Thursday, January 29, 2009

Have our intelligence agencies failed? And failed miserably!?

I think they have or otherwise they would not have let or allow a foreign agent(s) to penetrate as high as the Prime Minister's Office (PMO).
There was a man, and he is still around, who tried to penetrate various PMO offices and he finally succeeded and he now becomes our present prime minister (lower case for a reason) close confidante.
He has succeeded, for example, in influencing pak lah (lower case for a reason) to scrap the bridge project between Singapore and Malaysia to the chagrin of the former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir.
In the past our intelligence agencies have been touted to be one of the most effective in the region, if not the world, but today it is just another agencies ruled by politicians and this is not good for the country.
In the past our intelligence agencies have been successful in staving off any enemies' infiltration into the inner sanctum of our decision making government apparatus.
Remember how we nabbed a KGB operative close to a senior minister's office. Remember how we caught a deputy minister who was a communist sympathiser. Those were the "no holds barred" moment of our country when if you are the enemies "we will deal with you", effectively.
But today our weak prime minister is being surrounded not only by toady, flatterer sycophants but but also by foreign agents. What are we doing about it? The answer is nothing!
Once upon a time I have risked my neck for the country I love. Once we, I and one intelligence agency, embarked on a campaign to deflect one of our neighbours irresponsible military adventure or soiree into our territory and we succeeded, via our psychological warfare.
Today foreign agents are influencing our top decision making apparatus and it appears our intelligence agencies empowered to look after our country's security have also been compromised and being shackled and this will spell doom for everyone, well may be not the non-Malays who are eagerly waiting for the "Malay" regime to falter and succumb to oblivion.
They may just get their wishes at the rate the country is going!
BTW, I think some of you may have guess who is this one foreign agent by now!

No, definitely no cheers today!

Monday, January 26, 2009

dollah badawi must go now and I am sure Malays and Umno members can see this!

Tun Mahathir once told former MCA chief Neo Yee Pan, who boasted the Chinese will demonstrate against the government, that the Malays can have even bigger demonstration, if the Chinese decided to do so! The next thing we know Neo Yee Pan was kicked out from his party!

I do not hear this idiot dollah badawi (in lower case for a reason) commented on the death of a boy while under police custody. In the first place I do not feel dollah badawi can express himself as a true blue prime minister of any country. I did feel then the power of Tunku, Tun Razak, Tun Mahathir who acted as a real leader of this country.
Their words command respect and they meant business. I remember when former MCA chief Neo Yee Pan made a rude gesture to Tun Mahathir that the Chinese will demonstrate against the government and Tun calmly told him to his face that the Malays can have even a bigger demonstration. They were strong leaders. I did not feel under these past leaders that junior ministers dare acted like a common gangster, let alone acting against the spirit of the Alliance or the Barisan. To these common gangster, go on and keep on pushing!! If these Indian "gangster politician" think the Malays are weak think again, pak lah is weak but we are not, we abide to the rule of law and the Malays have always been accommodating, but don't push it!
I did not see under dollah badawi, after six years and a prime minister, that a body to supervise the police being set up to ensure the police acted within their purview as law enforcer.
For the last almost two terms dollar badawi has brought this country down the drain socially, politically and economically, where racial sentiment being expressed openly and nothing that this idiot can do to remedy it. Yes, as a citizen of this country I can call my leader, any leader, an idiot if I think he is one, and I think this man is one.
Under this prime minister many state fallen to the opposition, Umno members defecting looking for fresher "mandate", while I do not think these Umno members can find any greener pasture on the other side of the river, under the present circumstance I do not blame them for dreaming so .
More so I think Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak should be made the new Prime Minister (upper case for a reason) as soon as possible before this country falls to chaos, I believe the danger is real if not!

P.S. Sources told me the Umno supreme council member who is being investigated for corruption is Datuk Norza Zakaria, I personally do not see why his name cannot be named for the rakyat to know!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

BN would have had better chances if the candidate was not Wan Farid

When leaders become elitist that spells danger to the country! Abdullah Badawi during one of the pre-Monsoon Cup dinner, what a debacle!

Wan Farid as a candidate was a no, no in the first place. He suffers from a very serious personality problem and for associating himself with some loathsome people!

Now that Umno and BN have have lost in Kuala Terengganu we hope Najib will not be blamed! I don't think he should be blamed! However if it was another attempt to besmirch his name I don't think it will work, since the candidate was not his first choice I suspect, it was Pak Lah's. For as far as I can tell, this Wan Farid will always be as arrogant as he will always be vis-a-vis the rakyat, especially those from Pulau Duyung!


And this is part of what I wrote months before the by-election in Kuala Terengganu (KT) and I said Umno and BN was about to make that same shit mistake again but on different days, if they decided to place Senator Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh as BN candidate against Pas, for he would surely lose.

From the very beginning Wan Farid was "Pak Lah" candidate. He is perceived as one of those insensitive culprits that destroyed Pulau Duyung that was being turned into a headquarters for the ridiculous, grandiose, elitist and an unecesszary Monsoon Cup fiasco.

Monsoon Cup faux pas was about when a senior member of the Terengganu royalty who was told by the mother of a Malay looking Chinese owner of the surrounding land in Pulau Duyung to "fuck off" and not occupy an exhibition table at the premise of the Monsoon Cup event.

When the royalty was told off by the mother of this Malay looking Chiunese owner of the event the former mentri besar of Terengganu was there and did not intervene on behalf of this royalty, who was famous for bringing his children from Australia, by boat, to Indonesia then home.

