Saturday, December 26, 2009

I am trying to understand maverick Hassan Merican and his Petronas!

Petronas Chief Executive

The country's Chief Executive!

Petronas Adviser and former PM

I am no expert on Formula One(F1) race and its benefits. But I do see, tell me if I am wrong, Malaysia wants to be known as an international player internationally, be it in diplomacy, business, and accepted as one of the more reliable and acceptable countries, unlike Cuba or Venezuela, or North Korea etc, if you get my drift.
I was invited to a recent F1 race in Singapore and there I saw the exuberance of Tun Mahathir, Tony Fernandes and other Malaysia-backed Lotus F1 personalities over the prospect of Malaysia will be competing world wide on F1 races in the world, with its own team. This mean more exposure for Malaysia as a premier global player in many things.
Then our Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak met with our F1 team drivers, including one homegrown potentially a major name as a F1 driver. The F1 team drivers met with out PM and had a photo session.
Then at the back of our minds we already know that in such an expansive undertaking and venture such as the F1 race, the Lotus team needs a lot of money. This is where Petronas comes in, right! Well we are wrong.
Instead Petronas is giving its billion ringgit a year expense to another foreign F1 team, Mercedes, to enable it to carry the Petronas logo to be seen word wide. The way I see it our Malaysian Lotus F1 team, win or lose, can also carry the Petronas logo to be seen worldwide.
Having said that I now am trying to understand Petronas under what appears to be the maverick Tan Sri Hassan Merican.
He ,who is so adamant about having his own mind, appears to be doing so by not to listen to reason and all these are being done at the expense of Najib as the country's prime minister.
There was other occasion when Hassan Merican also vehemently rejected the prime minister's request for his (the PM) choice of a director for Petronas. But this is considered as a small hiccups between the Petronas chief executive and the prime minister.
But, in the case of giving billion ringgit every year to another foreign F1 team when we have our own, well just put it this way I am rather perplex by the move to give money to a foreign team when it could have been given to ours.
As a layman, it appears as though, in his quest to have a mind of his own and to be a maverick, Hassan Merican has shoved aside two very important voices in the country: one is Petronas adviser Tun Mahathir Mohamed, and Hassan Merican own boss Najib.
As a layman, the way I see it, if I am that prime minister, I will just tell Hassan to go, or just sack him. Why? Well the way I see it he should be sacked for his wisdom of not being able to see why giving Malaysian petro-ringgit to a foreign F1 team, instead of ours, is wrong, and he shoal be sacked for not having that respect for his own boss the Prime Minister! Below is an excerpt from news report on the issue:

Kuala Lumpur, Dec 26 — The decision by state oil and gas company Petronas to sponsor the Mercedes Formula One team next season is a blow to the Malaysia-backed Lotus F1 racing team but may have political consequences for Petronas's independent chief executive.

Last month, Riad Asmat, the chief executive officer of Lotus F1 told the press that he had submitted a comprehensive sponsorship proposal to the oil firm but admitted that the well-heeled Petronas was being wooed by other international suitors.

It costs approximately RM1 billion a year to sponsor an F1 team.

Riad's statement led observers to conclude that Petronas would, indeed, be Lotus's main sponsor as the creation of the Malaysia-backed team had been announced by Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak who'd said that it would be a government-backed venture. more here.....


Al said...

Hi to all ... Merry Xmas ...
Well ... from my view ... I see that as usual we here in Malaysia will always do things differently from others in the world ... & many a-times breaches normal rationale! F1 excursion for example ... have any of these "brilliant" people behind the Lotus F1 brigade ever approach Petronas early during their brain-storming session. Petronas has had extensive experiences in F1 involvements with Saubers & BMWs over the years ... they (Petronas) should somewhat has more says. End of the day they will be funding the project. Alas no ... we have the 'great strategical Lotus F1' team headed by TF ... asking Petronas to pump in lots-of-money ... into billions ... but have no say!! Typical Malaysian supremero style of doing things. Kudos to Petronas in partnering Mercedes. In return Petronas gets to ride on several lucrative & innovative marketing strategy with Mercedes promoting Petronas' product worldwide. Otherwise ... it's pouring money into a 'hopeless' scam. Somehow or rather ... with the scheme some parties in the 'strategic group' will get rich ... siphoning money right in front of the nation's face!! Beware & be real careful ... PM and Malaysia. Go Petronas!!

jbresident said...

