Saturday, May 30, 2009

Azmin Ali says Umno Malays are racist, and Anwar Ibrahim will be making a movie on Altantuya in Hongkong!

So it goes to show how desperate people can be when they will do and say weird stuff!
It is so sad to see how spiteful Azmin Ali is of the Malays in Umno! He called them racist, the very people that he was interacting with for so many years when he was the private secretary of Anwar Ibrahim, who was also an Umno member until he became the country's deputy prime minister. If I can make a guess I am sure Azmin has made his fortune when he was with racist Umno and pure Anwar Ibrahim.

Azmin said it is better to have a non-Malay as a leader if he or she is trustworthy and implying if he or she is also not a racist. We, Malays that is, have never said to the non-Malays what Azmin had implied.

If what Azmin said is true than for so many years that he was with Umno and Anwar Ibrahim, he was also a racist. Many people can attest that he has blurted many racist remarks in the past. Anwar Ibrahim has also been known to say to Samy Vellu "how many more Hindu temples do you need Samy", he was overhead saying this at the old PM's department at Jalan Dato Onn.

And yet he now claims to be champion of the Hindus and the Chinese!??

On other note, I was reliably told that Anwar Ibrahim will be making a movie in Hongkong about Altantuya. What can I say, and if I am him I will be so desperate enough to attract world's attention come my July date with the court on charges of sodomy, again Anwar Ibrahim?
I was also told that this time he will be facing an airtight case that, simply put, he cannot wriggle his way out!

If I were him I would do the RPK! Just scoot off! I think Anwar you should. For not only that you are being accused of being a sodomite you, and Azmin, have also betrayed the Malay cause just because you want to be a prime minister. You forget that money alone cannot guarantee you join the club, and now we know why. You and Azmin will sell the Malay cause and the country just to satisfy you warped sense of pre-destiny! To be MY leader? NOOooooo!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sim Kwang Yang on RPK?! Is he joking!

Sim Kwang Yang

In his regular column in Malaysiakini this week titled "RPK Where art thou!", Sim Kwang Yang appears to be hero worshiping Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK). He equated RPK with Dalai Lama and Sun Yat Sen, two famous exilees!

He also said while RPK was "deprived of his passport" and is "supposed to be bankrupt" but yet he has managed to arrive on the great Australian shore and that has the ingredients of making a great movie.

He further labelled those bloggers who branded RPK as a liar are all "pro-BN bloggers"?!
Sim, why is it that when some one who is against people like RPK, who has been dishing out lies and fiction, will automatically be labelled as pro-government?!

I am not pro-RPK simply because he has been writing many articles that I considered as unfounded and baseless, written without a shred of evidence?! We are against him because he has gone too far with his fiction, he has gone awry that is all!

He even has the audacity to concoct a Statutory Declaration which he printed in his website where he claimed that someone told him that he was at the scene where a politician's wife was supervising the death of a Mongolian woman?! Very serious accusations indeed for which, if he cannot prove it, he should be incarcerated. But instead he disappeared and now is a fugitive from the law!

Come on Sim you know we always have had that great respect for you and for your smartness and intelligence, but to equate RPK with great people like the Dalai Lama and Sun Yat Sen, with RPK?!! That is a bit much here, so what is your real agenda here dear Sim!

Just because this blogger especially, who once had great respect for RPK, is now against him for what he has generated, and for what purpose he is writing what he writes, is pro-BN?!

Come on Sim, you have always dreamed of the day when you would see a Malay regime under Umno and BN be totally obliterated, and you know that is not going to happen. And for people like you, you see unprincipled Malays like Yang Berhormat Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (YB BABI) and RPK, that can used as instruments toward achieving that goal!

Well, you have your right to believe and dream what you want to dream and believe, I will respect that. But I will say this, there are still many of us who will always be constantly vigilant against any attempts by any hostile non-Malay groups to force the Malays into giving up their rights to rule this country as a majority.

We will not to fall for your chicanery such as elevating unprincipled people like RPK and YB BABI into that warped hero status created by the DAP, or any other political parties that are bent on seeing Umno written off just like that.

For now for this country, I still believe UMNO and the BN component parties as the only viable options to rule this country, and the only option to prevent this country from falling into a category of a failed society!

But then Sim you know this it true! It is just that you seem to cannot come to terms with this fact and to readily accept the reality.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

RPK is now a fugitive and, thus far, still a liar!

Hannibal Petra!

