Friday, December 18, 2009

She supervised a murder then spent RM600,000 shopping in Dubai?

Yes I am talking about the wife of our prime minister, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor!

According to PKR MP Tian Chua, a.k.a Chicken Le Tian by Can You See It blogsite.... read here, he has information that says an unidentified individual had allegedly sent RM600,000 through an errant money changer to her when she was in Dubai in August last year for her to spend it on shopping.

That is a lot of money and the allegation made by Tian Chua must be true when there was this picture of him which appeared in website flailing a piece of "official" looking document to back his claim.
And remember prior to this Tian Chua also posted a fake composite (an oxymoron here but..) picture of Prime Minister Najib, Razak Baginda and the murdered Mongolian girl Altantuya. Well he thought Malaysians were gullible enough to believe him. He has since apologised.

The he subscribed to the allegation made that Rosmah was supervising the murder of a Mongolian girl somewhere in a jungle at a city fringe.

But here is a problem. On both counts Tian Chua were wrong, if he was an honest human being he should know or already know that on the night Rosmah was "supervising" the murder she has an iron clad and water proof alibi! On the alleged night and time of the alleged supervision she was attending an official function at Tabung Haji. Of course Tian Chua did not tell that to his "supporters!"

Also on the month and day and night in August last year, reliable sources, said she was not even anywhere near Dubai or the region.

The thing is this poor woman, a wife of the prime minister, cannot simply react to any frivolous allegation or if she does she may run a risk of becoming a dysfunctional person or a wife of the prime minister!

Watching the news on Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) about how a flying school, there was failing a student from India, and the principle person of the flying school involved was accused of "swearing a false affidavit" to discredit this foreign student. The accuser was asked whether she had "swear a false affidavit" a new term that I have learn.

Just to show that anyone can swear to an affidavit, true or false, and the document on which the words of the "sworn" affidavit was typed upon will look official enough for morons out there to believe if the affidavits, true or false, were to be flailed by any one, even by a two-bit infantile wannabee-politician like Tian Chua has done.

Basically I am just plain tired having to listen to crude politician like Tian Chua and his motley crew called the PKR that is trying to destroy the harmony of this once happy and cheerful country.

While writing this I can hear the sad and desperate voice of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim making his ceramah, reads lies, nearby somewhere in a mosque in Ampang. The voice is still the same as it was when he gave his fiery speech at every National Civic Bureau (BTN) course over the wisdom of the Malay rights and how immigrants should know their station and where they stand.

Back to Rosmah, you don't have to prove anything to your detractors, just do good for your country and just help your husband. As for Tian Chua and his gang, people are already saying they are just like the proverbial bungling and inept Keystone Cops.


Anonymous said...

why didn't she just sue them?

Anonymous said...

The simple fact is,Tian Chua is dishonest.

Anti Auta

Anonymous said...

Why can't someone go up front to these people, especially Anwar, live on tape or TV, and ask him whether this accusation is really true and ask him to back it up. Se what he has to say. Corner him straight away for an answer and then show him the alibi!

That should corner him alright and make a great headline. Go and find him and corner him and make him admit he was lying. Kasi malu sama dia and the rest of pakatan haram.

I'm sick of hearing this again and again, and Bala appearing and reappearing with all sorts of character.

and it is about time somebody put a nail on him, can you do this pasquale??

So we can all move on with our lives

wong said...

rosmah just stay focus on what u are doing...would u like to tarnsfter some petty cash to me/x mas is near nice to me i be nicer to u

Anonymous said...

Tian Chua is DAP's rep in PKR.As spin master his job is to attack UMNO and it's leaders.
More malays hate UMNO will be good for DAP.
Najib may be be equivalent to Dollah but he will not succumb to DAP's ploy and neither can he compromise on the privileges and special rights of the Malays.

Anonymous said...

You're another kaki bodek of Rosmah the witch!

Anonymous said...

If nobody is out there to defend Rosmah who will, at least people like Magpie is refreshingly fresh in his perspective, and I do not want to be tricked by wicked Chinese politician anymore, I go for Magpie anytime!

The Hague

ricky said...

ahhhhh magpie do u smell the reek of umnos burning.

Anonymous said...

I think Wanita Umno, Putri Umno, Umno Youth, and Putra Umno should all come out to defend the wife of the prime minister of this country from slander and lies spread by the like of Tian Chua, how come it is only Barking Magpie defending her?
Don't be a hypocrite Shahrizat Jalil, Khairy and the rest!

Parit Jawa.

Anonymous said...

I think that YB Tian Chua should be stripped of his immunity and prosecuted. Such people must be made an example so that they will not go around shooting from the hip without evidence. He is after all talking about the Prime Ministers's family.Ramlax

Pasquale said...

Ramlax, the thing is a super-manipulator and super racist when he was in power and we know it for a fact, I am talking about BABI, allows chauvinist Chinese like Tian Chua and some baiee lawyers cum politician to condemn everything Malays including the Malays rulers.
Yes, they should have some respect for the Prime Minister!

Anonymous said...

Innocent until proven guilty.

Tian Chua should testify in court, given his blunderous capabilities of faking fakes.


Anonymous said...

Pasquale, your racialistic antediluvuan 'old-coot' mindset never fails to amuse me.

Anonymous said...

Rosmah should sue him for slandering for RM100m for causing tarnishing the image of Msia's CEO... So does Najib when TC admit creating the TRIO picture... What kind of bastard that can can do childish photo editing and "unintentionally???" let it circulate in the net and later admit and apologise.... but the damage is done... sleek tactics... by YTB TC (Yang Tak Berhormat)...

Anonymous said...

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