Saturday, September 05, 2009

Remember the book or a movie 'Pelican Brief'?

Remember the movie based on a book "Pelican Brief" ? Anyway the story begins with the assassination of two philosophically divergent Supreme Court Justices. Liberal Justice Rosenberg is killed at his home, while the conservative Justice Jenson is killed inside a porn theatre. The circumstances surrounding their deaths, as well as the deaths themselves, shock and confuse a politically divided nation. Read more here if you want....

Any way I cannot help but to think about our nine, yes nine, lawmakers from members of parliament to members of the legislative assemblies who died this year, from mostly of "heart attacks" and other strange malady, and the thing was they were not quite that old either.

What if the nine were victims of "extreme prejudice" ordered by one obsessive politician that wants to be the leader of the country at all cost?!! The deaths have brought nine by-elections and the opposition parties somehow won and took over the respective constituencies!

Also what the government did not do is to actually find out what if the opposition parties which won five states had stuffed their own ballot boxes to make them win? Nobody thought of doing so. In the past only the ruling party has been accused of stuffing the ballot boxes, but what IF this time it was the opposition who had done it!

To hasten or quicken the dream of ruling the country, what if the opposition had murdered the nine to force by-elections?? Just a food for thought for you morons who are not capable of thinking out of your square boxes?

Like the judges in Pelican Brief their murder benefited certain person and a particular race of people!?


Anonymous said...


I thought the opposition were the incumbents in most of these consituencies anyway, except for the one in Sarawak and now the one in Negeri Sembilan?

Anonymous said...

Its all in the 'actuarials'. Look at the mortality rate for Malay men.
If lets say 20% of all Malay Men above the age of 60 pass away on annual basis, then you can expect on average 6-7 by elections per year.

Its just common sense, something Barisan Nasional lacks , even though they certainly got the $$$$$

Anonymous said...

I suspect something was wrong when time by time more ADUNS passed away ..most of them due to cardiac failure. Is it a coincidence? Politics are dirty. My first thought - this is Pakatan's work to gain more confidence of the rakyat as they won again their seats. I just dont trust people in Pakatan. I think they have something bigger and outside Malaysia backing them up. I think Malaysia is being targeted as one potential country for $$$ making. With the western economic disaster... every super sharks out there are targeting 3rd world countries for exploitations. History repeat itself.

Andrew said...

Relly good book! alot of deaths in it

tokasid said...

A theory is just a theory.
Hatred can create lots of theories.