in their reporting. They try to get the views of the relevant parties whenever possible.

I think it is unfair for you to label Malaysian Insider as "anti-Malaysia, anti-Malay, anti-Islam, and anti-Malaysian Government" just because the writers do not share your views.

For me, they are doing a great service to Malaysia by providing alternative views for observers like us.

The best way forward is to agree to disagree. Don't try to supress opposing views, because the best way to learn about our weaknesses is through our critics.

apanama said...

Malaysian Insider appears to be immune! I wonder how, and why.

apanama said...

Malaysian Insider appears to be immune! I wonder how, and why.

Anonymous said...

wake up la idiots.

If you prefer Utusan more than MalaysianInsider. You might need your brain examined.

Expect this message to be banned here.

Anonymous said...

sense of humour, hartamas? you are full of shit!


Anonymous said...

Hoi, Goh. U Cina kan ?

No shame, heh. Gong liau, meh ?

Anonymous said...

OrangMelayu... so when are you going to follow your UMNO buddies and kick a pig's head?

Mukhriz and Hishamuddin will support you.

Jason said...

You're taking the view of news portal and instigate that the malays should wake up? and why is it when someone is against BN that they are anti malay? you're no different from those people carrying the cow head.

You sound like you're all liberal and open minded with your "intellectual " arguments, but they're all just a smokescreen in your attempt to disguise your racist demeanor and pro-bn stance.

PK said...

Look at the articles by one Bana..something, his articles slammed PKR left right and centre.

Malaysian Insider have people who cover both sides of the spectrum and you just can't have your cake and eat it.

Anonymous said...

how come you are not saying anything about the utusan bull**** news reporting? just becos it suits you, its ok? i think its you thats racist! grow up but then again you obviously likes to suck up to those goons eventhough you know its wrong!

The Unspinners said...

It is time we start to label their newspapers.

Malaysia Insider and Malaysiakini as opposition backed or highly spinned newspaper.

Call Malaysia Today as PKR-backed or coward led newspaper and Harakahdaily as PAS-backed.

Anonymous said...

In world war one- many submarines fought the war and sunk...just like this diesel powered sub; The German's sub was known as U boat; now we have U tube!


Pasquale said...

Just to let you guys know I do not read Utusan nor do I read Berita Harian. I only subscribed to the NST for a long time now because Davin the vendor has been at it for a long time and he needs the money and he is our friend. Sometimes the NST will pile up for days before our house helper took them away! So there! I do not know what you guys yelping about I should read Utusan!?

Anonymous said...

Pasquale, now Malaysian Insider will negatively spin IGP Musa Hassan's extension till kingdom come

Pro PDRM and FBI!

Cruzeiro said...

Looks like you cannot take as good as you give eh?
You seem to see ghosts under the bed too!
Grow up & stop being a cry baby - at least stop barking up the wrong tree, buddy!

Pasquale said...

"Looks like you cannot take as good as you give eh?
You seem to see ghosts under the bed too!
Grow up & stop being a cry baby - at least stop barking up the wrong tree, buddy! September 04, 2009 4:39 PM"

No I do not see ghost under my bed, but I kept seeing anti-Malay, anti-Umno chauvinist DAP-PAP sponsored chauvinist Chinese run news portal under by bed!
Remember the name of this country is Malay-sia not Chinese-sia. The name Malay-sia was changed to accommodate our new "non-Malay brothers" so not to make them feel uncomfortable we changed the original name of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu to Malay-sia and still they are not happy. But always remember this: this country was not once called Persekutuan Tanah China or Persekutuan Tanah India! No I am not a racist I am a wee bit bit peeved when one bits the hand the feed you, like Fox Communcation!

Muhammad said...

Hmm I am a Malay and I read Malaysian Insider and comment on it almost everyday. I do not see it as anti-this or anti-that. Just critical about some things which is good for thought. Well, if pukey Utusan can cater to my brain I'd certainly read it too. No offence to anyone.

Antu News said...

Alaaaa ! We know what malaysiakini, malaysia today made of, perhaps, just like you who will tell what utusan, berita etc are made of.

When the tastes are different, just put the newspaper/news portal side by side and consider:-

Which one are more racist, facist, whatever! Which ones are more nationalistic and which are anti-national.

But then again, you people have your own definition on what is racist, facist, anti-national etc.

Read then the Rukun Negara and what does it says? For example, the one which says about "Raja-Raja"? or "Keluhuran Perlembagaan" or "Kedaulatan Undang-Undang" and which is which when these newspaper / news portal are being compared side by side?

- Antu News

Leong said...

Dear Pasquale,i do believe intention of the TMI post of self made submarine is to highlight the ability of personal to create useful stuff then spending too much of money on submarine. BTW i am MALAYSIAN Born Chinese and i AM proud of it. do u know why. because i am working hard to change the view of goverment of the ancient ways of governing by voting. and those u claim anti malay or anti umno chauvinist only bloomed few years back. We got more and more Freedom on media now. dont u agree with that.

dreamer said...


So, what's the problem with alternative media? If you don't like it, don't read. Then, you're at peace with yourself and the world.

Anonymous said...

I really thought the drum-sub was actually the stripped-down version of our new sub. It will not be a surprise after so much money for the purchase have been used to pay-out commissions!

