Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bala re-appearance! And I do not believe in a coincidence!

Now think for a moment! Najib is not involved in the death of a foreign woman! What if someone tried to frame him again for this he will not be the PM?! Think and think again very hard! Well unless if you (you mean you who is so taken by BABI's political lies and fervour) don't want to, there is nothing that anybody can do!

First of all I am glad to know Private Investigator P. Balasubramaniam (Bala) is alive and safe and not dead as many had assumed in their minds when many thought he was abducted, and he should come out instead of making frivolous statement. And ity appears he is making another confession that, to the untrained brain, can appear to be very credible.

Contrary to a popular belief that he might have been "abducted" at the behest of "some one powerful" and "dealt with" just like in a B-grade movie script, is simply ludicrous. One thing is now for sure he was hiding, either in the country or outside the country.

I saw in Malaysiakini U-tube how a bunch of noisy people holding a candle light vigil shouting "Where is Bala?" and "Najib, where is Bala?" It is as though the then deputy prime minister, Najib Tun Razak, like a vicious dictator from a tin-pot republic, had ordered a man to be abducted and then to be killed?!

Well Bala is alive and kicking and is again making other disparaging remarks and accusations saying that our Prime Minister's brother and another businessman telling him (Bala) to shut up and to get out of the country and to be paid millions of ringgits, well it is up to you all to decide whether Bala can be believed or trusted or not red more!

This sudden re-emerging of Bala is meant to coincide with the coming trial of BABI, for this time I am very sure he will be found guilty and put away. For once and for all, BABI will cause us no more anguish in this country.

But, what I found interesting is when Bala wrote in his Statutory Declaration that his assistant had slept with "Aminah" nee Altantuya and her girlfriends in Hotel Malaya, and that he knew, and HOW did he know, that Altantuya was susceptible to anal intercourse?! Unless he had slept with the girl!

Let's put things in perspective! A girl was killed and Bala claimed he knew that girl was receptive to anal sex, as though he really knew unless he also slept with the girl and what if things had gone awry, and what if the two convicted policemen were telling the truth that they did not kill the girl what if it was someone else and his gang that had done it? So many ifs! So many SDs and so many "abductions"!

But one thing is for sure that BABI and his gang want Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak to be check-mated and with one or two murders and millions of ringgits from BABI, they thought, can do the job! Well they have to think again!


Anonymous said...

BALA means
Brother Anwar Loves Analintercourse

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:44pm

Like you don't?

Anonymous said...

Pasquale I thought & talk trash

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Nov 14 1.44 pm

You try very hard to be a comedian, playing around with acronyms making fun of BALA. If that is the best retort you can give to defend Najib, then, you are wasting your mother's time and effort in bringing you to this world. Get a life man (or woman)!

sri hartamas

Pasquale said...

Listen up people lets not have a personal banter on each other on my site either you have something to say about the subject or do not say abything, okay!

Naichee said...

Pasquale, this theory of yours seems to be against Anwar rather than the PM.

grown up said...

what a small kid you are !
a failed comedian , just like Rocky bru ! How much did najib pay you to keep this Blog ? RM0.50 ?

Bahiki said...

AnWar in short means Anal Warrior

Anonymous said...

Never forget that there is a foreiogn spy network operating here. Perhaps they know something we do not know.Ramalx

Pasquale said...

grown up!
Najib is paying me RM199,000 a year and I do not know how much are you being anybody!


Anonymous said...


You are glaringly lob sided in your
arguments. Judging from your writing I cannot help but come to
this conclusion, you really do have
a very BIG hatred towards Anwar
Ibrahim. Please do not play God, you write as though you were witness to the whole event, you are
just spinning just like you accuse
others. Pot calling the kettle Black.

Anonymous said...

wa so much can tolong ah bro i know nobody n am nobody.

Anonymous said...

Classy reply Pasquale!

big cat said...

engkau layan budak budak pakatan ni apapasal. buat letih engkau je. letak beruk zoo pakai tee shirt anwar pun dia orang akan kata beruk tu pejuang. dah, pegi minum teh tarik dengan kawan kawan lagi bagus.

big cat said...

engkau layan budak budak pakatan ni apapasal. buat letih engkau je. letak beruk zoo pakai tee shirt anwar pun dia orang akan kata beruk tu pejuang. dah, pegi minum teh tarik dengan kawan kawan lagi bagus.

Anonymous said...

I do not how our government can allow this 'sindiwar' to go on unchecked.It may not sound impotrtant in the context of Malaysia. But the longer it remains unresolved we are going to lose on the governance index. Ramlax

kadtelai said...

pasquale,they can accept different view other then their.

