Monday, February 23, 2009

He was against vernacular schools now he supports it!

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's despicable and powerful Minister of Information (read Propaganda)! He spun the fact that Jews were in fact sub-human and animals to be slaughtered and so the Germans did just that to six millions Jews! Notice any resemblance to anyone from Malaysia!

"KUALA LUMPUR 22 Feb. - Kerajaan negeri Selangor akan menggunakan kuasa yang ada untuk mengambil tanah individu atau syarikat bagi pembesaran Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (SJKC) Sin Ming, Puchong dekat sini."

The first paragraph on page 5 in Utusan Melayu today Feb 23rd says the Pakatan Rakyat state government under Khalid Ibrahim had used the power of the state government for an expansion of a Chinese School, that is fine, but! The official ceremony for the expansion of this Chinese school was launched by none other de facto opposition leader YB BABI.

This man did not want to pass the Education Act 1996 when he was in the gtovernment before he got sacked unless the minister in charge has the full power to veto for more Chinese or Indian schools from being built.

As a minister then, again before he was sacked for abused of power, he wanted to have the full power to disallow further construction of Chinese or Indian schools before he can support the Act.

And what do you know, today he officiated the expansion of a Chinese school near Puchong, what hypocrite. Just to show you this man lives and breathes political expediency. He can sell refrigerators to the Eskimos, he is so disillusional, he cannot tell anymore from what is right or what is wrong, as long as he can have power for power sake!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tian Chua and Sivakumar are not good breed for a politician!

*news update*

I was told EW was/is involved not with Tian Chua or even that gay looking Malay boy, Hilmi, these two are in fact trying to cover for the real guy who was caught with her. The real guy is non other than a very senior politician with Pakatan Rakyat, who shall remain nameless, but I will give you a hint, this guy was once a corporate person and he stutters. Now he is made to understand that either he will step down from his high post over some other silly charges involving animals and vehicles or if not he will be slapped with the real thing, that is getting caught on camera with a "floozy" non-Malay woman politician who is also his kept woman for a long time now Who says PR politicians are squeaky clean?! So have you figure out this guy yet? Right you got it!!
YB BABI was once told to resign nicely or his "misdemeanour" would be exposed, but he was stupid and he decided to fight the whole system and lost and he then went to jail and now released, and today his vengeance to destroy everything Malay is just too much to stomach!

When I was a reporter or a journalist years ago a senior politician did a Tian Chua on me in public and he was caught by surprise when I told him "fuck you who the hell do you think you are, you do not have to be nasty and you do not have to answer my question".
Tian Chua threaten to smash a reporter's head for asking whether he and Elizabeth Wong were lovers. All he has to do is to say "no I am not" or even "none of your business", but he does not have to threaten to smash heads.
If I was a reporter at the lobby at that time asking him that question and got that kind of answer I would say "fuck you Tian Chua who do you think you are, you are just a two-bit opium smoker low breed wannabe politician elected by the people by default".
Unlike the politician of the yore, those mainly from the opposition are a low breed morons that cannot hold their cool. They have not gone through the apprenticeship scheme to be one.
How I wish I could say to Tian Chua and speaker V. Sivakumar that I would like to smash their heads too for being rude to the Malays and the Malay sultans, but then I am too much of a well brought up Malay to do that!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ultimate goal of erasing Umno Malay by the DAP, does YB BABI care?

This was sent to me, an excerpt from Jeff Ooi screenshot over his comment titled Anwar fingered on Karpal Singh criticising YAB BABI, interesting enough as I have always suspected DAP or rather the Chinese chauvinists of the country has always wanted to get rid of the perceived Malay political domination in the country.
I don't think Penang can ever be reverted to Umno or BN rule, not unless we bombed Georgetown or Komtar to bring DAP to their knees, so to speak. Nevertheless this is again an excerpt of what Jeff Ooi wrote to comment on what Karpal actually said and what he surmised as the real thinking of the DAP, pay attention the the paragraph in red:

So, Karpal went ballistic and fingered Anwar Ibrahim for all the bad political culture in this country?

To prevent any confusion, I gave Reuters a concise context to Karpal's statement when news broke yesterday afternoon.

DAP's Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng and MP Leader Kit have both released their statements, which I received at 11:15hr and 13:24hr today, respectively.

The tone is, for the sake of big-picture politics in Malaysia where the ultimate goal of erasing Umno has yet to accomplish, DAP will continue to regard Anwar as the leader in Pakatan Rakyat. All deliberation will be done through the internal channels, cross parties.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elizabeth Wong must take the responsibility, so she must step down!

