Monday, October 05, 2009

KL's kopi tiam Hooters'?

I received a short message alert from an editor friend which says: KL kopitiam hooters? See and actually it was a clever gimmick for something else, read on!
Well I did check and the pictures of the so-called kopitiam hooters that I found after Googling KL kopitiam hooters, is actually fashioned after a North American food chain Hooters where a scantily clad girls will serve you, and I was told the pictures were actually not from KL but rather from the US, and the restaurant mentioned is actually operated by a Vietnamese-American group.
Sorry guys no Hooters here yet, American or Asian!
But actually the alert from a friend was actually to alert me of a new non-political, non-mumbo jumbo gibberish mean and non-anti establishment non anti fucking and condemning people around website! is meant for the young to make them aware that there are more to life than shitty political news, mumbo jumbo mean anti establishment, anti fucking and condemning people around website.
The new website is operated by the Star Publication and please try it here... t and may be you will like it! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Of topic here..

My kids and me, breaking fast the last Ramathan when suddenly a tiny bird flew in and landed on our table. And guess what, a barking magpie, burung murai is it?

We were really stunned. It was real strange, just there watching us eat on the same table and once in a while chirping loudly.

My little kids were thrilled. We stared feeding it.. yeah, it swallowed the piece of tiny murtabak! Went on until we completed our own berbuka.

Decided to take it to the window and let it fly out, nope, it came right in and sort of lingered around, hopping from place to place chirping, following us around. (we had to remove its droppings yelk).

When we woke up for our sahur, it was gone..

Strange encounter and kept us all puzzled.. Our first introduction to this bird called BarkingMagpie..


Anonymous said...

kalu buka di kl, bagi tau ya alamat,tak masuk ta ape ,mahu tengok itu hooters ,saya ingat Kl ta ade itu jug yang panjang.itu jug mesti impot punyei.
Mah Ngah Tong.

Pasquale said...

CKA I have always considered burung murai as a friend. It is very rare for a magpie to come that close to you and family. All I can say is you are indeed blessed and something good and big is going to happen to you and your family very soon just let me know! I have a house and when ever I ma there two magpies will always come to the sundeck near my bedroom and start singing, but the white poo? Well that is another story eh!

Anonymous said...

One thing stands out.

Despite different political beliefs, Malaysians are still friends in real life.

The trouble makers are actually the political masters, not the man on the street.

So, let's drink to the friendly Malaysians and hope it remains peaceful for a long, long time.