1. Tell me how many lotus cars world side...compared to merz?? Bottom line, Hassan Merican is more interested how much money petronas can gain through the partnership and downstream business. Government needs the money for annual budget and hassan has to deliver by hook or by crook.

Anonymous said...

Al, sounds like you, on behalf of Hassan Merican is thre4atening the PM or warning him and insinuating that the PM will be siphoning money from Petronas? What about giving billions to a foreign company like Mercedes?


Anonymous said...

It's nothing personal. It's just business...

Mercedes sells millions of cars for many many years. Heck, they invented cars.

Michael Schumacher is a seven-time F1 world champion.

Any company would love to be part of that F1 team.

Yes, Petronas is a GLC. But do you want Mr Merican to run it as a business or something else?

Anonymous said...

I assume that for Petronas to spend about USD250 Mil a year, the approval from its boards members are required and ultimately DSN would have to give his blessing. Are you now insinuating that DSN and TDM were not aware of it and the Chairman cum MD can just approve the amount on his own?

Anonymous said...

i beg to differ. it is common-sense for Petronas to sponsor Mercedes rather than Lotus F1.

The deal with Mercedes allowed terms that all present and future Mercedes cars to use Petronas Syntium

The coverage Petronas received by sponsoring Mercedes far greater than those Petronas will received if sponsoring Lotus F1.

Proton already did her services to support Lotus F1 technically and financially . How many GLCS that Lotus f1 need to bled?

I am supporting Hassan Merican and Petrona sBoard of Directors in this situation as well as when the directors attempt to block Omar Ong as director as well as it brought shame to the Petronas to be associated with Omar Ong.

I think Magpies is making an assumption that Tun Dr M or even Najib is pissed off with Hassan merican.

This man i s doing good job there.
Why dont u highlihted hi ssucees in securing world largest oil well back in Iraq?

go Hassan Go...


Rocky's Bru said...

Mr Pastquale,

I'm no F1 expert either but what I know is that there's no such thing as 1Malaysia Team at the F-1. Tony-Meranun/Proton/Nasaruddin's effort is going to be called the Lotus Team.

It may also be possible that the Lotus Team was formed without Petronas in mind. In other words, Petronas could have been an afterthought.

Dr Mahathir attended the Singapore F-1 on the invitation of Tony Fernandes. Dr M is Petronas advisor. If he thought it was a good idea for Petronas to invest in Lotus Team, surely that would have happened. (Dr M is also Proton adviser and Lotus is part of Proton).

Najib is Prime Minister. If he thinks the way to go is to have Petronas backing the Lotus Team all the way at the F-1, he needs only to call Hassan and tell him so.

But I think he's left it to Petronas because the national oil corporation has been on the F-1 circuit longer than Tony and Gang.

In any case, two may be better than one. No?

What's Up Doc said...

Petronas have proven themselves over the years. It is safe, at least to me, to go along what Petronas has decided.

I would not want to meddle too much on Directors appointment of a very successful company. The director in question also raise a lot of "voices" not saying "aye". But of course, PM has it his way even though after these "protest" voices.

Having the "AirAsia" element in the F1 team? hmmmm.... what's up doc?

Frankly, I feel Hassan Merican has a lot more guts. He is more a man in making decisions. He doesn't play safe all the times!

f1maniac said...

It's about business. That's all...

If i have money and want to expand my business, should i pay higher for someone that have bigger chances to win and have Schumacher or pay a bit lower to new comer?

Petronas want to as big and known as Shell. This is their chances. I dont see anything wrong. Sometimes, i doubt if Tony can make it more than 5 years. It's not becoz i dont have any Malaysia Boleh spirits. But becoz, I remember what Airasia did to MAB.

