Friday, September 11, 2009

A Terrorist by any other name: Or the difference between Osama Bin Laden and Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim?!

Well, it is very simple really. The difference is no one knows where Osama is so that he can be caught and brought to justice and be put away for good for all the mayhem in the world that he has help perpetrated.
However, we know where Anwar Ibrahim is and and where he lives and yet why are we, meaning the government, not able to just put him away for all the damage that he has inflicted against Malaysia and the Malaysian people.
I will not list out all that he had done but I am sure the spat between us and our Indonesian brothers is not by any mean spontaneous.
Yes the "claws" are out to destroy Malaysia's social fabrics, and I am damn sure Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim has a lot to do with it. We do know that his "connection" with Washington has weakened and he owes a lot of people money for empty promises.
Now that his influence within Washington power broker has waned, he is now looking towards trying to destroy goodwill within the Asean nations vis-a-vis Malaysia.
The man is dangerous and irresponsible and I just hope that the Attorney-General (AG) Gani Patail or Chief Justice (CJ) Zaki Azmi can hastened the process to prosecute Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim on his sodomy charges.
On the other note, the guy who claimed to have been sodomised said there appears to be two sets of rules in prosecution in Malaysia: One for the very rich with money (Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim fits the category), then there is another set for the poor like Saiful, the victim!
I think both the AG or the CJ have to catch the bull by the horns, then conquer the fear and live like a warrior and put this man in jail for the good of mankind, and for Malaysians and Indonesians both!

Enought already!


Anonymous said...

Will the Pakatan Ruckus ever believe these?

They will only say that it is UMNO's fault, in their limited vocabulary. That's all they have been taught, and that's all they have learnt.


Anonymous said...

They know this politician very well and yet the amount of support Pas give to this scums make many of us smell the rat. Just could not believe it!!!

Kampung Boy

Anonymous said...

You are damn wrong my friend. The Osama of Malaysia is non other than the following:

1. Ibrahim Ali
2. Pasqua
3. Ziakiaria of Klang satay house

Anonymous said...

Yeah arrest him and throw him in the dungeon, I am fed up of him!

Permatang Pauh Boy!
(trust me I am fed up of him)

Anonymous said...

My oh my.. U seem to know Anwar Ibrahim inside out. How sure you he is involved in what ever you say?

So what you going to say about Zakaria, Khir Toyo, Samy Value and many more..

They are the hero of Malaysia?