Anonymous said...

how funny laa , before this Pakatan Rakyat lovers always keep telling this bala get kill by najib and even always make a retard statement like "Najib , Where Is Bala ?" ...

The appereance of bala , showing how wrong dan retardly the minds of this Pakatan Rakyat lovers who love making a childish statement ... and but they still .. hahahaha

Bala Chan said...

Perhaps Porntip should be called to give her 80% view on the matter.

Anyway, Bala has lost all credibility, both to Anwar and Najib.

He is living a happy life, milking both sides and is trying to make another killing with another declaration for RPK.

Anonymous said...

Apa masaalah bloger disini, kenapa tidak dapat mengenal pasti isu sebenarnya atas message yang ingin disampaikan oleh Bala. Tolonglah buka hati kamu sikitlah....

Anonymous said...

Stop calling your own species BABI, burung tua

Anonymous said...

all of u is a bunch of retard politicians wannabe .. whoever wins BN or PR what u guys getting ? NADA !! as if they gonna gives u tonnes of money ? unless u r of those retarded cronies ..

nuff sez ..

R . R . B said...

Bro Pasquale,

I was one of those people who voted PR , well actually it was a vote against Mr Sleepy head's / SIL BN. I too was caught up with the euphoria after, giving high fives to my teh tarik buddies the coming days after March 08. Happy that a statement has been made and more than happy to give the opposition a chance to rule 5 states. A chance they had always been asking for.

Then what did i get back in return?
Lets just recap the important events that made me feel that I made a grave mistake;

1) Bro Anwar's "I have 30 people ready to jump ship come Sept 16th"
Everyone was excited, praying for 30 to jump and then what? he had to swallow his own medicine in Perak. And all PR went berserk, disrespecting HRH at the state assembly, as though 3 jumpers were such an immoral and undignified event. Eh hello? 30 ok ka?

2) RPK's "we have hard (ie - photographic proof),and damning evidence"
...but we forgot to make copies.

What the hell? you possess evidence of conspiracy at the highest level. Evidence that connects your nemesis to murder, mind you, and one that will put your sworn enemy away forever....but u forgot to make copies.. What the Fish???

3) Bala's SD - Mr flip flop admits being offered 5M. Then BN machinery gets accused of taking him out, only to have him resurfaced months later. And resurface to claim what?.....

here goes ... He links a carpet seller to rosmah. One that can decide funding for the ministry of education, and who gets released on behalf of the home ministry. Also claiming that a Datuk took his pregnant wife to a Luxury car showroom to threaten his life. Well, at first they wanted to meet at a fast food joint but decided against it as the fast food joint had CCTV but the LUXURY car showroom did not.... sigh...
Oh and PI did not know who the VVIP was, but knew who his wife was.. wtf..??
oh..and prior to that, deepak, a pakistani muslim decided that the best place to meet was a bah kut teh shop in rawang...

These 3 reasons are enough for me to swing my vote back to BN. This is only 3 of the major events within a web of Anwar/saiful scandal, RPK having hard evidence but when it came time to bring it to court runs for his life, allegations that Rosmah NEEDED to witness the murder with her own eyes, a crumbling coalition of unlikely bed partners, ..etc etc/

shit, i voted for this clowns. What have i done? I voted for Azmin?!! crap! bring me the next elections please .. I need to right my wrongs



Anonymous said...

Korang ni geng2 taksub politik ni perangai macam budak kecik tak sekolah...hahah. Guna acronym BABI la aper la. Buruk betul perangai tak padan dengan umur! Anak2 korang baca hilang langsung respect to you guys. Kelakar betul.

Anonymous said...

pasquale, either you are pea-brained or a no-brainer..your arguments are pathetic man..i'm a 12yo student and even i know its BULLSHIT! Get a life bro or join me in school cos clearly you're lacking principles of life esp honesty.

Anonymous said...

Ong Tee Keat's Train of bullshit

Why has the Transport Minister, ala Mr. Anti-Corruption purchased 4 sets of DMUs for RM30m? Three times more than it should!!

Read about it at

Anonymous said...

By the way, what have you to say about this piece, available at ?

Are you on or off target?


Anonymous said...

"Prime Minister's brother and another businessman telling him (Bala) to shut up "

I read the MT blog and try to match where bala said about PM brother. He only said MALAY DATO.

can U help me to find the part where he said PM BROTHER.PLEASE

As this will help me to get the "CORRECT" view.