It's about business bro... I dont see the impact of sponsoring lotus if they cant guarantee to get any point.

Anonymous said...

...and not forgetting the millions of RM spent on sponsoring the off road adventure team into the gobi desert and unhabited china we have petronas stations there?who watches the TV show?
...what's the true secret of the sponsor?any woman involved?

Anonymous said...

Petronas is not a newcomer to F1. Partnering with Mercedes opens wider market potential in the lube business. While oil resources depleting ... lube business will not. If you think that Petronas participated in F1 just to sell its downstream oil, you're wrong.

Lube business requires strategic alliance. Mercedes offers the best strategic alliance and market positioning to Petronas. Lotus offers just hu-ha to the public with unclear result.

Ask PROTON, do they benefit from Lotus as anticipated? Or do LOTUS treat PROTON as they should (as parent and ultimate shareholders)? Why should Petronas put its bet to such arrogant management?

Read between the lines. Richard Branson assembled his F1 team called "Virgin Racing" and our Tony Fernandes under the 1MALAYSIA team camouflage also put up a team. They even make a bet among them if the other lose. Hey ... wake up dude ... how could we finance this two no-frills (money gone if you cancelled or late even by 1 minutes) airlines owner agenda. If they wanna have fun ... they have to gain the fund themselves. Don't sacrifice Petronas strategic positioning.

Go Petronas. I'll be proud when we have Michael Schumacher driving for Mercedes Petronas in the most competitive F1 car. If we pay RM1 dollar, we get RM1 dollar worth of advice. If we invest in billion, it has to be strategically fit. I see Petronas is making the right decision.


Anonymous said...

Take it from me F1 is not for countries that have the same GDP and per capita income of Malaysia. To put things in perspective just imagine. The GDP of South Korea is more than the total GDP of all the10 ASEAN countries combined.(Brunei, Burma, Cambodia,Indonesia, Loas, Malaysia,Phillipines, Singapore, Thailand,and Vietnam)

International sporting organisations,FI included, have now made it a point to go for sovereign sponsorship and funding based on grants. Small countries should not be sucked into this free spending excercise. We must learn to be prudent and spend our dollars wisely. And always have the leverage factor in mind when we spend our monmey. We can only get ahead in this dog eat dog world if we learn the art of making our RM1.00 work like RM2.00

The bigggest draw of FI is goodwill. I remember one country down under ran this F1 for 10 years. Every year the books showed a profit. The state government sponsored the whole deal. At the end of the 10 years they suddenly found that tha books were in the red to the tune of RM 5ooMillion. This is where sovereign funding comes useful. The amount was writtern off by the state with the explanation that the RM 500 million is peanuts when comapred to the RM1 Billion earned in GOODWLL for the state through sponsorsip of the F1. Ramalx

Pasquale said...

I am learning!

Anak Tanah Melayu said...

Nah.....nah.....hang tengok apa yang Rocky's Bru habak : Najib is Prime Minister. If he thinks the way to go is to have Petronas backing the Lotus Team all the way at the F-1, he needs only to call Hassan and tell him so.

Begitu yakin dengan pengaruh PM keatas Petronas.......tapi hairan juga la ngapa dia paut mulut atas isu Wang Royalty minyak kpd Kelantan?? Satu call pun dah boleh settle, bukan pun susah....betui tak?

Lagi pun, isu Omar yang masuk lembaga pengarah pun heboh sat aje oleh si Racky ni, bangkang mulanya dengan blah..blah..blah....tapi,habis diamlah sekarang. Omar tetap masuk jugak.......Rakyat didahulukan....??? Renunglah.

Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi said...

Pasquale. Not meaning to be rude, but your article is potentially damaging to DS Najib. It portrays a rift between DS Najib and by far the best performing CEO he has among his GLC leaders, Petronas' TS Hassan Merican. It also was written in much ignorance of key facts influencing such decisions whilst apparently they are well understood by your many readers.

Hence, if you are indeed learning, and I am hoping it is the right things you are understanding, I urge you to post an apology or revise your views publicly on this matter. There is too much risk of others taking advantage of the picture you have painted.

