Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hannibal Petra should be put away!

A preamble to Raja Petra Kamarudin's posting in his column in Malaysia Today:
"I wish to explain why I am not going to be present in court today, 23rd April 2009. Firstly, it involves my recent dispute with the Selangor Palace. This dispute was due to my open letter to the Perak Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin, which I wrote on 2nd March 2009 in response to the ongoing Perak Constitutional Crisis. My family said I had acted in a treasonous manner and they wanted me to issue a public apology to the Sultan of Perak."
Well hogwash, I think he knows its game over for him in so far as lying to the world is concerned. An act of cowardice if you ask me! So suddenly he has no faith in the rule of law that he has been depending on and supporting himself against the lies that he has been churning all this while.
He knows he has to answer to all of these unsubstantiated super-allegations he had made against many people, institutions and for which he has not one iota of proof to support all of these super-allegations?!!
I think it is fair that a warrant of arrest to be issued against him for not complying to the law by not attending the court to hear his case.
The part about the Selangor royal family angry with him and that he is part of the family, well I hate to say this but he was never part of it and has never been accepted as member of the Selangor Royal family, and the Sultan wasn even quoted as saying he is "tidak betul otak", or not right up there! Pet just tell me where can you run and for how far, eh!
As for Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, you must also run and hide somewhere for come your trial when the burden of proof is so much against you that the law of the country will have no choice but to find you guilty and you will be jailed, for sure! So take your passport now and flee!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Yes! YB BABI, RPK and Susan Loone must provide proof to help the two sentenced to death!

What if she was killed at the behest of someone else meant to implicate others, have we thought of that! Well whatever it is those who have the "real" proof please reveal them to save the two policemen!

Or else allow the mighty hammer of the Malaysian judicial system to pulverise them once and for all, as an act of deterrent for future liars to learn from! I am glad few bloggers have started the ball rolling by campaigning to ask YB BABI and RPK and Susan Loone to furnish the police with their much-talked about concrete proof to implicate the Prime Minister and his wife in this country most bizzare murder case.

Rockybru also wrote YB BABI, RPK and Susan Loone (three of the most vociferous and wicked human being ever recorded in my Minangkabau annal that they must show their proverbial proof to save the lives of the two policemen if they believe they are victims and not the real "perpetrators" in the bizzare murder of a Mongolian woman on Malaysian here

And bizarre it is, when it has already been bandied about what if the murder was conducted by those having to lose so much if Najib became the PM. What if someone who is desperate enough to be the next prime minister could have done it! Here is an excerpt on what a blogger the Voice wrote: "Nevertheless, there is a bizarre theory making it's round suspecting Altantunya killed and blowed up to smitherin by another party with the intention to implicate Najib. Their convenient suspects are Khairy and the Tingkat 4, and Anwar Ibrahim. The plan was executed by some foreign operatives. In french, bizarre means crazy. Without evidence or proof, it is merely speculative.Both Azrilah and Sirul filed for appeal and more will unfold.Thus far, these the few revelations from the court proceeding shows that much that was being rumoured had no evidence. Is Karpal Singh losing his roar or the only thing relevant to roar about is Razak's absence from the witness stand?Pinning it to Rosmah?One twist to this murder is PI Balasundram's revised Statutory Declaration (SD) and Raja Petra's SD that attempted to implicate Rosmah. Two police officers name were mentioned but both denied with their own Statutory SD.RPK's SD and his willingness to face the consequences made his words believable to certain segment of the public. But the strange part is his SD is a mentioned in third party i.e. declaration based not on his own information and filled with the term "reliably informed".After being held for questioning by police, Bala declared the next day that his revised SD is incorrect and disappeared. Words from sceptics of Najib is that Bala was taken away to some oceanic island nation and monetarily rewarded by Najib and Rosmah.God knows, but the act of hiding away seemed more consistent with the manner Elizabeth Wong and V Arumugan disappeared temporarily. The exception would be the failed attempt to "kidnap" the two defected PKR Perak State Assemblymen.No one should dismiss the possibility that it is a PKR attempt to dismiss Bala's original SD. Bala has committed perjury and is liable in court. All his statutory declaration is now inadmissible in court.Another equally bizarre twist to the Rosmah off-shoot of the Altantunya murder is another SD supposedly by Bala claiming Rosmah was into Hindu practices. Then there was the Malaysia Today report of charms found in Pak Lah's office but none found in Najib's office. [Am I too familiar with such style of fabrication? read more here!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Malaysiakini lied again!