She is a nice person but too naive with her private life!

*news update*

NST has gone ballistic! Reading it makes me wonder whether it is working for the government or the opposition. I have decided it is working for the opposition, my view as NST reader for more than a decades.
How so?! Well just look at yesterday's front page (17/02/2009) where the picture of our king was not considered to be very complimentary of a paramount ruler. I am sure the editor/s could have chosen a better face of a king that does not look "pissed" .
Somebody must answer to this major faux pas and to stop using NST as an assassination machine to destroy character, any character, very subliminally and subtle!
Today's front page on Elizabeth Wong made it very clear NST, it is is a human being , is a moron. There is no reason to go all out to paint Wong as a victim. The truth lof the matter is she was indiscreet and got caught, nothing political. But the sad part is NST tries to make it as though the government has something to do with it. THE STORY ON ELIZABETH WONG'S INDISCRETION DOES NOT WARRANT FOUR PAGES, FOR HEAVEN SAKE!
It is a case of, if something bad the opposition members did, just blame it on the government. Listen Dato' Seri Najib, when you take over as the new PM next month you must totally cleansed this national institution of ours called NST, hat has gone berserk . If you cannot do it just shut it down, it is not churning revenue anyway!

Yes her sanctity has been breached, granted, but she should have been more careful, perceived to be chaste, and above all discreet!
For she is a lawmaker, a politician that her voters have chosen her to be their leader.
Chua Soi Lek did it and he resigned. V Arumugam did it and he resigned. Rahim Thamby Chik was perceived of doing it he resigned from his post dishonourably!
Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim also perceived of doing it he was told to resign but refused and he was sacked later jailed!
Once a Canadian federal minister of agriculture resigned because he allowed Canad to export sub-standard canned tuna to the world, it was not even his mistake but he took the responsibility.
Many private sexual soiree involving politicians of the world were kept private and discreet, well after all they are human!
But once such soiree popped out into the public domain these politicians must owned up to their actions.
Elizabeth Wong you may cry "victimised", but the fact is how can you will be entrusted to keep a state secret when you cannot even have the ability to choose a good and trust worth partner that will not kiss and tell!
My sympathy is with you but you must also accept a harsh reality of being the people's representative, you know as they say in French ce'st le vie!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sultans should ban karpal from Perak and Selangor?

The caption left out a part that says "the proclamation of Independence on Persekutuan Tanah Melayu (PTM), yes Tanah Melayu"


*News update*

I read the news today oh boy! The Sultan of Selangor urged a bunch of not very nice people, probably people like former mentri besar of Perak nizar and DAP chairman karpal singh, not to "be rude"! Daulat Tuanku, but this is like telling monkeys not to eat banana.
Also to Shafie Afdal, the minister in charge of national unity, urging the same not too nice and a badly brought up people, not to make multi-racialism as an issue that can bring national stress to the country. Well Shafie, good luck to you telling YB BABI, karpal, nizar, lim guan eng, lim kit siang and their fanatical followers to abide to your civilised request!

This was what I read in Malaysia-Instinct:

"The Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, should ban DAP chairman Karpal Singh from stepping into his state, said the Kedah Royal Household Association.
Its president Datuk Tengku Zainol Rashid Tengku Yahya said such a ban would be the appropriate for insulting the Perak Ruler.
Karpal Singh had threatened to sue Sultan Azlan Shah for consenting to the appointment of a new Perak Mentri Besar.
“His action does not portray his credibility as a senior lawyer and as an elected representative,” Tengku Zainol Rashid told a joint press conference with The Malay Unity Action Front (BBPM) in Alor Setar yesterday.
Both movements also urged the Malay Rulers Council to hold a special meeting to discuss the type of action that should be taken against Karpal Singh.
BBPM president Osman Abu Bakar said the movement had prepared a memorandum that requested Malays, regardless of their political beliefs, to unite and protect Malay special rights.
In KUANTAN, the former People’s Representatives Council (Mubarak) urged UMNO to debate a motion on the immunity of the Malay Rulers.
Mubarak deputy president Datuk Seri Abdul Aziz Rahman said the monarchy seemed to have been made fun of and UMNO should be responsible in reinstating their immunity.