At least I haven't seen anyone attacking the Lotus F1 team yet for their short-sightedness in not consulting Petronas as a worthy 'big brother' from the outset. It makes Lotus F1's later expression of 'regret' that Petronas have gone to Merc rather lame... especially considering Petronas was being courted by 12 F1teams! How's that for recognition!

ajimsan said...

It is business as usually... Every RM1 spent on Mercedes is worth more in return whereas if Petronas spend it on the Lotus Team, they will surely made less in return. Merican knows what he is doing... I can't say more as most of your commentors already elaborated more than I could (even better).
Shell benefited when they are sponsoring Ferrari... now Petronas has a chance to do the same with Mercedes... damn good business move... cheers for Merican that is all I can say... cheers for Tun Dr.M who appointed him in the first place.

Pasquale said...

Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi said: Pasquale. Not meaning to be rude, but your article is potentially damaging to DS Najib. It portrays a rift between DS Najib and by far the best performing CEO he has among his GLC leaders, Petronas' TS Hassan Merican. It also was written in much ignorance of key facts influencing such decisions whilst apparently they are well understood by your many readers.

And: especially considering Petronas was being courted by 12 F1teams! How's that for recognition!

First of all no one is above criticism including the PM, and let alone Hassan Merican and I do not see why I, as citizen in this country living under this unique parliamentary democracy that I have to apologies for every damn things that I said...and the reason why Petronas is being courted by 12 F1 teams is not because of anything but the free and easy money that they see they can get, I still think Petronas should support the Malaysian F1 team. And yes you are being rude for asking me to apologies for nothing, please don't do that again, thank you!

Wenger J Khairy said...

Pasquale is right.
Its ridiculous for Petronas to be supporting a foreign team. Its a joke because on one hand the foreigners will see 1-Malaysia team with the flag and all, with Air Asia's banners, and then Petronas sponsored Mercedes F1 and come to the conclusion:

It is absolutely incumbent that Petronas support 1 Malaysia team. The oil is in the ground in Malaysia not due to Hasan Merican at all. Furthermore, we talk about how much money Petronas has made, but what about how much money the foreign oil exploration firms have made as well exploring and producing the oil. Nobody mentions it - how much has it been? RM 200 billon, RM 300 billion, RM 1 trillion?


Yes Petronas is doing well because of its operations in Sudan. Why not all these Hasan Merican lickers actually look at the annual report and tell me how much is the contribution from the White Nile, the Blue the Red Nile and all those Niles.

But Sudan is under sanction due to its poor human rights record. So we make money together with countries that are accused of genocide and we organize an Event called Lets Criminalize War.

Yes say what you want to say. That money flowing in from Sudan - the only right thing to do is to clean it by supporting our own people.

Even that seems to far fetched for half past six apologists.


Judge Wenger Khairy said...

I verify it was I who sent the comment. I had wanted to quit this blogging but the sheer disgust at the hypocrisy of certain people forced me back in.

21cParameswara said...

First and foremost Lotus F1 racing team is a private business venture mooted by Tony Fernandes, it's not a government venture as spin by certain media and blogs. Riad Asmat, the chief executive officer of Lotus F1 has submitted proposal to Petronas just as i presume 12 other teams. The successful bidder was Mercedes GP. It is obvious for commercial reason that they chose Mercedes GP. Beside the benefits for Petronas in marketing its products such as its lubricants, i'm sure with a stable name such as Mercedes and its Silver Arrow and on top of it with the most successful driver in Michael Shumacher they will get greater share of global air time during the race compared to Team Lotus. Companies and products are willing to pay a bomb just to be on prime time show. Just ask any advertising firms.
I'm sure as a corporate person Tony and Riad Asmat must already have contingencies. Surely Petronas is not their only option. If it is than may i suggest they send their proposal to Resorts World. Their casino in S'pore is due to start operation next year. Casinos and racing goes hand in hand just like in Monte Carlo. If i'm not mistaken Magnum (the king of 4 digits) sponsored Alex Yoong in his days. Petronas made the right business decision. And so was Tony in going into Formula 1. When you have shown success than all the advertisers and sponsors will be knocking your door just like Manchester United. I'm not a gambling person but come next racing season i'll be rooting for Mercedes GP and Lotus F1.....sorry Ferrari fans!