This has to be said!
I for once do not believe Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) ran away, rather than face the court, because he is afraid his Royal family will punish him for being a treacherous to his royal brethren! I for once do not believe he skips his court hearings because he is afraid, as he puts it, the police will arrest him and throw him in the dungeon.
He took off because he is in a fix for he cannot come out with any shred of evidence on any of the serious allegations he made against Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor!
However, I would also like to believe this man RPK could be suffering from a psychiatric disorder called "Munchausen Syndrome", a malady which is named after a 16th century German Baron Karl Friedrich von M√ľnchausen.
According to a definition, M√ľnchausen Syndrome "is a psychiatric disorder wherein those affected feign disease, illness, or psychological trauma in order to draw attention or sympathy to themselves. It is in a class of disorders known as factitious disorders (not to be mistaken for the word fictitious okay!) which involve "illnesses" whose symptoms are either self-induced or falsified by the patient. It is also sometimes known as hospital addiction syndrome or hospital hopper syndrome."
For the record, RPK has hurled a lot of serious unfounded accusations against the Prime Minister and his wife for being involved in a death of a foreign national. That, to me is a very serious accusation. Thus far he has accused the PM of being involved, and the PM's wife of supervising the killing of a foreign national.
RPK also said he has a witness, a Lieutenant Colonel in the military intelligence, who said this witness saw the whole thing, which led him to write a piece in his website accusing the PM's wife of supervising the killing. Serious stuff!
Well so far this has happened! This Lt Col has since said it was total hogwash and a fabrication regarding the assertion on RPK's part that a witness saw the whole thing where a foreign national was blown up and that the wife of the PM was there, and the witness told RPK!
We, Malaysians, were led to believe RPK has concrete proof of the fact! Well, instead of showing the proof so that the PM and his wife can be charged, then if found guilty, hanged or jailed for being involved in a murder, RPK scooted off and ran away!
Then he has the audacity to tell the whole world, in his website Malaysia Today, that he could not attend his court hearings where he has to answer to some very serious accusations he has made about the Prime Minister of this country and his wife, because the police will arrest him and his Royal brethern will kidnap and torture him if he were to appear in court in PJ, which is in the state of Selangor?! What an insult to our intelligence eh!
The sad part is what he wrote for his reason of why he ran away to be a fugitive instead of facing the music and is that many people still believe in his lies!
Well, I do not how it works but if he is in London, England, I am sure he can be extradited,and if he is in Segambut hiding at YB BABI's house I am sure he has to come out sooner or later.
When that happens, I think the Malaysian government will be firm enough to take stern action and do the necessary in finding him guilty of lying, and then booked him with the maximum years allowed by the law for his crime against the natural order of logic! This man RPK, he is one totally illogical sad dudes I have ever come across!
Enough already!

Cop 'selling murder manual' on ebay: And lawmakers in this country must be aware of their surroundings and people they are acquainted with!

Sergeant Karl Thurgood

"Cop 'selling murder manual' on ebay

A POLICE sergeant is being investigated over claims he has been selling a murder manual on ebay. 'Hitman: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors' gives instructions on how to commit the "perfect" murder, clean weapons of identifying features, avoid leaving clues, seek out the victim and make money doing it. "

The above is an excerpt from the Manchester Evening News about a policeman being investigated over allegedly selling a murder manual. He outlined how to murder without being detected. His colleagues described the charges against Sergeant Karl Thurgood as a work of fiction! Or is it?

Apart from the futile Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba to overthrow Fidel Castro, the CIA tries to employ many attempts to assassinate Castro. One was employing some one to present him with a box of cigar laced with odourless, and toxic chemical that upon contact with the skin will permeate into the nervous system and will then induce heart attacks. Thus if CIA were to succeed the headlines of all the newspapers in the world would have been "Castro dies of heart attack!" The cigar plan was never executed.

In his book "The CIA: Reality vs. Myth" author Dr Ray S. Cline, a veteran CIA man, also described the euphemism "Executive Action" by which was plainly described a capability for assassination of foreign leaders as a last resort. Of course there was no way to verify if murdered or assassinated leaders of the world in the past have anything to do with powerful spy agency or agencies, but still it makes one wonder!