Anonymous said...

Its all in your mind that MI is anti this and that. The Malay race is already enjoying everything you can possibly think of, so why all this suspicious thinking ? Its about time you grow up and discard those suspicions and get a life.

ziggy, NZ

Anonymous said...


I don't think UMNO has been feeding
the Non Malays, it should be said as the Non Malays are the ones that is feeding the 'Elite Malays'(not all the non UMNO Malays)

Anonymous said...

why is it when someone is against BN that they are anti malay? you're no different from those people carrying the cow head.
Ye ka and why is it everytime a Malay speaks up he is Pro-BN?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I read Malaysian Insider because it offers me brain-stimulating-writings day in, day out.

Brain-stimulating ka? MI stimulates your bigotry on a hot plate, just the way you like it la, no diff from Utusan, that's all.

Anonymous said...

You don't read neither Utusan nor Berita Harian but you read NST. Whats the difference. As long as you read one of the many MSM's you are in man. I really pity you.
You jump at Malaysian Insider b ut turn blind at other MSM news items that carry 'shit' news. I would prefer to read Malaysian Insider rather then any MSM news. Magpie/pasquale the same guy thets what you are fakes.

Anonymous said...

aya another article from a malay racist..dun waste time le read this useless article...

Rose said...

The reason y they add the sia behind malay is to suck up to sarawak and sabah, whose majority bumiputra population are not malays. Without our resources, you would be wearing loincloths till today.

Anonymous said...

Wow! So many clever brothers you have. How many of you would actually boycott the tax ringgits earned from non-Bumiputra and depend on GLC earnings only? How many of you would label the tax ringgits as "untouchable" and depend on "profits" from Maybank?

How clever you are to dare to label something not favourable and avoid labeling those favourable to you?


Anonymous said...

Wah Rose amoi, whose resources? Ur apeks wipe the green jungle over there clean oledi mah. No worries soon majority pop. will be chinamen and filipinos!!

me said...

There is no biting the hands that feed.

There is only marketing.

You see, marketing is differentiated with sales by management folks as being a strategy to CREATE demand, rather than just satisfying demand.

If, by decreasing the reputation of the PDRM, the firm can create a demand for image-polishing, why not?

And I take offense whenever someone claims something is anti-Malaysian, as if any single individual has the solitary and unilateral right to define what Malaysia is and thus what being anti-Malaysian is.

This country is a sum of its parts, and no one can truly measure that.

Anonymous said...

I live in kampung and such I don't get benefit from the tax money. Instead it is the palm oil, the paddy field and the rubber product that help to feed many of us here.

Kampung Boy

Anonymous said...

Pasquale! So u get peeved when one bites the hands that feeds huh? Hell. It is the taxpayers money which is used by the PDRM to pay the foreign n jewish outfit of Fox Communication and I am very upset about it. A thousand a day u mentioned is hell of lot of money to part with just for PR. PDRM cld get a good name on its own if they can do the job efficiently. But alas, PDRM is headed by a corrupt Musang. So stop blaming others. Do the right thing 1st

Anonymous said...

"I live in kampung and such I don't get benefit from the tax money. Instead it is the palm oil, the paddy field and the rubber product that help to feed many of us here.
Kampung Boy,September 05, 2009 2:29 AM"

Kampung Boy your view is rather very simplistic and blinkered! Where do you think the rubber, palm oil and rice will eventually be bought? By the government of course! A Chinamen or a cooperative may buy your product but they will ev entually be sold to the "government". Thus far Malaysia has got a good governmnet trading with the rest of the world. During the war in Iraq "your" rubber and palm oil prices went up and you have a good life after that!
This is one of the problem with you kampong people you are not able to look beyond your padi field, but believe what BABI(sorry pasqual) said! Everything in your house has to do with the BN government, your electricity, your piped water your stupid car so on and forth! So without the organised BN government you have nothing!

Anonymous said...

I do read malaysiakini and malaysian insider and initially i find them very interesting but after sometimes i realised that they are nothing but a mere web portals that offer spun and opposite views on politic.

I also read MSM. Not only the MSM offers views opposite to blogs but they are much better off in the sense that i could get a wide range of other more useful products (such as articles about social, economy, education, religion, sport etc).

So, in the context being a customer who are looking for a good and complete coverage on information, facts and education, the choice is crystal clear and that is the MSM but not the profiteer -- the online news media.


OrangMelayu said...

When malays speak up about their rights, it must be racism.When non-malays speak up about their rights, it must be human rights.I am no hardcore UMNO but I am a simple Malay who sees ingrates around me. Malaysia now is for us to ruin.Well done people!

Pasquale said...

Linda Low aka J.L., no the reason why I am not using your comment is because you are nasty and so full of hatred and I do not know who you are accusing of and for what what!
This is my take, if you are a Chinese woman you must be ugly, no I know you are ugly. The last time you got laid was, never! So there, and do not bother sending anything here I will not use it! How's is your equally racist Chinese brother?
I believe you will one day come to me for help and I will not!!

Anonymous said...

haha its funny when people say upgrading the military is a waste of money. i bet most of them are (insert race). if war happens the ATM which almost 90% of them (insert race) will defend the country.