Anonymous said...

Frankly, none of hassan Marican's detractors can measure up to him, actually. Meet him personally and you will find out why...kapisch?

Wenger J Khairy said...

Unfortunately BM, I have really locked myself out of my blog. As such, with your kind permission let me list the reasons why you are CORRECT and the others a bunch of hypocrites.

(1) Investment in F1 is risky but necessary to improve technology
It is countless how many technology innovations have occurred thru F1. That is partly the reason car companies participate. Thanks to Petronas decision, this trend of innovation will belong to Daimler Benz and not to Malaysia. Who knows what precision manufacturing expertise could have accrued to MALAYSIANS had Petronas money gone to Team 1 Malaysia - Lotus. Now its going to Mercedes Benz congrats

(2) Foster the 1Malaysia spirit of excellence.
Daimler Benz has its 1World concept. They get the best talent form all over the world to work for Mercedes Benz. Blakcs, whites, yellows, browns all work together under Ketuanan Aryan. Over here, industries are segmented by race. Team 1Malaysia was supposed to kick off this process but of course will require funding. Its is hypocritical to sponsor all those Yasmin ads but then not agree to sponsor the real project

(3) As mentioned earlier its an embarrassment for the country's most successful Malay corporate (big dog) to sponsor a German team and not a Malaysian team. The next time we want to attract Foreign investment, people will remember what Petronas did and come to the conclusion that if Petronas does not have faith in Malaysia, why should we do so.

Unfortunately I cannot post this on my blog. Would appreciate if you could somehow include this somewhere.

I really hate hypocrites. They are the worst form of humanity becos they change their form like a bunch of formless amoebas. Disgusting to the core and its is worth noting that these disgusting creatures like to feature the flag for show that they are more patriotic than others.

I am appalled and applaud you for standing up.

Wenger J Khairy said...

Yes go and get sponsorship from Resort Worlds. Let Malaysia's number one image be that of Gambling. Very good.

Wenger J Khairy said...

Anon 9:10,
I'd rather meet Chevron and the American firms that did the initial oil well exploration in the Melut Basin and congratulate them for having the courage of their convictions and exiting the country when it was found to perpetrate untold genocide. After all since now we are supporting the White Man, why should I bother mtg yet another brown guy?

jagung kampung said...

If Tony Fernandez is so great, why bother depending money from Petronas. He can just use his name & credibility & track records to raise funds. Since Air Asia is doing so well, it can be the main sponsor, what's wrong?

Do we expect Petronas to sell pisang goreng and jagung? If Petronas wish to sponsor a F1 team (which it has been doing with BMW previously), surely it will want to sponsor a great team. Mercedes and Michael Schumacher are great names to help enhance Petronas image.

Anonymous said...

What is so shocking about Petronas sponsoring Mercedes F1 team next season? It only makes business sense for Petronas to strategically position with Mercedes especially with Michael Schumacher making a comeback with Mercedes GP. It is a fact that people only remember big names. There will never be a "please all" decision for Petronas. There will always be cries for Petronas to drive shareholder value creation, efficiency gains and enhance corporate governance. On the other hand there will also be cries for Petronas to be patriotic and support national team. So at the end of the day we should let Petronas decide what is best for themselves. After all the management should know best - Petronas is now regarded as one of the new ‘Seven Sisters’ in the petroleum industry.

carlos said...

It's a better deal for Petronas - which also means, government wins.

I thought the government is not financially involved directly in Lotus 1Malaysia team.

If Lotus wants Petronas money they will have to earn it. Petronas has made a mark globally by sponsoring in the middle pack for many years now and being recognized by BMW and Mercedes.

anybody in the right mind, given the choice to sponsor between the two, would pick Mercedes.

Lotus will have to race and win races first in order to attract lucrative sponsorship. just like any other teams. If Lotus is going to become like Minardi, why should Petronas put their logo on it. you get very little airtime. That's all.

Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi said...

I humbly apologise Pasquale for deigning it suitable to advise you to apologise. As you said, anyone should be open to criticism, hence my assumption you were open too, hence my request that you consider doing so. Seeing your objection, I'll endeavour to not suggest you apologise for anything ever again. I am sorry also for assuming it is OK for me to apologise...

On Petronas being courted by 12 F1 teams due to "the free and easy money ... they can get", I'd say this statement is incorrect. Maybe a couple of teams were taking a punt, but F1 teams are stand-alone corporate concerns or part of multinationals. Selecting sponsors is hence not trivial, but must fit the team's brand and complement other sponsors' needs.

In addition, Petronas is not famous in the O&G industry for its 'easy money'. In fact, Petronas has a reputation for frugal use of funds and strong corporate financial governance. Of course, what happens to Petronas' contributions to government coffers is not Petronas' concern. Any loose use of these funds are the responsibility of government.

As F1 teams and Petronas are corporate entities, you need not apologise for insinuating they practice poor or loose corporate governance. I am sure they have remained composed whilst being called worse...

Anonymous said...

Country based racing ... go for A1 GP, not Formula 1.

Anonymous said...

,,,Yeop Oii !!...its all about BRANDING and it just make business sense-lah. Adoi !!. Jgn-lah kitai jadi bodoh sombong terlalu lama mah ?. Ini bukan M'sia tak M'sia punya perkara, ini bikin nama dan jualan minyak tanah dan lain-lian 'strategy'. Blind faith, bos tak bos dan siapa teror bukan dapat maju tapi jadi buta huruf dan pokai fikiran. Lu ingat senang2 nak berbranding kah ?.PN punya nama kuat dapat kontrak di merata rata dunia skg kerana itu mah. Satu billion up-front tapi trillion punya business dealing dapat M'sia balik nanti. itu Tony ada guna otak juga dgn branding Air Asia dgn F1 juga, dia mau maju dalam dunia business kena invest mah. ADA faham sekarang ?. ayoyo !! pening mau cakap sekarang rest o.k. kawan.

Anonymous said...

Its ok Magpie, we understand your grievance. Next F1 race, maybe Rocky will arrange for you an invitation from Petronas.
Remember the storm during the last race? We stil do...hehehe


Anonymous said...

man, blinkered (albeit crosseyed)can u be...?

Hassan is light years ahead as a corporate performer helming petronas...unlike you being a lackey of certain convoluted mindsets.

Anonymous said...

Little knowledge can be dangerous. But surely the A&P guys would have done their homework to justify the expenditure. There must be some barter agreement between the giants of the industry.

Having said that, Petronas has a proven track record of generating income, so what's with this small change?


Pasquale said...

"man, blinkered (albeit crosseyed)can u be...? Hassan is light years ahead as a corporate performer helming petronas...unlike you being a lackey of certain convoluted mindsets. December 29, 2009 2:03 PM"

Anonymous I am not Rusdi and BTW the last person who called him Juling or cross eyed died of sinus infection at Pantai Medical. I was made to understand it it s curse for anyone to call him juling. Apparently three people died mysteriously after calling him juling and by the look of it you many have just signed your own death knell by calling him that, so either you apologise to him publicly or you can say good-bye for you soon may go, like next week, who ever you are?

Anonymous said...

Aiya, too many ancient uncles here still think that F1 MUST be country-based when it comes to sponsorship/"strategic partnership".

Welcome to the 21st century, uncles!

If you still stubbornly and passionately feel that any giant corporation which is based in a certain country SHOULD NOT sponsor or be part of a Formula 1 team which is based in a different country, then Shell (a multinational company with British & Dutch origins) shouldn't be with Ferrari, Petrobras (Brazilian) should ditch Williams F1, Mobil (an American, part of ExxonMobil) shouldn't be with McLaren F1.

So many more examples, when you think of the non-petroleum companies partnering "foreign" teams. Too many lahh.

