Friday, September 11, 2009

Two prominent companies will try to take over Proton.

Not just a cash cow, but our pride!

IN an attempt to salvage the good name of Malaysia's automobile giant Proton, two companies Yasmin Holdings and Naza Holdings are teaming up to buy over Khazanah Holdings' majority shares in Proton to make them have a say on how the company is to be managed.
The majority stake is to ensure a say and to save Proton from further sliding into the industrial abyss.
Sources say Yasmin Holdings vice chairman, Datuk Kisai Rahmat, is instrumental in the venture and possibly with the blessing of former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who is said to be not happy with how Malaysia's premier auto giant is being managed.
Kisai was personally picked by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad when he was the prime minister, to take charge of Proton at its infabct stage until Proton was butchered by the following administration.
It was also learn that billionaire Mokhtar Albukhary is also in the running of trying to gain control of a majority share in Proton.
Industry sources agree that after the previous administration of Dollah Badawi, a lot of healing process has to be conducted and one is to revive Proton by the right people.
"Currently Proton is managed by a bunch of hypocrites with no balls, " said a source.


umar said...


Why should the government hand over to any Melayu individual any company started with public money ?

Why shouldn't they start that same business with their own capital ?

The National Car ( PROTON ) was every Malaysian's pride when it started in 1980s. Mahathir said every malaysian could afford it from office-boy to school teacher to fish-monger to executives. The pricing was reasonable.
EON was set up to market the cars.
Every Opel Gemini and Nissan Sunny taxis were fast replaced by Proton sagas.

Then came Nazmi Salleh to take over from Eric Chia.Mistuibishi Japan provided the back up.
Tan Sri Yahya took over Proton. Suddenly came non-japanese models like Proton Tiara , LOTUS technology ....
What was National Car became personal Empire of Tan Sri Yahya & family!
After his death, Petronas pumped more capital into Proton. DRB Hicom bidding ended up with Syed Mohktar beating Naza group.
Syed Mohtar has already taken over Lembaga Padi Negara , Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PERNAS ).
Tengku Mahlil started building Proton City in Tanjong Malim with new capital from Petronas.

Proton seems to go nowhere, stayput on treadmill..while China , Korea ,India headed faster in auto industries. Looking strategic partners in LOTUS, VOLSWAGON etc..All those continental cars were shown the exit door in the 1980s, such as Champion Motors, Orchard Motors, Borneo Motors, Warner Bros etc. They were selling Fiat, Volswagon ,Peugot,Opel, Austin models. Now calling them back to be partners. Once bitten twice shy.

The solution my dear,
PROTON has to reinvent not rebranding.My Waja , i have to open the door to pay toll after replacing the power -window panel three time since 2006..My letters to MD Zainal Abidin never got any reply. On the other hand , PERODUA has been gaining popularity since inception.

labu said...

Dear umar,
you are expecting the CEO to reply you directly over your power window problem?

my god!!

Anonymous said...


I dunno how much you know about Yasmin Hldg but you couldn't ask for a worse Bumi company to take over Proton. Kisai Rahmat? God, we Malays are really pathetic when the best we have is Kisai. But if you wish to blindly believe if it's good enuff for chedet, it's good enuff for me, then good luck. A small favor though, dig a bit deeper on Kisai & Yasmin. Who knows you may be enlightened.

Ur fren in Ottawa

Anonymous said...

proton is a rip off of tax payer money. sad to say, but its the truth.

md nor said...


I can't help but smile cynically when Umar mentioned about power-window. I had to replace my perdana's three time too since 2005 and left the rear windows as it, hoping maybe someday Proton will come up with free replacement scheme for its "loyal customers". I still can remember shaking my head, hearing the service centre excuses "Masalah kita Bang, Malaysia ni cuaca panas, so power-window tu mudah jam". And I told them, "Suruh Pakcik2 kat Proton buat kereta iklim sejuk, nanti tak mudah jam jam" because my written complaints too never got any reply, or a trick note like... "aduan tuan sedang dipertimbangkan" to keep me happy eternally with a KIV.

No, I don't think Proton need to produce one new model every year in order to remain competitive. No I don't think Proton has to reinvent (It's impossible to do that with the current dried brain management. I strongly feel Proton needs to be totally "OVERHAUL" from top down, left right, in and out.

Anonymous said...

Is there any restriction for any nonMelayu entity to apply to take over Proton? No we don't think so, don't we?

vinnan said...

Whatever the dreams of the Mahathirites are, Prton WILL never be able to reinvent itse4lf. A jaguh kampung against the best on the international stage. No contest.

Anonymous said...

and what does your boss Najib have to say about this?