Steven Gan of Malaysiakini, and I know him as being a fair and an intelligent guy, I was wrong!

This is how Malaysia "premier "news portal Malaysiakini is not moving forward as it has lied again to the public when it published a report in the same manner as when it reported a "Najib Manifesto" which turned out to be a false. The report on that co-called Najib Manifesto was designed to make Najib (mind you before he became the PM) to appear insensitive, arrogant and a man that should be rejected then by the people. Well, Malaysiakini apologised and the reporter has since resigned. And today this pro-BABI, anti-Umno, anti-Malay, and a foreign-funded news portal yet reported another piece of sick invention, below is what Malaysiakini wrote, in which there was not one iota of truth in the report, and below I took the liberty of re-printing that damning report by Malaysiakini! Words of warning though, those Malaysians with a lower than average IQ need not read and comment on this posting by Barkingmagpie content, because lower than average morons have no capability to discern what is the truth and wrong:

"Four private television stations have been ordered not to name political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda when reporting the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case. Malaysiakini has learnt that the top management of Media Prima Berhad - the owner of the four TV stations - had issued a directive on the matter.

The media giant, which is believed to be linked to ruling party Umno, controls the country’s four free-to-air private TV stations - TV3, ntv7, 8TV and tv9.The directive was part of an email sent on behalf of the group director of news and current affairs, television networks, Kamarulzaman Zainal.Kamarulzaman was press secretary to Abdullah Ahamd Badawi when the former premier was deputy PM. He was appointed to helm Media Prima soon after Abdullah took power in 2003.

The email listed four ‘don’ts’ involving news reports relating to the high-profile murder case of Mongolia national Altantuya, who was mistress of Razak Baginda (left).The TV stations were ordered not to mention Razak Baginda's name and ignore all news background related to him. Editors were instead told to focus their reports on the two accused in the murder trial, who were sentenced to death last week.

Razak Baginda, a close confidant of newly-minted Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, was charged with abetting the murder but was later freed.The controversial court decision had sparked off a fresh round of speculations that the powers-that-be had a hand in the acquittal.Don’t show footage of Razak Baginda.

Not only that the political analyst's name should not be mentioned, visuals showing him in previous trials and after his release are also banned, according to the email.The other two restrictions were related to the new premier.

The TV stations were barred from reporting that Najib and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, were linked to the grisly murder case.Also, statements from those accusing Najib and Rosmah of being involved in the case were also prohibited.It is not clear whether Media Prima has been instructed by government officials to ‘cleanse’ the three key personalities from the Altantuya case.

The email, which has been widely circulated in the company, was sent last week to editors of all different language sections within the Media Prima group.An assistant from Kamarulzaman's office told Malaysiakini that his boss was currently overseas and would not be available to comment on the directive. There is also no response to an email sent to Kamarulzaman.

The Media Prima ban came hot in the heels of a blackout by state-owned RTM on reporting the on-going political crisis in Terengganu.Malaysiakini has reported on Wednesday that RTM blacked out news on the apparent boycott of the Terengganu state assembly sitting by 10 state representatives earlier this week. This was however denied by the government.

Hefty 'commission' for Razak Baginda's companyLast week, two police special action force personnel - chief inspector Azilah Hadri and corporal Sirul Azhar Umar - were sentenced to death by the Shah Alam High Court for murdering Altantuya.The two, who were part of a security detail to protect VIPs including Najib, have since appealed to the higher court.Since the case hit the headlines, Najib has been forced to repeatedly deny having any links with Altantuya and the murder case.

When Najib was defence minister, a company controlled by Razak Baginda was awarded a 'commission' of RM534.8 million for the purchase of two Scorpene submarines from France. The government has denied that the contract given Perimekar was a hefty commission but for the company "to prepare support and coordination services" for a period of six years.

The opposition has been exploiting both issues to attack Najib's integrity, especially during the three key by-elections earlier this month.This had prompted the police to issue a gag order on all political ceramah from raising the controversial murder case."

It is important for readers or Malaysians to know that the PM office never issued such directive. It was made known to Barkingmagpie that the Prime Minister has never issued such a statement to Media Prima as reported by Malaysiakini.