This is what I think:

It is not going to happen because Malays in general have lost it, they have lost their guts and will to stand for their rights, they have low threshold of pain be it in business, politics and basically in anything that they endeavour in.
It is not going to happen because Malays who initially were believed to be a very accommodating people? But in fact that was a wrong perception, they weren't accommodating but they were in fact a bunch of cowards, a bunch of people who were and are still afraid of confrontation or even to die to protect their rights.
My predictions will be Karpal, and his like, will continue to harangue and to ridicule anything Malays because Karpal and his like knows they can get away with it and they know the Malays are just a bunch of morons! Morons mean a bunch of adults with an intelligence of a child, yes morons or otherwise this country is not in the present shit hole that it is in today.
I realise Malays will react to this column frankly I don't care, but I urged them not to just run amok and bang their heads against the wall and to get angry to what I have just said but to think of what I have just said carefully

Meanwhile if I am a non-Malay like Karpal or like any of the belligerent DAP member I will do the same under this ideal situation to get rid of a perceived Malay dominance and to get rid of any institution perceived to be Malays, including the monarchy system that is so hated my the non-Malays! But always remember this the name Persekutuan Tanah Melayu (PTM) was changed to the name Malaysia was to reflect the mild multi-racial society that this country is.
Frankly I would prefer that this country to be reverted to the original name of PTM, then respective people will know their own respective stations well!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Desperate YB BABI wants Pak Lah to stay on as PM!

Yeah right!

"Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will clock out from his office in Putrajaya on March 31, a Tuesday, as prime minister, ending a tumultuous period which saw him lead UMNO and Barisan Nasional to their best-ever and worst electoral performances"

This was what reported by a news portal Malaysia-Instinct quoting Malaysiainsider.
And yet next week it was reliably learn that Yang Berhormat Anwar Bin Ibrahim (YB BABI) will, on behalf of the opposition, will table a motion of CONFIDENCE in parliament for Prime Minister Dolah Badawi to stay on as PM.
The way I see it the opposition is so desperate as to resort to parliamentry procedure to further its losing effort to stay on as a credible opposition party trying and resorting to all sorts of tactics to gain power.
Instead Karpal Singh should also table a motion in parliament to sack YB BABI as a leader of the opposition and to sack him as a con man passing himself as a politician.
Personally speaking YB BABI reminds me of a five-foot way medicine sellers at Batu Road and Chow Kit Road who were my favourite pastime to watch when I walked to and from Batu Road School and Maxwell School.
The opposition is also so desperate enough as to spend money to place a huge bill board of Pak Lah along Jalan Syed Putra forn motorists to gawk at. The billboard sas for the rakyat to send their thought to Pak Lah via internet to an address to aks him probably to stay on. I think DBKL should pull it down.

Monday, February 09, 2009

So who do you think will make the best opposition leader!

Yes to Ibrahim Ali!

No to Hadi and of course YB BABI

No to lightweight Azmin Ali

In your dream Tian Chua!

Now DAP chairman Karpal Singh has come out publicly saying Yang Berhormat Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (YB BABI) is not fit to be the leader of the opposition who then among the opposition deems fit to take over?!
Let see I have listed some in my mind and have deleted them as being either, too stupid, racist, lightweight, gay, pseudo-socialist, charlatans, parvenus, ex-postmen, smelly unkempt sarong-clad Arabs wannabe, to all the totally China apek tongkang opposition members who cannot SPEAK Bahasa Melayu (the national language) if their lives depended on it , and Hindraf sympathiser types who believe just because India is a nuclear that they can create havoc in this country!
Well I have only one candidate in my mind that is somewhat available within the opposition gene pool that can take over as the official opposition leader and he is none other than DatukIbrahim Ali, I am serious.
Ibrahim seems to tried to make a serious makeover from his problem of being totally suffering from a personality bypass, he took great pain to be seen as a serious politician. He can speak.
About the others let see!
Lim Kit Siang is perceived as a too chauvinist pro-Singapore Chinese; Sarong clad Hadi Awang is too Hamas-type; Azmin Ali a total lightweight; Syed Husin Ali well he squeaks when he speaks no charisma; Karpal cannot speak Bahasa Melayu; Gopalakrishnan still have that Indian- cendol seller mentality, Tian Chua may look like an opium addict no one will take him seriously.
Well guys there is only one and that is Ibrahim Ali!

Have a good Thaiphusam holiday to all sane and like minded Malaysians!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

An act of treason by former mentri besar of Perak, Mohd Nizar!

Both Nizar and Anwar have tasted blood, they must be placed under ISA for crime of treason against the country and for insulting the Sultan of Perak!

This ba*tard has insulted a Malay sultan and he must be dealt with and without compunction!

Early cartoon of 1789 depicting King George 111 being farted at and given the cheek of disrespect by the people. Mohd Nizar is now doing the same to Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak today!