The rakyat did not forget the incident. The people of Pulau Duyung also will never forget how an old and ancient wooden mosque that was demolished to make way for a new one!

I suspect if Najib was the PM before and during the KT by-election, BN would have had a good chance. The lost is not about Najib spearheading the KT by election, which saw Chinese voters in KT solidly voting for BN and the by-election saw an increase votes for BN, but because Wan Farid was perceived to be part of Pak Lah's arrogant boys and a man who helped destroy the way of life in Pulau Duyung.

Many Malays and Malaysians cannot wait for Pak Lah to step down and to do it soon before someone throw shoes at him. As a Malaysian living in this democratic system called Malaysia it is upon the good interest of Umno, BN Malays and all Malaysians that Abdulah Ahmad Badawi must give way to his sucessor right away before something untoward happens in this great country.

No cheers today!

Friday, January 16, 2009

War on Terror vis-a-vis Scomi's Nuclear Centrifuge Debacle! Is it a US selective persecution?

The PM has become detached from the rakyat and he is now perceived as being elitist: Pak Lah, Kamaluddin (Scomi co-owner), Khairy should all be sanctioned for one thing or another I don't give a rat's ass for what!

Shah Hakim, Scomi's CEO and business partner of Kamaluddin Abdullah, the son of our current PM

* news update"

Umno must have a serious makeover, re-branding or whatever or else it will be an irrelevant Malay party, and the majority Malays will not be a happy lot if the party slides further, take heed!

Scomi's CEO Shah Hakim has been sanction by the US government with his asset in the US and US held territories frozen. If I recalled Kalamuddin Abdullah the son of our PM is also with Scomi. My question is why is the son of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi not affected atn all after all he is also a decision maker, not a sleeping partner, with the company and also a major share holder.
This is not a naughty enquiry, it is just I want to know, we want to know right!? That is why are some people appear to be above the law??!! This is not about malice but we just want to know and can someone please enlighten me. Especially the US government's action taken against Scomi's CEO Shah Hakim, and Malaysian government decision to place another Scomi consultant BSA Tahir under ISA! Is Kamaluddin being spared??


Monday, January 12, 2009

Top American Zionists are YB BABI good friends! So how now?

Flanked by America's top Zionist, from left-right: William Cohen, YB BABI and Paul Wolfowitz.
Cohen and Wolfowitz are the type of people who helped favourably US foreign policy vis-a-vis Israel. They are YB BABI very good friends, so what now Malaysians!

When Israeli tanks rolled through Gaza Strip,when Israeli helicopter gunships dropping bombs and toxic white phosphorus chemical over Gaza wreaking havoc destroying mosques, houses occupied by innocent Palestinians, what did Yang Berhormat Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (YB BABI) did?! Nothing.
Not a comment to condemn Israel and America, and we think we know why!
YB BABI is an American stooge, he has sold his soul to the devil so to speak a long time ago, in his fuitle quest to be the next prime minister of Malaysia.
Fair minded Malaysians must condemn him for his hypocrisy and Malaysians in general must wake up from their blind slumber of support for a man who is being convicted not because the government is mean but because the government knows more than what is being reported.

Please Malaysians do the necessary, wake up!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Malaysia to boycott US products? What are we talking about?

*news update*
Many comments appear to have agreed with me about the stupidity of those demonstrating against the Israeli bloody invasion and attacks on Gaza Strip. Yes I had my fair share of demonstrating against unpopular issues, wars such as the one committed by the US against our neighbour Vietnam in the late sixties to early seventies. Yes, it is fun to demonstrate but at the end of the day do you feel right about your feeling good showing your futile attempt to imagine that you have done something to stop the carnage? No I don't think so, you are just lying to your self. I have studied about the Middle-East crisis since my varsity days in the seventies. Guess what it is same old same old shit but different years. Guess what, Palestinians killed by Israelis and the rogue state of Israel is still there as defiance as ever. And the rest of the Arab world? I can safely say they are useless and corrupt, impotent and heavily reliance on the great USA. No I am not insensitive to the death of many in Gaza, especially children, but I am sensitive to the fact that the whole world cannot do anything to contain the Jews in Israel in their quest to make Gaza and the West Bank as part of greater Israel, personally more and more Palestinian in Gaza and the West Bank will be killed until the Jewish dream of Judea and Sumeria be realised, and the Jews are committed to succeed and the Arabs are committed to be disunited, disenfranchised, pathetic, useless, helpless and hopeless! No amount of demonstrations can change anything, except a united show of force to deflect further Israelis intransigence!
The United States of America is Malaysia's biggest trading partner. If tomorrow Texas Instruments or Dell Computer, or Harris Semi-Conductor pulled out of Malaysia, this country will go haywire, hundreds of thousands will lose their jobs.
Or worse still if MacDonald or KFC decided to pull out of Malaysia the country will go berserk, since Malaysians are addicted to American junk food.
If we want to condemn the Jews, we better do something with Tesco, founded by Jack Cohen also believed to be an ardent Zionist.
So lets us not be too hasty eh! Let the Arab world and Israel resolve their "boring" problem!
Did anyone ever ask why a small country can get away with what it did? And how come a small Israel surrounded by big Arab countries cannot be defeated? Well I am tired of giving answers you guys go figure!
Demonstrating against the US embassy is a stupid effort, let's us stop it and do something more constructive to improve our country's racial problem, for example!