I was told the PM Department has never issued any directive not to use the name of the newly elected prime minister, his wife, and that of Razak Baginda in the ongoing decision on the two accused in the murder case involving a foreign national.

Najib has said before that Malaysiakini's intention to publish the "false manifesto" in its portal was meant to denigrate his position as a politician and to drag him to mud when he was implicated in a murder case.

I was also told that Malaysiakini must, at all cost, examine the authenticity of the email it received recently and of course to make another apology! It is just fair! Don't you think?!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Elizabeth Wong S-s-s-should Go? At least says a PKR’s Kulim MP!

From now on a lot of people will have difficulty imagining her as a politician but only as a s-s-s-scantily clad babe in a s-s-s-sarong! Every pervert's dream! O-o-one p-p-particular unfaithful Malay pervert of a politician lover with a rounded mid-section, whose wife as I have been informed is so so suffering now! So much for being a good husband and a good Muslim, the other woman must be good eh!

And yes she should! It seems Elizabeth Wong is a case where the Opposition can bulldozed anything to the people without compunction. Many believe Elizabeth Wong should be strong enough to keep to her words of resigning, after all she represents the people, and now there are pictures of her in "nude or semi-nude in a very erotic ways"floating in the cyber-space, so how can I take her seriously now as a politician except to think of her as a pin-up girl!

Below is taken from another blog site and I deem fit to re-produce into mine for the sake of public interest.

"Friday, 17 April 2009 11:01. Parti Keadilan Rakyat MP for Kulim Bandar Baru Zulkifli Noordin has objected to Elizabeth Wong’s return to politics and wants the Selangor Government to review its decision. Posting in his blog, Zulkifli claimed that the decision would heap pressure on PKR’s partners in Pakatan Rakyat — PAS and DAP.“I believe she would have thoroughly thought through her decision before offering her resignation,” he said. “The Selangor government’s decision to force her to keep her posts shows that they do not respect her earlier decision.” Zulkifli also lashed out at Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim for blaming the police force for the decision to get Wong to remain as assemblyperson for Bukit Lanjan as an executive councillor.“We all know and are aware that the police investigation was delayed as there was no cooperation from the suspect who chose not to cooperate till today.” Zulkifli said he was one of the first few to defend Wong when semi-nude pictures of her were circulated and had urged for stern action to be taken against those responsible to make public her private life.Zulkifli gained notoriety when he barged into a forum on conversion and Islam, organised by the Bar Council in August last year. PKR claimed that it has taken disciplinary action against him for disrupting the forum."

I concur with Kulim MP that she should resign!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rais Yatim, BBC Hardtalk and that lower than average IQ of Zeinab Badawi!


Zeinab Badawi

I have had that unfortunate occasion to have accidently watched one of BBC's heart wrenching programme called "Hardtalk" whose presenters that have always appears to be on the attack mode against whom they interviewed, and usually those interviewed did not really have a good command of the English language.
Of course the regular presenter of Hardtalk, Tim Sebastian, was always smug and self-righteous and never for a moment really wanted to listen to any explanation. May be it is the format of the programme or may be it is that pre-conceived notion that those interviewed always have something to hide and the likes presenters like Zeinab Badawai and Tim Sebastian have their pre-destined and God-given role to expose them to the world.

Not until I saw our very own Rais Yatim being interviewed by Hardtalk's Zeinab Badawi, who is not only ugly to my minds eye, but one with the most exaggerated English accent that she thought that could allows her to be condescending. I saw the interview on a wide screen television set yesterday and Rais was fantastic and articulate and presented his arguments spot on and unemotionally well composed in spite of the barrages of stupid questions and innuendos and all the while trying to pin Rais to submission. If it was a debate, and by a long shot, Rais won!

This is how someone described BBC's presenter Zeinab Badawi: "Some readers might recognize this judgmental tone from the BBC's Zeinab Badawi or the countless Hindustani girls who seem to dominate the British Bullshit Company's news and actualities programme's, that leave the impression that half the country has already been taken over by foreigners."

It is true what they say that over 70 percent of the world population have an average IQ, by definition, of 100. Zeinab is one of those that falls within the region of having an IQ of slightly over 100. As usual she tried to defend YB BABI vehemently and all along Rais Yatim said this man was charged for a crime and the judicial system of the country is good enough try him and for him to be found guilty or innocent. Malaysia is not a tin-pot republic where the justice system is badly mangled by corrupt leaders. (Now hold your horses! I know someone will jump on this but think twice before you do with my statement).