*news update* (9pm - 8th Feb, 2009)

So Karpal Singh of the DAP said Yang Berhormat Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (YB BABI) is not fit to be the leader of the opposition. But Karpal is already saying what majority of the rakyat, I mean the real rakyat, know. YB BABI has brought a very unhealthy poltitical practices, like encouraging party hopping. Why it takes this long for some senior member of the opposition to come out to say this I don't know, but it is a welcoming change, thank you Mr Karpal!

*news update* (10.50pm - 7th Feb, 2009)

Some one has to say this and it might as well be me. The government is not that mean as to embarrass this certain politician with a secret that can actually destroy a man. So the government has been keeping this a secret for a reason, but I am certain you smart people can figure out who I am talking about.
This politician contracted HIV positive years ago and since then he has been on a very expensive HIV Cocktail treatment to blunt the condition,
(the government was picking the tab for a while). He was quoted as saying he has nothing to lose and like Freedie Mercury who performed only with his swimming trunk when he found out he had AIDS, this irresponsible politician is now having his last hurrah with his desperate attempt to destroy everything that is Malay, including the sultanate system of Malaysia. Doctors spoken to said he will still have a few years to go, meanwhile if he is doing an irreparable damage to the country he may have to be put to check! So there it is as the truth must be told, although I have been sworn to secrecy to keep many secrets, but this one I have to let out! Cheers!

*news update*

It was sad to note that no DAP and PKR members were seen at ousted MB of Perak Nizar's house, only PAS and this is just to show that when push comes to shove, mainly DAP Chinese and multi-racial mostly Indian PKR will abandon their Malay allies. Just like when Lee Kuan Yew used the Malays to garner support of the Singaporean Malays to form a strong PAP then to abandon and jailed and sent away many more Malays, including P.Ramlee and Saloma to the Semenanjung, and Studio Jalan Ampas was destroyed. So if this government is really strong, which I do not believe it is, Yang Berhormat Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (YB BABI) and Nizar shoud be put under ISA for public safety and stripped them of their Datuk Seris title. If a Malay is Kurang Ajar like Nizar and YB BABI they must be taught a lesson. After they shoot horses don't they?

*news update*

I firmly believed both Mohd Nizar and Anwar Ibrahim be stripped of their titles. I firmly believed the stripping is justified since both are not really looking after the interest of the country let alone insulting a ruler. I suggest Anwar be stripped of his Datuk Seri-ship he does not fit to have one and Nizar should also be dealt with the same way!
Lucky for Mentri Besar of Perak, Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin his state is not Thailand where the law, lese majeste or injury to majesty, to insult the king is punishable by death.
Lese majeste or otherwise, this Mohd Nizar has committed an act of treason by going against the law in which he was told to step down as the chief minister of Perak and he refused. Mohd Nizar also took the law in his own hand by dissolving the state assembly on his own accord without the consent of the Sultan of Perak. In Malay he is kurang ajar (badly brought up by his parents), biadap (ill-mannered) and penderhaka (traitor)!
Following the defection of opposition members to Barisan Nasional left the opposition, Pakatan Rakyat, not having the majority to lead the state government. In this case, the law says the sultans have the right to appoint a new mentri besar following the defection and this Mohd Nizar refused.
Holed up in the mentri besar residence, Mohd Nizar believes he does not have to take orders from the Sultan. He can be dragged out of the residence and charged for treason, and I hope the government will do it!
While the government is at it, it must also arrest Anwar Ibrahim under the ISA for inciting hatred to the Sultans and for creating chaos which is detrimental to public order.
The government cannot take any further blatant disregard for the rule of laws in the country which is meant to make the country politically stable!

P.S. Under Mohd Nizar as MB for Perak thousands of acres of state TOL and Malay reserve land have been converted to a 999 years lease, yes 999 years! These land have been mainly given to non-Malays of Perak for being loyal supporters of Pakatan Rakyat!

The sleeping prime minister slept while Perak was in political imbroglio!

prime minister dollah badawi asleep at official function, enough already!