My point is in this country politicians must be careful with people offering them cigars or to accept drinks from "so-called" supporters! I remember a long time ago reading about there were 1001 ways to kill without being detected, or at least it was stated in the "CIA manual on committing extreme prejudice to states' enemies!"
ON another totally unrelated subject to the above topic, I just find it weird that many lawmakers in Malaysia have lately succumbed to heart attacks thus triggering many by-elections. I thought one death (Kuala Terengganu) was bad luck, two (Bukit Gantang) a coincidence and three (Batang Ai) and four (Manik Urai)? May be I am paranoid, but sometimes I just wondered what if desperate people that have been known to do weird things to achieve their ambition, will do more weird thing s to achieve further their ambition?! Food for thoughts!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Congratulations Rocky its been three years since you blogged!

It just occured to me that you have blogged for three years now, congratulation!
Many have tried to coax you to be just a follower, but your steadfast demeanour made your Rockybru what you are today, a balanced and a truly an icon of a new Malaysian alternative media! Let's drink (tea tarik) to that soon!


Yes to Bumi status for all Malaysians born after Independence!


Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leader M. Manoharan has come out with a gem of an idea and I have to totally agree with him. He proposed all Malaysians born after August 31, 1957 be accorded a Bumiputra status. He also said this will give more meaning to Prime Minister Najib Razak's One Malaysia concept a chance of bearing some fruit!

After all this country has always been about the Malays and Bumiputras!

Manoharan said in an interview with a news portal said that:"I want to meet the prime minister to propose that we accord Bumiputra status to all Malaysians born here after August 31, 1957 to dismantle racial barrier."

He also said that such a move might give the PM's One Malaysia slogan of unity a chance of bearing some fruit, as it would be the first step towards recognising all citizens as equal Malaysians.

Manoharan also stressed that recognising the sensitivities surrounding Bumiputra status, he explained that it was not meant to impinge on the constitutional rights and privileges of Malays

“The constitution enshrines the rights of Malays, not Bumiputras, so they can still continue to enjoy their special status. I am not trying to take it away from them,” he said.The way I see it this country should have always been about the Malays and the Bumiputras, and those who were born after independence should not have to fight for what is rightly theirs.

In Malay we called it "Tanah Tumpah Darah Ku", or in a land where mothers gave birth to their sons and daughters on this blessed land that is now called Malaysia! Every child that was born on or after that year must be made to feel this is their home, otherwise the pain that their mothers have to endure to bring them to this world now called Malaysia will be in vain, and that every child will be full of anger when the suffereing of their mothers that is not recognised!

I do not want to talk about my childhood upbringing in what I perceived as in a true multi-racial setting, it gets boring after a while when someone always brought up the subject of how Ali, Ah Chong and Mutthu grew up happily together. The question is what have we done lately?!

The truth of the matter is that along the way we somehow got lost in the woods! Yes, we got lost somewhere along the way but the difference now is that we have a new Prime Minister that can help us find our way back again and the least we can is to give him a chance to show that he can find a way out!

I do hope Manoharan can get to see his Prime Minister and to explain and to articulate with what he thought to be a damn good idea! I think it is.Having said all that and about my only dream before I end my fantastic journey is to be able to swear at Ah Chong and Mutthu in the same language that they will swear at me.

When that happens then I know that we have bonded as one people when we can do that in a common language.But before that we have to learn that one "language" and we also have to do a lot of soul searching and healing and to open our heart for more positive suggestions, and Manoharan if you are truly sincere, your suggestion gets my full support and I hope the PM can also see your wisdom! Yes the healing must start now!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Well done Anifah Aman for catching the bull(shit)by the horns!

Anifah is great as a Foreign Minister....YB BABI you can gripe as much as you want!

It appears the only person in Malaysia, or the world, who is capable of telling the truth is Yang Berhormat Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (YB BABI). His words are the gospel truth! Well we know, or many of us know that he is a pathological liar, that he has lied so much that he is now not able to tell the real truth from the real wrong!
His other ability is to chide people, and to condescend, and express his sense of superiority towards others. Psychiatrists that I have spoken to said YB BABI is suffering from serious and classic case of a split personality. A classic Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde syndrome. He might have done it and forget or he might have said it but also forget!
When Foreign Minister Datuk Anifah Aman reveals, in front of foreign journalists in Washington, that he was offered a DPM post by YB BABI if he defects to the opposition.
YB BABI said he did not say it and that Anifah is also stupid to say, or to lie, in front of a foreign press? And YB BABI is now going to sue Anifah for telling the truth?!
Anifah, from the report that I received, was so refined that even Hilary Clinton was impressed by his demenour as a foreign minister of Malaysia, Someone was overheard saying "at least he has not got Anwar's Arabic English accent!"
And no, as asserted by YB BABI, Anifah was not overwhelmed by his audience and he held on dignified as Malaysia's representative that Najib would have been proud had he been there!
YB BABI how dare you asserts that you are the only polished human being that is capable and qualified to talk to foreign dignitaries?
Well you go ahead sues whom ever you want, but at the end of the day you will just be that classic case of a "man who cries wolf", at the end of the day that is all that you will and can do!