"IQs range from 0 to above 200, and among children, to above 250. However, about 50% of the population have IQs between 89 and 111, and about 80% of the population have IQs ranging between 80 and 120, with 10% lying below 80, and 10% falling above 120. For IQs below 120, IQ is the best predictor of socioeconomic status of any psychometric measurement. In more complex jobs, IQ is better than even education or experience at predicting job performance." Linda Gottfredson states in her article "The General Intelligence Factor", Scientific American Presents "Exploring Intelligence", pg. 24, 1999.

Well Zeinab, and the rest of the below average IQ holders, if you allow yourself be fooled you have only yourself to be blamed. For Rais Yatim, I am very proud on how you conduct yourself and keep it up!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Damned if you do, and damned if you don't, but overall it is a good Cabinet line-up!

On the just announced new Cabinet line-up, below are the expected comments by BN detractors.

Aliran says this: "In an immediate reaction, social reform movement Aliran expressed disappointment that Najib has retained the majority of ministers from the previous cabinet. Aliran president P Ramakrishnan lamented that these old faces were part of a government that had previously failed to deliver"

And a Singaporean analyst Yang Razali Kassim from the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore said this .: "The key portfolios are held by people close to (Najib) and loyal to him."

And Sivarasa Rasiah of PKR said: " It doesn't look like a lean cabinet because from 70 ministers and deputies, you now have 68 so it's hardly a reduction."


Pro-PKR Aliran's P. Ramakrishnan was making a sweeping statment when he said the failure to deliver by the BN govenment was due to old faces who are now in new Cabinet, well he is wrong! The failure was due to the weak and flip-flopping anomaly by the name of Dollah Badawi, a man responsible for losing five states to the Opposition and for releasing YB BABI!

So Yang Razali Kassim of Singapore is saying only key portfolios of the Singapore government are held by people loyal to that republic's prime minister the rest are not loyal to him...sigh...this Boyan should not be allowed into Malaysia again ever for being stupid!

PKR vice-president Sivarasa Rasiah can only be happy if the cabinet had included him and AzminAli and preferably YB BABI as the prime minister! What can I say!

On a good note, I believe we are going to have a good future ahead minus rumour mongers, HIV-positive charlatan and a traitor to the Malay race who also fancies himself to be the next PM!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Former Penang PKR Deputy Chief Minister Fairus was caught with RM5 millions in bag?

A confused Malay and a chauvinist Chinese make this country unsafe!

Tell me if this is not true? I received a message that he was caught with the RM 5 millions in a bag that he was carrying while trying to get into Singapore!The message says the MACC guys were trailing him all the way from Penang and stopped him whe he tried to get into the republic. My question is, if this is true why the main stream media (MSM) did not report this?, is it because MSM is now heavily influenced by the PKR people? Meanwhile the Penang state government has consficated government car that the former deputy chief minister tries to take home. Below was what was reported:
"Penang Deputy Chief Minister (I) Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin’s official Mercedes Benz E320 car has been taken back by the state government a day earlier than scheduled.State protocol officer Azizan Hassan was at his home in Taman Gua Perahu in Penanti at about 3.15pm yesterday to check on the car.
“I came today to check the vehicle’s condition and was planning to come back again tomorrow.“However, since I found it parked outside the gate, I called state Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng for further instructions because it is not safe to leave it there."

There is nothing wrong with UMNO...But there is something really not right with the Chinese voters!!

Kit Siang



Gerakan's Koh Tsu Khoon, Ong Tee Keat, and lim Kit Siang admires these two Kuomintang leaders, but not Tunku, Onn Jaafar or I can safely assume, the rest of the former Malay nationalist leaders!

