Saturday, September 05, 2009

Where's the beef Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim?!

American Gangster!

The article below was sent to me by one "PJ Moorthy from Washington" to be reproduced, after reading it I obliged, why not!


"Where’s the beef?

So when will Malaysians actually grow up and see the shenanigans of PR?

In the past week alone, different groups have jumped on each other’s back to have their say.

There was the ‘cow’ incident, the nutmeg (Buah Pala) village, and the EGM issue (not to mention the illegal assembly sitting at the Heritage hotel). It seems, the opposition are always in the limelight.

Whenever something happens, it is Barisan’s fault. The Cow? Barisan was at fault. The PKFZ, Barisan. EGM, Barisan. What else?

The same chorus being drummed out each time, and there are news portals who are eager to play this up. One such portal champions the opposition to a point that any and all articles by lawmakers from PR are churned out.

It seems, Malaysia has no place for Malay voices no more. If indeed Malaysians are calling for equality amongst the races, why then would more opposition parties be formed for Malaysian Indians? In the past year alone, 3 have sprouted up. Aren’t they playing the racist cards? And what about PAS’s wish of wedging its muslim brethren?

The opposition has been exploiting the issue of race since their rebranding as Pakatan. The fact remains that DAP is an ultra Chinese party (remodeled PAP), PAS is an ultra Islamic party, and PKR, the one man fighting machine bent on destroying the party that brought him a career.

Barisan has never steered from its strong sense of responsibility for its own. Each component party has always looked out for its own contribution to nation building.

Hence, for 51 years, Malaysia resisted all the challenges that multi ethnicity brought along with it. And in the year that saw ‘tsunami of politics’, Malaysia has not enjoyed a long period of near peace that it enjoyed before.

In simple analysis, since Anwar Ibrahim reemerged, he has managed to consistently fan the winds of ethnicity to incite racial differences as he pushes to become Malaysia’s seventh Prime Minister. This brought about the Hindraf’s and the likes of it.

It is no coincidence that Malaysia is tearing at the seams on these very grounds that its fore fathers brought her together.

And it certainly is no coincidence of the emergence of coordinated media attacks on her that was never seen in Tun Mahathir’s era. Seeing Anwar in countless videos giving interviews abroad, it is clear as day that this man so hates the country that he is going on a war path of destruction to tell the world that Malaysia is not what she is, and it is he that can bring her to safety. Clearly, the only problem is him with Malaysia, and not Malaysians who want to see peace and love in the country that ‘tumpah darahku’. – PJ Moorthy from Washington"


sunwayopal said...

For every one idiot like PJ Moorthy, there are a thousand yearning for change against the racist ultra party called UMNO.

Hidup DSAI and Pakatan!!!!! Hidup Rakyat!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bloody sunwayopal.
You keling ka?

Anyway..bring back Mahathir. Let him shows who is the REAL BOSS here. I bet NO OPPOSITION PARTIES DARE TO SAY A WORD !! NOT EVEN THAT SISSY ANWAR !! PONDAN.

Anonymous said...

sunwayopal, actually there are many many more people like PJ Moorthy and not really that many people like you, I am a Eurasian and I am one of them. I am involved in fund managing and an lot of fund managers have left because of Anwar Ibrahim, he should be stopped before Malaysia be destroyed. People like you are not capable seeing the tree for the forest, I am sorry!


Jeevan said...

Christopher im sure ur a gifted fund manager, now could u pray tell us how your funds contribute to the country. The only fund managers that I can think who would need the BN to stay in power would be those who have invested heavily in corporations with political ties. This whole country is bleeding thru corruption nepotism and crony capitalism, enough of your political arbitrage find a real job wont you. I am no fan of Anwar, if it were upto me I would much rather see someone like Zaid take charge, but 51 years in power is too long for any party, have u looked at the quality of BN leaders recently, that would say it all. Kind Regards

Pasquale said...

Jeevan go fuck yourself you moron, did you ever wonder how much money Anwar has and he accumulated the money when he was in power. One whole fucking bank in Singapoire is still keeping the billions of ringgits of the now useless RM1000 and RM500 ringgit bills that Anwar had plundered, thank to Mahathir he declared the denominations useless! As for Zaid he raked millions for his law firm when he was a Minister in the BN government, so Jeevan you are not welcome into my domain anymore just go ask Anwar to fuck your arse!

Hang Perak said...

Pasquale,you are a Web hooligan and talking nonsense!If DSAI and Zaid were to amass that much,Najib or krismuddin will let him off?

Anonymous said...

There is a suspicion that the text was prepared by a PR company operating in Malaysia, appointed to come out 'feel good' messages on behalf of the government.

This company recently set up a long distance phone call conversation between an UMNO leader and Obama - do you now that?

The taxpayers' money is now being used for such purpose - feel good messages for the PM, IGP and where possible, messages to be positioned in US media - taking a swipe at Anwar.

Oh by the way, this company also has strong links with a Middle Eastern political entitiy.

Read here -

Anyway, its OK if a company with such connections is on the government's payroll.

Its only not OK if Anwar and the other Pakatan fellows talk about it?

And by the way, for your age - you love to also curse and swear during the Holy month of Ramadan!

Indeed, you are a very strange but pious person!


Alizul said...

Judging by what has unraveled before us, Anwar is practically "running" the country.

Like Nero, Anwar is waiting with glee to fiddle while Malaysia burns!

Pasquale said...

Hang Perak if you are a Malay you are what we term as "bodoh sombong" for being stubborn with your brain to think!
As for you dickhead Parameswara sadly for you we know who you are and you better be telling the truth!

Rocky's Bru said...

Where's the beef is a nice, insensitive title, especially in view of the problems facing the Seksyen 23 Malay-Muslim residents in Shah Alam.

[Hehe, I just love to emulate the anti-Najib portals who have been promoting this "Malay-Muslim residents" label ...]

Selamat berbuko jang.

Anonymous said...

No comments to add. PJM has summed it up in toto.

But wait a minute.... what happened to Langhorst? If memory serves right, it was Anwar's piggy bank once upon a time. There were some manipulations there in developing Putra Jaya and wasn't Anwar involved? Well, it's not an accusation but just 'plucked' from thin air.