Anonymous said...

i dont think Perodua is much better than Proton. Its much easier to rebadge cars just like what Perodua has been doing all this while. And the power window problem, just live with it, man. All cars have their pecularities. With the waja, its the power window.
By the way, the potential suitors are not getting Proton for free. they are buying over Khazanah's shares.

sri hartamas

Anonymous said...

Have anyone here watched the Bollywood movies. Even though that country is categorized as Asian super power but then what type of car their peoples (rich and middle class lots) drive? Yes the same brand and design for decades. What is that mean?

Compared to ours here, we (even the college students) drive all sort of cars; old and new; imported and locally assembled. Yet not many notice how lucky we are.

Kampung Boy

Calypso said...

Is there such a company called 'Naza Holdings'?

Pasquale said...

"and what does your boss Najib have to say about this? Pickles.
September 11, 2009 11:09 PM

Err! Najib said it is almost a done deal?! That is if you really believe Najib is my boss!

Anonymous said...

Yasmin Holdings survives on "protected" govt business. For 15 years they have been a Proton subcontractor. They have the contract to rustproof all Proton cars. Those of you who have faced the 'exploding pimples' problem on your Proton car and the rust beneath the exploded pimple will know their quality. They also supply fingerprint equipment and software to the Police. Very big contract. They sell Petronas Dagangan products (engine oil) and also do pipeline work for Petronas. They have been succesful in a protected environment. If they take over Proton, will they give up the protected environment? Be prepared to pay.

Anonymous said...

They have Lady Gaga, we have our Proton Gaga.

by NaSTyBob

Anonymous said...

Most of these people who commented did not know the details about the industry and what they were talking about. Too concerned about the little things and lost on the big picture for example:
1. Petronas had never put even a single cent when they were the majority shareholder.All investement were done by internaly generated funds.
2. The whole automotive industry had benefited from Proton - ask Perodua, Honda, Inokom, Naza, 400++ vendors, 600++ dealers, 900++ service dealers, bankers, finance institutions, more than 100,000 employees.
3. The government benefited the most from the industry - import duty, excise duty, sales tax, road tax, insurance ~ 40% of the total cost of the car. That's why Malaysian cars could not be cheaper. Other countries' in the world (US, EU, Japan) tax ~ 5%.
4. Yasmin Holdings invested in the infrastructure, facilities etc. on BOT Scheme for the anti-rust facilities & they were the most competitive.
4. Proton Holdings is no longer dependent on the Tax Payers' Money - the loan from the Government had been paid in full. In essence, 40% of Proton is owned by the Public and the rest by Government Institutions.
5. All the Governments in the World protected their own Automotive Industry in one way or another and Malaysia is no exception.
5. No cars are 100% perfect. Check the internet. Perodua and Honda and even Toyota had their shares of quality issues.
6. As usual, Malaysians will never appreciate their own. Perhaps they were envious because deep down they could not do it themselves and better to put down others so that they will feel superior. And will never hesitate to claim credit for something not of their own e.g. genius students, culture etc. Why not appreciate and support our own? look at the Koreans - they will support their own even if they are not in Korea. Ask the 20,000 odd Koreans in Ampang! They have their own restaurants, supermarkets, service and tuition centers etc.
7. So, if Yasmin Holdings and Naza Holdings would like to take over Proton from Khazanah and paid for it, why not? The risks are theirs. And if they could not give better offerings, one can always find alternative. But, why not support them? the 100,000 people are still dependent on the business!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10.05p.m.,

Are you Kisai in disguise? Sounded like....

Anonymous said...

I am not Kisai. You can Google him and find out who he is. This is typical. None of you would critique the comments for what is was worth but prefers to post innuendos and to be superficial.

Anonymous said...

SK write; Guys,
If you still have problem with proton power windows, do what I did, 15 years ago,
It got nothing to do with the mechanism, it's about the DC motor, It got wet and short circuit. What u need to do is cover the "hole", the is a hole on the motor body - with vaseline petroleum gel " a kind of kinky isn't it!. But it worked with my proton saga, wira, waja & now my last proton "papakedana" Try this DIY, and don't ever send to proton workshop - they just change the mechanism.

Anonymous said...

I agree that our national car requires a certain degree of protection.
But for how long? With insane mega projects such as the Tanjung Malim plant which was a blatant waste of money for it is only operating at less than 10% capacity. And as for the electric window problem.. Lol, we cant even get the one of the simplest systems of the modern car to work right. And the worst part is, why is there no work or research done to adress this issue? Why are all proton cars to date affected by the same issue?

Just tired of opening my car door to pay for toll.. Lol.. Thank goodness for smart tag

Anonymous said...

Ah, the land of the free!
You have the right to free speech as long as you speak English.
best regards, Greg