I believe the time is here and now and somebody has to say it!For UMNO and the Malays to remain relevant in this country, where they were once undivided and a solid majority, they have to either remain united again or to give in to the demands of the MCA Chinese for the deputy prime minister's post!
MCA, and Gerakan, as far as I am concerned, and together with the DAP, is part of the umbrella party called the CPM.
In case if we are wondering, CPM stands for the Chinese Party of Malaya of which its members are all the Chinese-based parties in Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak. For the CPM, and with the help of the PAP of Singapore, its raison d'etre has always been to ensure the fall of the Malay rule in the country and the destruction of Umno.
After seeing the results of Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang and the results of the previous general elections I am convinced. The CPM has succeeded with the plan and especially since the arrival of the Kuomintang (KMT) stragglers into the country, and how they wreaked havoc and mayhem that no body wants to talk about! Rubbish we must talk about it!
Did you know that for 14 days after Japanese surrendered, the KMT or the Bintang Tiga as the Malays known them to be, went on a brutal ethnic cleansing of Malays whom they considered as very pro-Japanese. The CPM tried to take control of Malaya and the British spoilt their plan!
While the Malays have appeared to be united as shown by the results of the two by-elections, BN could have won on both seats had the MCA and Gerakan voters went to the BN.
It appears these Chinese voters have been "informed" or forced to go against what they have always perceived to be Umno dominance.
The way I see it the Malay voters have always been manipulated and tricked by the CPM, in this case it is either the DAP the MCA or the Gerakan, into thinking Umno i.e the BN factor is a negative factor that has never been looking sincerely after the interest of the non-Malays and being convinced their act of supporting the government as un-Islamic.
I do not know what it takes to unite the Malays, but something drastic has to be done before this country, once called the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, from being totally controlled by the CPM, and once if it happens, like Penang, the Malays will forever lose control of their own house.
Enough already man! Pada hemat saya Melayu bukan sahaja mudah lupa tetapi memang lah bangsa yang paling bodoh, bangsa yang senang di tipu helah!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

ISA is a mechanism meant to keep this country safe..from people like him!

The Dark Side!

This is what desperate Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim said of ISA: "It was meant to stop militant communism and should have been repealed once it was resolved. There is no rationale to start studying now. It should simply be repealed immediately."

He also said:"The release of Hindraf leaders is just one of the demands of the Indian community. For as long as they are still treated as second-class citizens, BN should not think that all the problems are over."

Well on both counts this idiot is wrong, firstly ISA was created to keep the country safe from being destroyed by an enemy, so happened at that time it was communist terrorist (CT) activity. We can argue now that the CT threat has been overcome so ISA must be repealed? But I don't think so! It must not be repealed when we have irresponsible politicians like Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim who cannot curb his tongue! ISA is needed when we have people who can destroy or disrupt a society by making disparaging racial remarks that can lead to racial tension!!

And ISA is still needed to ensure people like him be put in check?! ISA, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, is still needed, it is needed to prevent people like you from making remarks like "Indian community as second-class citizens" (which is not true by the way) is like fanning a serious multi-racial lies that can lead to racial clashes between races.

This is why we still need ISA so if push comes to shove we may have to throw people like you into the dungeon and this time we shall throw the key away for good. ISA, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, is still needed when you are capable of stoking hatred against the Malay rulers without compunction, and your international rabble-rousing fiesta has caused a lot of problem with investors coming into Malaysia .

BTW! Great Britain and the great USA, so is the rest of the so-called civilised European countries also have their version of the ISA as a mechanism of control. The USA even sent their people here to study how we implement our ISA. What the talking you Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim! Fuck off I am fed up of your long running one-man show! Enough already!

Friday, April 03, 2009

YB BABI was waiting under a tree in front of Istana Negara hoping Najib will not turn up to take over as the next PM......!

Najib reads the pledge to be the country's sixth PM, in front of the King!

But, Najib Tun Razak was sworn in as the country's sixth prime minister in a simple ceremony at Istana Negara at slightly past 10am on 3rd April, 2009, today. He signed a document which officially stated that he is, in the name of Allah, King and country, is the official PM of Malaysia, to this I say well done Najib you deserve it and as usual truth has always been with you.

Meanwhile, at the same time, as the ceremony took place inside the palace, a reliable sources told me YB BABI and his gang of delusional cohort which includes Azmin, Tian Chua, Harris Ibrahim, RPK, Gobalakrishnan, Thersa Cock still did not believe Najib has already arrived and inside, and they also desperately hoped that the King will tell Najib "tak dapek den nolong doh" to Najib. (Sorry I cannot help you Najib)!

But the thing is this country's succession plan does not depend on the whims and fancies of one delusional cross dresser, a homosexul, a bisexual or a buggerer, who had gone at great length spreading vicious lies and rumours hoping that the well entrenched system of the country to succumb to his bidding???!!!

YB BABI needs a psychiatric help for sure or to be found guilty surely of something so he can be put away for good, Najib there is no other way for you but to do that, or you will never ever find peace!!