For those who think prime minister dollah badawi, who led the country to almost a political defeat when five states went to the opposition, has anything to do with Perak coming back to Barisan Nasional's (BN) rules, to think again. He was asleep when his deputy was busy!
He was even told, in not so many words, not to make a press statement through Bernama, a national news agency, to say many oposition members will "jumped" ship to help BN formed a state government.
He was briefed by his ever loyal deputy on the possibility of BN to again forming a state government in Perak hoping his boss will not blurt it out to the press just yet, and guess what, he did the expected!
As in any political imbroglio in the past it was all about power, the right power that is and who should wields it. In the case of PBS, the Sabah party then was smug and arrogant after winning and was showing that un-Malaysian characteristic. PBS tried to play hard-ball with the veteran Feds and lost, quite miserably.
In Sabah the country was at its best under Tun Mahathir whose philosophy was "if you want to have a demonstration we can organise a bigger one".
Under dollah badawi the country suffers and this man has even the audacity to claim credit when credit was definitely not due for him.
This prime minister must vacate his office immediately soon after the Umno General assembly and allows Najib his deputy to take over as PM in order to repair the house that has been considerably damaged by the current prime minister.
Meanwhiloe, by tomorrow Perak will again be under the BN government and hopefully the new mentri besar will not be as arrogant as the last one, who was definitely an amateur.

P.S. The government must now be decisive when trying Anwar Ibrahim in court and to discharge its duty and to sentence this man appropriately. This is the same Anwar who said he will vow to silence the Hindu temple in Penang. And yet the Hindus are still weak as not to tell the difference between a good and a bad leader.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

MACC getting tough on environmental crooks is just all hot air!

Douglas Unggah don't just talk you moron!

This is what will greet you at Blue Valley, Cameron Highlands!

No regards for the tax-paying citizens of this country!

If I am a foreign tourist from anywhere I will say this country sucks!

Lojing, another environmental degradation that the Fundamentalist Islamist state government of Kelantan can and will never understand!

Every action will always be another equal reaction!

Once it was a beautiful valley until Kelantan was ruled by a sarong-clad mullahs, hey what do they know!

How so!? Well a recent drive from Kuala Terengganu via Gua Musang then to Cameron Highland we were taken by surprise when we saw how Lojing was raped and shaved bald by the Kelantan state government. Then were were at the junction to Cameron Highland heading for Simpang Pulai, when we saw a blatant disregard for the environment!
Okay if I had not seen it I can probably shut it off my mind even though I know the countryside of Malaysia is littered with many, many dumping sites.
But this is at the entrance junction to Cameron Highland at Blue Valley, where tourist will be taken by a shocking surprise when they will see and be greeted by a massive garbage dumping site right before their eyes and by the road side!
Environment and Natural Resources Minister Douglas Unggah Embas, in which the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) is under his watch, please do something or I will make Blue Valley shame as a blotch on your forehead as a minister empowered to clean up corruption that leads to a beautiful valley, a jewel, of Malaysia marred and stenched by one of the biggest rubbish dumps I have ever seen.
Oh yes! Another beautiful car ride from Kuala Kelawang to KL when were were again greeted by yet another biggest dumping site I have ever come across. The dump site is at Genting Peras, before we descend to a junction to Batu 18 Huku Langat.
By the way Genting Peras is part of our water catchment areas. Haven's we learn from our Ampang Valley dumping site debacle that has contaminated that areas water table, turning well water into black sludge?
Douglas Unggah please do not make stupid and tough talks unless you mean it and that you must be sure that you are on top of keeping tab of all environmental degrader and to punish them for destroying the environment.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hope Tony is not like Luncai who terjun dengan Labu Labu nya!

I do not know this Tony Fernandes guy personally and all that well that I go drinking with him, apart from being introduced to him by Rockybru.
He appears to be amicable, friendly and genuine and obviously a genius of sort for being able to do what he has done to Malaysian aviation industry.
I will always thank him for allowing me to fly to Balikpapan, a destination on our SEAsian map that I always wanted to visit but MAS does not fly there. I will always forever be indebted to him for giving me a chance to fly to Siem Reap (many times) to see the majestic Angkors, especially the Angkor Wat, all via Air Asia and that MAS was not able to take me.
Soon it will be Menado, Bali, and many many more destinations that I will be able to visit and again thanks to Air Asia.
I believe Tony will not be bitter like that proverbial "luncai who jump into the river with his pumpkin" now that KLIA-East at Labu has been scrapped. The old adage means this Luncai is a die heart and convinced wholeheartedly in what he believes, that he was willing to jump with his pumpkin thinking the pumpkin is all that valuable! However, Tony remember, every cloud has a silver lining!
Okay Tony, about the only thing I hate about your airline is I, my wife and I, have to travel from Ukay Heights, Ampang to almost reaching my hometown in Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan, bjust to get to your LCCT! That is ba wee bit too far!!
Tony please develop your new LCCT at the KLIA so we all can travel by the ERL from KL Sentral without fuss and stress to get there.
My personal observation is, Bangkok super international airport also caters to LCC and the LCCT is attached to this fantastic airport. My question is, why can't we do the same?!!

Cheers to both you and Rocky for being proactive!