Should have not been released in the first place!

This is what this Hindraf guy Uthayakumar said about his struggle where his believes Malaysian Indians being ethnically cleansed in Malaysia!! He should be further be detained for spreading such falsehood! In his interview with a Singapore New Paper he said he favours violence to achieve what ever that he wants to achieve.
Hey, I will be the first Melayu that will be the first to defy the government if such accusation of Indian being ethnically cleansed being committed! (I will also not condone any Malay or Chinese fanatical political parties that subscribe to violent act!)
Brother Utahayakumar I do not know what possessed you to say such stupid thing but my friend I cannot support you and your violent streak in your statement you made last year in Singapore!
If you are being thrown back in the slammer you will and cannot get my sympathy!
This is written without any malice intended!
(It was reported that the government is considering reviewing Uthayakumar's release from detention)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Internet Freedom, Irresponsible Bloggers, and Agent Provocateur!

The Israeli government has uncovered a series of lies spread via the Israelis internet via blogging that have almost split the Israeli people where one group is against the Israeli government "excessive" atrocities committed against its neighbour, namely the Palestinian.In this computer and internet savvy era people, some smart and many not too smart, are easily taken by lies being spread, as in Malaysia.In view of our often perceived controlled media, many of the enemies of Malaysia and those who envy Malaysia's multi-racial existence, are now actively promoting trying to destroy just that, below is an article which appeared in Haaretz Dailty, an influential Israeli newspaper:

Tel Aviv, Tues: Information disseminated via the internet through blogsites have been found to be the cause of many image problem faced by the Israeli government. Those spreading lies to the entire world on what was really going on in Gaza, for example, were in fact Israeli citizens from the left wing of Israeli political spectrum, said Israeli Minster of Information and Diaspora, Yuli-Yoel Edelstein.He said while bombs may have been dropped into Gaza to stave off further wanton attacks by Hamas, there was a need for Israeli to defend itself against these attacks. "But we did not dropped cluster of phosphorous bombs as alleged by bloggers via the internet. Unfortunately many will tend to believe this," he told Haaretz Daily.Edelstein said many of the lies being spread came from within Israeli, it was found out, and many left wings Israeli bloggers signed off as Palestinians. He said the Israeli Internal Security is now monitoring its once free press to prevent these counter-productive activity by its own citizens whom the government perceived as trying to destroy Israeli sensitive existence via their vile internet propaganda."

Well, what can I say since I have always believe who ever is our enemy, or enemies, have torn Malaysia to shred via their vile lies and I do not know what it will take to stop all these "carnage". Unlike the Israelis, their governments have been known to take swift actions to protect Israeli security, but are we?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Uthayakumar and YB BABI! Cancerous cells that will eventually destroy this country!

I cannot help noticing that similar arrogant and defiant pose of Uthayakumar made to the public upon his release from detention which is quite similar to that of YB BABI's!
Like two cancerous cells that will destroy this once sanctified body called Malaysia, the only way for the country to prevent it from being totally terminally ill is to destroyed such cancerous cells from the beginning. To me it appears as though the government is weak and giving in to an act of terrorism by releasing known terrorist and a rabble rouser like Uthaya and YB BABI!
May be we should follow the way of Sri Lanka in waging war against groups and individuals who are bent on trying to destroy the natural order of this country.
To quote Chris Hedges in his book who said that "war sometimes is a force that gives us meaning". Yes that meaning means peace from blackmail, threat and a disrespect to all things that made up this country to what it is today.
May be we need that war in Malaysia just to show us again what is the true meaning of a peaceful co-existence. War to prevent anyone from trying to manipulate the people into doing something horrid such as disrespect to the existing institutions, may be we all need to be taught a lesson on the true meaning of the word peace! It appears in Malaysia that we need war to obtain that! When all else failed!
What say you Brother Uthaya and YB BABI! Are you ready, really ready, for this shit?!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What if someone else with a lot to lose did it!? What if that someone is like YB BABI!

