Thursday, November 05, 2009

Police must treat people like Bernhard Khoo as a terrorist and danger to a common good and to be put away in our own Gitmo!

It's like telling the police "catch me if you can". He must thinks it is a game, poor old man hope you have the stamina!

Bernard Khoo-Zorro Unmasked, pix from his blogsite! He should own up to his action and prepare to "die by the sword"! And don't be a coward!

IN the Malay Mail today Bernhard Khoo's lawyers told reporters that Khoo did not offer . information as to who made the modified logo nor its author of the blogsite Zorro-Unmasked. Khoo's lawyers also said his client did not reveal Zorro’s identity, heck we all know Bernarhd Khoo is that Zorro-Unmasked as his picture (top) appeared n that blogsite! He is not only insulting the police but those who know it is him in that accursed blogsite!

I took the liberty in reproducing a comment which appeared in Rockybru on Zorro-Unmasked and I feel the same way as the writer zaman...who said, :-


Anon 11.46PM aka Ismail H.A.R

DOnt pretend to use a malay name. We all know that you are a chinese chauvinist.

We are the racist ones huh? zorro not racist? hmmm... have a read here, this is taken from malaysiakini;

"Di lambang pasukan polis yang telah diubahsuai itu, imej muka harimau digantikan dengan "muka anjing yang sedang menyalak", perkataan Allah digantikan dengan "simbol wang", perkataan Muhammad (dengan perkataan bahan letupan 'C4') dan lambang di puncak mahkota (simbol Zionisme)."

Replacing Allah with Money symbol, and replacing Prophet Mohammad with c4....
hmmmm yea, he's not racist at all, we are the one who is racist for not tolerating people insulting our religion and our prophet.. 7:10 am"


Nasty and racist people like Bernhard Khoo deserves no less than only ill-wills from every peace loving Malaysian. By producing a defaced police logo is to incite extreme reactions from others. The symbol of the mighty Malaysian Police force was reduced by being mocked, insulted, and thus at the same time downgrading our boys in blue into an image of being associated with a rotten police force. I hope the police will not let up in investigating Bernard Khoo and anyone like him in this solid multi-racial society. Let say if the authority decided to incarcerate this phatethic 70-year old old Chinese man who pretended to be a law abiding Malaysian citizen, well as I said before, my heart will not bleed for him, I say let him rot!


Ismail N said...

Well said.
What the old man did was disgraceful and disrespect to the nation and other religion. There's should be no sympathy for racist bigot and traitors like him. Better strip off his citizenship.

antichingki said...

Let the old chingky rot or ship back in tongkang to Republic China. Same goes to other chingkies as well !

Ungrateful dogs!

Hiriyati said...

I wonder who would Mr Zorro turn to for help if ever his house is burglarized of if he got mugged in the street or worse still a member of his family kidnapped, raped, murdered?

Isn't the police force the one that has been keeping him and family safe and able to sleep peacefully at night?

What an ingrate, racist bigot!

Anonymous said...

The police were only doing a routine check which can be interpreted as 'You are being watched'.

It means, be mindful of your actions in future, short of saying no more second chance.

But will any brickhead bother?


Anonymous said...

"I wonder who would Mr Zorro turn to for help if ever his house is burglarized of if he got mugged in the street or worse still a member of his family kidnapped, raped, murdered?"

Wow, the police actually solved these???
how efficient...

Hiriyati said...

Anon 9.05 a.m. - another ingrate bigot! Let's see all that I've listed happen to u and see what you'd do. Won't u be running to the police to make ur police report?

Pi dah...cakap besar. Kesesakan lalulintas pun harapkan polis trafik nak jaga....still part of the police force!

Anonymous said...

I believe this man Bernard Khoo is not only a badly brought up Chinese child but a man who does not respect anything but Chinese, I will say this to you sir do not push us for if push comes to shove, we will react!

A policeman!

wharfman said...

Bro, stop highlighting the bloody zorro. Don't you think this is what he wants? To be like rpk pundek? In the spotlight as a purported hero among his bunch of crappy so called barisan rakyat bloggers? For god's sake, which rakyat appointed them as their barisan!!!!??

