Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's theatrics and a convincing Hollywood make-up!

Hollywood trade secret!

Bad make-up!

Good make-up!

Good makeup

Scary and good Hollywood make-up!

Decide for yourself!

From Rockybru: "Election violence, or just poor acting/make-up? In silat, the Malay ancient and mystical martial arts, to master the art of kebal (invincibility) is the exponent's ultimate goal. The Unspinners, who are in Bagan Pinang covering the otherwise dull by-election, think this chap who claimed to have been slashed by a parang panjang is kebal."

To Rockybru's question I firmly believe it was bad acting and make-up!
I once had a chance to witness a fake "snuff movie" for research. Snuff is a type of a violent movie that sick people like to watch. But the movie that I watched was a fake snuff but to the uninitiated it was real enough for them to throw up or to get out of the room. I was with a group out to that dispel the movie as being fake but it was gory for sure. The movie also showed how it was made, watching the actors and actresses and especially the director laughing their way to the bank with Japanese money. BTW snuff movies found their way to Japan, the sickest race I have ever known after knowing a bit more facts about this film genre.
Bottom line is it was all god make-up and ketchup and molasses for blood and puss,
There was this picture of a Pas supporter in Bagan Pinang allegedly being beaten up but I suspect it was all theatrics.
Remember Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's black eye? Well, many also believe it was just Hollywood make-up and many simple rural Malays believe it was real.

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Anonymous said...

It will not be a mke-up if the shoe is on the other foot Ramalx