Saturday, November 28, 2009

Let us try to bury this issue once and for all!

A communist?

We can go around the country looking for mass graves that buried our Malays, Chinese and Indians.
If you go to place called Titi near Kuala Klawang you can talk to old Chinese folks there about mass graveyards where Chinese were massacred by the Japanese. Even if you go to Seri Menanti you can find many mounds that many believe were also mass graves where Japanese massacred Chinese before they surrendered.
Similarly you can go to anywhere in the country you can hear stories of mass graves where Malays were also buried after being slaughtered by the Bintang Tiga, or the Kuomintang or CPM?
You see history can become fuzzy over the decades but the fact is that part of our history was just the past that we have to make an attempt to go past it and to start a new.
For calling a Chinese person a communist, well it is just a catchword for calling him a chauvinist and an extremist person cannot assimilate himself into our greater concept of society, such as speaking Bahasa Melayu (the national language of this country) or to respect the monarchy, and not bent on destroying what is Malay in this country.
Let us make no mistake here that while the few thousands DAP members who cannot speak Bahasa Melahyu properly there are millions more who are bona fide Malaysians who can and who will die defending the constitution of this land.
Let us have a better perspective of this country. Once this country was called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, and in a true spirit of brotherhood our leaders agreed when the British insisted that we changed the name to Malaysia so others - Chinese, Indian and Karpal Singh - will not feel uncomfortable living in a country named after the Malay race!
Ronnie Liu, a DAP extremist is called communist , OR the DAP is called communist, which to me is justified as I said the term was just a euphemism for being a chauvinist, extremist, inability-to-speak -Malay-language-properly bastards that, given a chance, will wipe out the Malay race and Malay culture in this country in a jiffy!
When we brand Chinese a communist in this country as belonging to the CPM it means this is the same Chinese that tried to murder the former Yamtuan of Negeri Sermbilan and the late Sultan of Pahang. Given the chance the same Chinese communist like Chin Peng who has no qualm in directing his followers, still in the country under a guise of a political party, to again massacre the Malays so he can take over! No can do!
Meanwhile people like BABI is being made use of by the communist DAP to help destroy multi-racial Malaysia and thank God he will not succeed! No sir! No can do, and simply not allowed!


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Anonymous said...

bodoh kalau berani tunjuk muka kamulah.

The Unspinners said...

Some Malays are not dead when buried by Bintang Tiga.

Just to be clear, some uncooperative Chinese are also being killed by Bintang Tiga.

There are few Melayu sial babi haram working for the Bintang Tiga for survival sake.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a going to miss soru story from u.

Teoh Nia Mah said...

....stories of mass graves where Malays were also buried after being slaughtered by the Bintang Tiga, or the Kuomintang or CPM?

Rusdi, now I know why Rocky and MM are being sued because of you, bastard. This line of comment in this article is extremely defamatory because you can't distinguish who is Kuomintang. Kuomintang is not Konchantang (Communist Party). Do your homework and find out the truth, idiot!

kadtelai said...

well said.stop.

Rocky Bu said...

pls stop calling DSAI by the initials BABI. Its rude and unbecoming and reflects the kind of writes that the Malay Mail has.
Arrogant, pompous, delusional and rude!

If you so hate the DAP then why not join forces with DSAI so that he does not need to use the DAP. DSAI is the best leader, not like Dr Mahathir who is the worlds master deceiver. What about all the reports that are coming out alleging that the country lost between RM 100 - 300 billion during Dr Mahathirs time? You have 0 to rebut because its fact. Where was the DAP then? No where - it was Dr Mahathir in charge. DSAI tried to help the country by putting an end to this only to pay the ultimate price
Even the Arabs who bought into his deceit now have been brought to ruins.
I support DSAI! He is the man!

Pasquale said...

Teoh Nia Mah! Kuomintang, Konchantang, Pohchentong or Parkinson or whatever-tang they are bad for the Malays so shut up!
Dont come into here and insult me moron!

chinese said...


BTN(BIRO TATA NEGARA) is a proof of malays spreading racism and facism...even nazri and najib malay babi...FUCK YOU

Islamic religion is the worse religion
those who practise it semua pukima
they rot like babi busuk
as busuk as muhammad s.a.w babi

Dubai is going to become 2nd argentina
building castles in the sand
like the idiom says building castles in the air

chinese said...

malay babi you listen up
i know you wont approve my comment
this comment im writing to you

we chinese is very angry
upon the stars and galaxy
you malay race go fuck it
we will never support 1 malaysia

najis dan nazri pergi jadi katak(frog)

you malay blog i condemn
with many years to come
you malay try in next time
i will fuck you to the core

Anonymous said...

Magpie, yang tulis poem ni mesti Ronnie Liu the racist chinese communist!


DR said...

What our PM is so scared of this old man Chin Peng? Japanese killed thousand of malaysian in WW2and our PM has high regards on them. China killed thousand of Muslims in Xinzhiang and our PM welcomed Moa Chi Tong's goon in open arms. What an asshole our balls polisher PM is!!!!

Anonymous said...

that bastard chin peng should go and fuck himself ma. he was never a citizen of this country, be it during persekutuan tanah melayu, malaya nor malaysia.

he is a non-citizen, so no reason for him to come back here. he can go elsewhere to die and rot. we 1malasyia don't need him here now or never.

some of the pro chin peng commentators here are just plain stupid morons. these fucking bastards are here because their bloody ancestors were brought here by the british to work in the tin mines by loads in tongkang. ungrateful lots. you are what you eat - BABI.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has called Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad a “bloody racist” for defending the Biro Tata Negara (BTN) courses, and reasserted the Cabinet’s earlier decision to overhaul the programme.

A racist called another racist a racist like a BABI called another babi a BABI.