Anonymous said...

mungkin dia ingat Melayu akan terus biarkan dia berbuat sesuka hati

dia nak "test the waters"

jika tidak dikenakan tindakan undang undang, dia akan terus menulis sesuka hati

dlm hati mungkin berkata "melayu memang bodoh, senang kena tipu selalu"

takde siapa yg pasti

Anonymous said...

Hiriyati.. I can answer you . Bernard will run to the DAPsy mob and Unit Amal..they will give him protection....

On 2nd thoughts ..I don't think he will ever get mugged or robbed. Itu semua die punya kawan maa...

hehehe jangan marah//


Last Malaysian Hero said...

Biarkan orang gila tu. Dia ni cakap besar konon nak jadi hero. Tapi kena cekup, terus cari alasan. Kononnya legal adviser tak bagi tulis pasal topik tertentu dalam blog. Dulu cakap, dengan Najib ka, polis ka, apa semua tak takut. Sekarang boleh mengaku pulak takut dengan legal adviser sendiri. Tarak teloq punya apek tua. Zorro konon.

Anonymous said...

MB of Selangor Khalid to quit PR-PKR to be BN friendly MB of Selangor in 10 days time.

Guys guys is this not obivious to you all. He has been sued by the bank for millions and can not pay so offer comes in. Jump and remain as MB. He is going to quit and that is why he chased Badrul out. Plus himself he need another 4 more no 3 more as Hassan ali will jump ship to UMNO too. 1 from PKR , one more from PAS and one from DAP will quit in the coming week to be BN friendly. About Khalid’s court case this will be postpone to a future date maye to year 2109 Dec.

I am serious because MACC is doing a bad job for BN and now rely on Banks and courts

Rizwan said...

i've run out of superlatives nak belasah orang tua ni...

maybe a punch in the face, a kick in the groin would do the trick...

ZorroTeam Malaysia said...

Guys,guys...Lets not get hasty over
a"Freedom of Expression" antic by a
70 yr old man in his Bloggospace..!
Where's our SENSE of Tolerance,that
we all have talk about:TO LIVE and
let LIVE in PEACE and HARMONY in a
multicultural meltpot????
WE've been living together for what
??over more than 100years?? as MALAYSIANS(well,50yrs MALAYAN and 50yrs as MALASIANS).
Our Father of Merdeka,Tunku Abdul Rahman & his
Chinese,Indians, Sabahan, Sarawakian and other Malaysian had worked so HARD to get us TOGETHER: to live together,to prosper together,to excel together,to MOVE forward together,so DONT LET a few Bigots,Troublemakers &Destractor, DESTROY our MALAYSIAN DREAM...!

Yes,there are poor & unfotunate people,the handicapped,the unlucky,who needed HELP,support and protection..& thats what we should DO,OVER & OVER again!!

Now,we see WHAT the POLIS are doing these days..??Are we being PROTECTED??from CRIME around us??? Are we being HELP when we,the MALAYSIAN need help from the POLIS???or are they HELPING themselve when they LET GO, the PENDATANG HARAM who are potential criminals for a few BUCKS??
Instead,we see peaceful demonstrators being BASHED by the FRU,for walking peacefully to EXPRESS their FREEDOM of XPRESSION...!!!Who are we protecting????the RAKYAT or PATI??NOT all POLIS are KORUP..according to former IGP TS Haniff Omar, maybe 40% are..(out of 100000polis)see STAR 2008....

so if this BERNARD KHOO aka ZORRO unMasked,was to XPRESS his opinion on the POLIS,there might be some message there!!!!xcept the way he did it was NOT QUITE RIGHT and a bit DISTASTEFUL....
and the POLIS has EXPRESSED their EXPRESSSION--by detaining KHOO and investigating him,in order to put FEAR to this KHOO koo for his FREEDOM of EXPRESSION....!!!

Zorro Team

ps: ZORRO TEAM is not related to Zorro-unMasked or Zorro(pro UMNO blogger).ZT is neutral,non-aligned,unemotional & pragmatic MALAYSIAN.ZT supports whats right and rejects whats BAD and CORRUPT.Whats GOOD for MALAYSIA is OK...