*news update*

RPK is spinning a yarn, a very bad one! For our information the head of ATCK, the military special branch, is Kol Tuan Roslan and his deputy is Lt Kol Rashid and not Lt Kol Azmi Zainal Abidin as alleged by RPK, so he is lying, and so why cant this government deal swiftly with this liar is beyond my understanding, he has definitely lied even in his SD! Delete

What if some one with some influence and has a lot to lose if Najib Tun Razak were to become the next Prime Minister, did it?!
Unfortunately the web of YB BABI's deceits, local and international politics can also been felt in every aspect of Malaysian system, such as in the police force and the armed forces, and even within the special branch.
If I am desperate enough for what ever reason, like YB BABI, to get ahead and to seize power of the country to become the next prime minister I will do anything in my power to achieve this.
Let's us try to think out of the box for once! What if a person like YB BABI knew Razak Baginda, a once a close associate of Najib Razak, the man who would be king so to speak, was having an affair with a Mongolian girl and in a game of chess it would be a good move to kill her and blame Najib. It is that easy!
What if that were to happen and the rest is just to feed the imagination of the people with lies!
If I am Najib or his wife, I would be very stupid to ask a foreigner to be killed by the police's special task force members. or to actually witness the killing of another human being in the dead of a night somewhere in the jungle!?
You know I do not know what has happened to my Malays especially but it appears that they are so gullible enough to believe and yet they are not able to think logically!
Or perhaps Malays are doomed as a race that cannot think rationally, otherwise we will not be in a deep shit situation as a group in this world today
You know what, after this I have no desire to write anything more to convince anyone that Najib, the respectable Prime Minister of Malaysia, and his wife Rosmah, has anything to do with a murder, any murder!

But, if you still want to believe they are involved just go ask YB BABI and RPK and they will tell you to make you happy!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Najib must, at all cost, consider Rocky as Editorial Adviser or Group Editor of the NST!

Rocky Yes!

Johan Jaafar No!

Ahmad Talib No!

And neither Ahmad Talib nor Johan Jaafar should be considered to re-boot, to re-charge, to re-fresh, to take charge of the NSTP to bring it to a respectable level where Malaysians can once again say "not a bad paper"! And that is all that we want.
For our country's total enlightenment and towards helping with a OneMalaysia concept, the job should be given to Rocky aka Ahiruddin Attan! I do not think Ahmad Talib and Johan Jaafar are the right candidates for the job!
I will tell you why Rocky aka Ahiruddin Attan should be considered to take charge of this ailing and once premier Malaysian English paper called the New Straits Timers. I know Rocky a lot better than I know Ahmad Talib (sorry Tok Mat for I must tell the truth about how I feel, for certain important issues are beyond good manners). Also as a friend Rocky and I are bonded a lot closer than I would be with Ahmad Talib, let alone with Johan Jaafar.
As far as I can tell Rocky has always been a level headed writer and as a blogger he commands respect from fellow bloggers. He presents good and logical views when defending Najib Tun Razak againsts the onslaught of personal attacks against the PM expecially vis-a-vis the Altantuya case.
I do not see Ahmad Talib or Johan Jaafar trying to put in their two-bits worth of their thought defending Najib in any matter in their column or blogsites.
All I can see in Ahmad Talib's blogsite is just about drinking teh tarik with Muttu, Ah Chong and Ali and never once did I see Ahmad Talib shooting down writers like RPK and defending Najib when RPK writes smut on so many issues while trying to denigrate and especially to implicate the now-Prime Minister of Malaysia in a murder case.
Johan Jaafar, meanwhile tries to impress people with his convoluted English when trying to show to the world that he is God's gift to the English language and a denizen of many intellectual issues from movies to books and other hoity-toity subjects such as Voltaire, Rousseau and never once have I seen his column defending Najib.
Once I tried to have a conversation with this Johan Jaafar, a confirmed Anwarista as far as I am concerned, who by the way has no respect for Najib in the first place, I was brushed off like a pariah. To him no one is good enough!
And yet, if this is true, then Najib has committed these two major faux pas by appointing Ahmad Talib and Johan Jaafarf to take charge of the NSTP and a sick newspaper called the New Straits Times. Sir if this isn't too late I would like you to re-consider Rocky to take charge of the NSTP or at least the NST.
Him at the helm of this sick newspaper I think people, Malaysian people, will again be given a hope. After all this is what you are being elevated to do, to give people more hope. And appointing Ahmad Talib and Johan Jaafar is like sliding back to a mental depression!
I don't think I can handle it sir! Meanwhile we will still remain loyal to your leadership!