The Petronas brand will be stronger with Mercedes GP. That means there definitely will be, among many other things, increased sales of its products - more profit, more employment opportunities, more tax paid to our Government, bla bla bla bla blaaaa.....

Anonymous said...

i think the bottom line here is DS Najib and Tun Mahathir have full trust in TS Hassan decisions in managing Petronas interests. its got nothing to do about insubordination or anything to that matter.

afterall TS Hassan's performance is excellent and cannot be denied.

TF should stop from asking for crutches from the government to be seen as successful. AA's motto should read "Perniagaan didahulukan, Pelanggan di$krewkan". no one should create a deception about this to get sympathies from the people.

way to go Petronas and TS Hassan. its was an excellent strategic business decision to go with Merc F1 team.

nothing unpatriotic about this.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be rude Pasquale, but your argument is so childish. I think we need to move away from this narrow patriotic frame of mind whenever we look at things. Instead let's look at the bigger patriotic issue or picture. I think Petronas is doing the right thing by going with Mercedes. It is showing that a malaysian company can be a global champion, operating on global stage and gain the trust of global company like Mercedes. Doesn't that make us proud as malaysian? what's the point of sponsoring Lotus F1? what can they offer us in terms of business? Mercedes will give Petronas lucrative market like the China market (the lubricant business) with the sponsorship deal, which market can Lotus offer?

Pasquale said...

Anonymous on January 02, 2010 1:29 AM,

There is more to life and pride than by just selling lubricant and Petronas must remember this, and one can also make money being a prostitute or a drug pusher don't forget, we must look beyond just money don't you think! Of course not you can't think, sorry!

Anonymous said...

Come on proud that 2 Msian company is in the F1 each with their own strategic approach... Instead of both might terjun dengan labu2nya dengan 1M Lotus F1 team, we might end up with 2 successfull team. TF and the gang is not without resources when they throw themselve into this and very sure they don't need Petronas money to move ahead.... If we just want to broaden our mindset.... we might see a lot of benefits from these occurance....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous January 056,2010 8.06pm....not that we want to see Lotus F1 doomed or for both to lose but I failed to understand why Petronas does not want to help homegrown team under the spirit of 1Malaysia! Iam sure TF can finance his team on his own accord but just wondering why thats all?!

Proud to be man of God!

Anonymous said...

What a lame post, one that is donely impetously without much thought!

1. Malaysia is running out of oil
2. Petronas is aggressively expanding abroad because Hassan Merican believes Petronas's future lies outside the country.
3. In the financial year 2008-2009, Petronas upstream revenue from overseas operations exceed the revenues from Malaysian upstream revenue for the first time in its history.
4. In order to drill for oil in a foreign land, you need to be of a well-known brand.
5. Branding helps in lowering financing costs. For example, Petronas bonds in the future can go out in the market with lower interest because it has lower perceived risk.

Ask anyone in Petronas - many are happy with Hassan Merican. Sharpest bumi to run the most important company in Malaysia. Even many Malay technocrats are jealous of him and wants his job.

He risked his life when he worked on auditing Bank Bumi on its $2 billion scandal in the late eighties.

If you don't agree with branding, then tell Tony Fernandes to stop sponsoring Man U and various sports teams. Why? Cos no name, no landing rights.

darren said...

anon @ jan 7 826am

i bet any crosseyed, pm asslickers also be jealous of this hassan marican chap!

Pasquale said...

darren unfortunately for you, you will die soon from the curse of calling me cross-eyed, so far those who called me that died mysteriously,sorry nothing personal, you could have called me anything but that, sorry matey! Too bad I don't even know you! Here is what is going to happen to, you will suffer and suffer than you die but when you are suffering you can beg for forgiveness and may be I will entertain you, okay!

Anonymous said...

So Pasquale, if a Malaysian brand should not sponsor a foreign product/program/event (and sponsor Malaysian product/progam/event):

1. Should AirAsia withdraw from sponsoring referees in the English Premier League and sponsor the Malaysian Super League?

2. Was AirAsia wrong to be the "Official Budget Airline" for Manchester United and instead become the OBA for Selangor Red Giants?


Anonymous said...

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